10 Fascinating Facts About Shaving That Will Amaze You

Men have been shaving razors for 1,000's of years, surprisingly dating right back to PreHistoric man. No beards for these guys. Not exactly what you thought right. In the films they are depicted as having long hair and beards.

Discover how shaving started and how it's developed over the 1,000s of years through Egyptian times, the Middle Ages until the present day.

10 Fascinating Facts About Shaving That Will Amaze You

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10 Fascinating Facts About Shaving That Will Amaze You

1 - Dating back to PreHistoric times, cavemen depicted shaving on cave walls as they sought the refreshing cool feeling of a nicely shaved face. Unlike modern day man our ancestors turned to shaving with "flint knives, clamshells and even sharks teeth."

2 - Ancient Egyptians shaved their customers with razors and pumice stones. A beard was an indication of poor personal hygiene.

3 - 4th Century BC, Alexander the Great ordered his troops to shave off all their hair. He considered this an advantage in battle as the enemy had nothing to grab onto.

4 - In the middle ages the steel straight razor called a cut-throat blade was introduced and was made famous by the demon barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd.

5 - The Archbishop of Canterbury in 1094 would not bless men with long hair as he said they looked like girls and history repeated itself in 1096 when Archbishop of Rouen in France banned beards outright and shaving was written into canonical law.

6 - In the late 18th Century, French inventor Jean-Jacques Perret installed a wooden guard onto a standard straight razor which became the world's first safety razor.

7 - In 1895, King C. Gillette concocted the idea of a replaceable head but it was with the help of Professor William Nickerson that in 1903 they jointly developed the first modern, double-edged safety razor.

8 - 1915, Gillette moved on to create the first razor specifically designed for women called the Milady Decolletée.

9 - In 1929, Jacob Schick, a retired Army colonel released the men’s 1st electric razor selling 3,000 in the 1st year.

10 - In 1940, Remington released the 1st electric razor for women.


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