10 Reasons Why Boxing is the Best Fitness Routine

Why Boxing is the Best Fitness Routine


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Boxing is one of the most famous combat sport which involves high intensity sessions. Boxing as a fitness routine is better than most other exercise routines and helps you in many other ways. Following are top 10 reasons of why boxing is best.

Higher Calories Burned

A boxer will burn between 520 and 800 calories in a 60-minute boxing workout, depending on weight and exact activities in a given session. This is much higher when compared to other moderate cardio routines.

Boxing Flattens your belly faster

Boxing is extremely taxing on the core and since you’re burning more calories than you would while working on those crunches, you’ll be ready to show off that flat belly sooner.

Enhanced cardiovascular health

Boxing sessions are intense than any cardio workouts as boxing pushes you beyond your limits to be able to save yourself from the punches of your opponent.

Better Upper Body Cardio

While most aerobic focus on your lower body, boxing and kickboxing helps you work on your upper half as well with the lower half.

Improved total body strength

During a boxing workout, you are required to punch or kick hundreds of times, requiring your upper body, lower body, and core to engage.

Better Focus

Boxing can help hand-eye coordination. You see and react to the target all while your opponent is moving and changing position. This slowly increases your focus and improves co-ordination

Decreased Stress

Boxing sessions are intense and it doesn’t allow your mind to think about anything else than playing.

Boxing Pushes your limits

In a boxing session you push yourself to new levels every day to be able to win over your partner. This gradually increases your fight instinct and stamina

It never gets boring

While it might be boring to jog or cycle regularly as there is nothing new after a while. Whereas in boxing you keep learning new punches and techniques to be able to perform better than ever.

Increased Self Confidence

There is a massive endorphin’s release in the body from hitting a heavy bag or doing pad work with a partner, those chemicals give you a massive feeling of well being and boost your self confidence.

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