10 Longboard Terms Explained

Long Boarding is cool, but as with so many sports it comes with its very own lingo and terminology with each technique the ride having a different name. This infographic shows a visual for each kind of way to ride and the name for it. Get out there and tear it up.


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1 Carving – Turning back and forth down a hill as a form of speed control or fun.

2 Freeride & Freestyle – A downhill skateboarding method that is more trick oriented and technical, yet less organized than downhill racing.  Freestyle Commonly referred to as “Dancing”. Freestyle from the early days of skateboarding incorporated into longboarding.

3 Downhill – Sometimes called Speedboarding. Quick speeds gained quickly on downhill oriented longboards, therefore, downhill skateboarding is a sport that requires skill and precision.

4 Sliding – Performing powerslides and drifts on a longboard skateboard. This art form has many uses in the longboarding world.

5 Hard Wheel Sliding – Sometimes called “technical” sliding. The rider breaks traction and manipulates their body positioning to perform stylish and aggressive slides.

6 Soft Wheel Sliding & Stand-up Slides – Or“freeriding”. Manipulation of the board to lose traction to carry out smart moves like an 180° or stand-up slide. Stand-up Slides are doing powerslides without placing hands on the ground.

7 Drifting & Pre-Drifting – A method to get around corners while lowering speed at the same time. Drifting is a very controlled turn to achieve a balance between grip and slide throughout a corner. Pre-Drifting isUsed before a very sharp turn, a way of drifting involves executing a light drift beforehand.

8 Shut Down Slide – Coming to a complete stop during your run. A shut down is a great way to come to a stop at the bottom of a big hill.

9 Pumping – Propelling yourself with a series of turns based on very precise, balanced, and rhythmical weight shifts.

10 Air Braking & Foot Braking – Putting the arms out perpendicular to the body to create as much wind drag to slow down. Foot Braking to slow down before cornering, to shed some speed.

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