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    Kieran Dixon


      10 Amazing Supplements With Scientifically Proven Results

      By Kieran Dixon / May 13, 2016

      Health supplements claim to do a lot of things but not all of these claims are supported by evidence. Knowing the truth about supplements can save you money and improve your health and wellbeing! That’s why we compiled a list of supplements scientifically proven to provide genuine results and the benefits of these supplements that […]


        Top 25 Nutrition and Clean Eating Blogs You Must Follow

        By Kieran Dixon / May 13, 2016

        Not a day passes that we don’t make decisions (good or bad) about the foods that fuel our bodies. This makes informed decisions about nutrition extremely important. But when it comes to nutrition and clean food, searching for ‘healthy recipes’ won’t cut it. To really connect and learn from the content, you should look for […]