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    Top 10 Illicit Drugs You Probably Have Never Heard Of

    By Health Listed / August 30, 2016

    A countdown of illicit drugs that are not commonly talked about. Starting with least popular to most popular, this guide explains a short description of each drug. These drugs are commonly sold on the internet and mostly used by adolescents and young adults. When you think of illicit drugs you probably think of heroin, cocaine, […]


      Coloring for Health

      By Health Listed / August 11, 2016

      Too often when we speak of health, we tend to focus on bodily health, on keeping or restoring health to cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. We fixate on food and exercise, drugs and supplements, on medical treatments and physical symptoms, forgetting that we human beings are more than just our physical bodies. We are […]


        Top Skin Disorder Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2016

        By Tobias Kemp / June 16, 2016

        If you or someone you love has a skin disorder it can cause a lot of anxiety. You may feel embarrassed to go out or just confused at what it may be and what you should do. Whether you’re dealing with psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea or something else, it can make you feel all alone. […]


          Top Adventure Travel Bloggers You Must Follow for 2016

          By Ciara Tague / June 6, 2016

          Traveling takes courage – courage to dive into the unknown, often with limited resources and little-to-no plan. Taking the plunge intimidates most, however the one’s who jump, usually find the reward to be bountiful.If you are thinking about taking the plunge, the following list of Top Adventure Travel Bloggers is sure to inspire courage to […]


            Top 15 Lupus Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2016

            By Robbie / June 3, 2016

            Lupus occurs when something goes awry with your immune system and attacks healthy cells and tissues. When this occurs it can damage many parts of the body including blood vessels, kidneys, skin, joints, heart, lungs, and even the brain. It is a very debilitating condition, but these bloggers have found a way to live with […]


              Learning to Walk: Our Picks for the Best Toddler Shoes

              By Renee / June 1, 2016

              When your child is learning how to walk its imperative to get him or her the best pair of shoes which not only aid him or her in the learning to walk process but also offer maximum support and ankle protection.  People don’t want to entrust their baby’s feet to just any brand making baby […]


                Going to Europe Ladies? Here are the Best Travel Shoes

                By Renee / June 1, 2016

                You’ve planned your trip to Europe and it’s coming up quick? The only thing left to do now is pack. As a woman you want to look your best, especially if you’re visiting one or several of Europe’s high fashion capitals. But when it comes time to choosing the best travel shoes, well it can […]


                  Vegan Running and Walking Shoes: What You Need to Know

                  By Renee / June 1, 2016

                  Vegan Running and Walking Shoes: What You Need to Know Choosing to adhere to a vegan lifestyle is one of the best decisions that you can make regarding your health, wellness and for the good of the environment.It is a philosophy and way of life rooted in the conviction that a plant based diet is […]


                    You Go, Girl! The Best Walking Shoes for Women 2016

                    By Renee / June 1, 2016

                    How to choose the best walking shoes for women? I hate to state the obvious, but it goes without saying that shoes have a direct impact on your appearance, as a modern woman, especially in the fashion and corporate world where people are judged based on their general outlook. One of the best ways of ensuring […]


                      Fabulously Stylish Walking Shoes for Woman of Any Age

                      By Renee / June 1, 2016

                      Recently NPR aired a feature entitled: If The Shoe Fits: The Rise of the Comfort Shoe. I thought, stylish walking shoes built for comfort, yeah there are a whole generation of women who are moving into that phase of life where they are forced to face the stark reality of having to choose comfort before […]

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