25 Healthy Deserts – For The Sweet Tooth Without The Guilty Conscience

Whether you are on a weight loss diet or a diet to compliment your personal exercise plan and goals, it is always difficult to say “NO” to those sweet temptations especially after a meal. The problem is that practically all of the nicest treats are not healthy and can be disruptive to a fitness-training plan. What I have done here is gather a list of desert recipes that are both delicious and at the same time will not pile on the pounds.

All of these are really simple to create with ingredients that are readily available. There is no magic skill required like you often see on TV cooking shows; just simple and delicious ideas that will calm those cravings for sweet stuff. I hope you enjoy!



25. Frozen Yogurt Peanut Butter

This is one of my favorite recipes because it is so simple to put together and get ready. The only thing you need is patience to wait for it all to freeze. All it takes is low fat vanilla yogurt, I usually use the Weight Watchers one, a little milk, and peanut butter. Mix it all together and stick it in the freezer for about 3 hours. Absolutely delicious!!!


24. Frozen Yogurt with Blueberries

Another really simple desert, this is probably one I fall back on most. I keep a tub of low fat Greek style yogurt in the freezer and I always have blueberries in the refrigerator for my breakfast. I simply scoop out some yogurt and add a handful of berries and I’m ready to indulge without any regrets.


23. Acai Berry Bowl

The acai berry is one of those super-foods because it is low in calories and packed with vitamins, iron and fiber. They can be difficult to get fresh, but frozen ones will do. I also like using readymade smoothie packs and mix in the frozen berries whole with other frozen fruit of choice. After a couple of seconds in the blender you are ready to dish it up in a bowl.


22. Peach and Raspberry sorbet

Sorbets are a fantastic alternative to ice cream and especially in the summer they are extremely refreshing. Simply mix up raspberries and chopped peaches with a little bit of honey. Then add a little orange and pineapple juice and blend it until it is completely smooth. It will take about 3-5 hours in the freezer dependent in how much you are making. I like to make large batches to have in store ;-)


21. Frozen Lemon Yogurt

On my list of frozen yogurts this is probably the most refreshing one. Using low fat Greek yogurt and freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest you can create a fantastic summer desert. It is a great way to finish a meal and at a resent family dinner party at my house it was a huge success.


Cakes and Pies

20. Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake

I don’t know about you, but I love cheesecake but hate what it does to my figure. During most diet times I really struggled with not being able to have the occasional cheesecake. But I was absolutely delighted to find a delicious healthy option that uses fat free cream cheese and yogurt. You do want to go easy on the strawberries, due to their carb content, but you will not be loading up on calories.


19. Gluten free marble Cake

Cakes will take a little bit more prep time and I always hate spending all the time to then only eat a tiny slice. This receive has changed that a lot and I was so surprised how easy it was to create a really good looking cake.


18. Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberries are kind of a favorite of mine which is what attracted me to this. I have also been experimenting with Paleo diets and have seen many friends have some great success with them. This crumble type desert is really delicious and the secret to the success is getting really fresh ingredients ideally from a farmer’s market.


17. Peach Cobbler

My grandmother used to make the most amazing peach cobbler and it was always a favorite with all the grandchildren. But I can only imagine what it was doing to our waste line. I never thought that making a sugar free one, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not as good as my grandmother’s but I think that was down to some secret she never revealed ;-)


16. Mini Chocolate Cake

Technically this should not be on this list, but I have added it as my guilty little secret. The reason for that is that it is still quite high in calories, but the recipe is for single servings. So you can create one small size cakelet and not be tempted to spend days picking at it.


15. Low Carb Cheesecake

And I should mention that it is sugar free as well. At this stage you can probably guess that I like cheesecakes, so I just had to add this one that I first tried out a few weeks ago. If you are on a low carb diet and are trying to avoid any refined sugar then it can be a problem to make a nice cake. But this one is wonderful and went down really well at a recent BBQ.



14. Almond Butter Cookies

Who doesn’t love a cookie with that afternoon coffee? The most tempting thing about them is that they are small and we try to convince ourselves that they cannot possibly be that unhealthy. Using whole wheat flower, coconut sugar and natural almond butter will greatly reduce the amount of bad carbs allowing you to have that little afternoon treat.


13. Sugar Free Oat Drops

Rather interestingly this is a very unique recipe in that it contains no sugar, butter or eggs. It is a really healthy desert that can be made in nice little bite sizes. I love the wonderful mixture of fruit and nuts and they are really convenient to bring to work.


12. Vegan Chocolate Cookies

I just realized that I hadn’t added anything yet for my vegan readers and really don’t want to make you feel left out. These cookies are really amazing in that when you get the timing just right they are wonderfully fluffy and soft on the inside. I personally left out the coffee granules as I often share them with kids in the family.


11. Protein Bites

A friend of mine recommended these to me and said she loved them at a time when she was doing some high intensity fitness training for a triathlon. They really are high in protein and you can prepare them in a way that you get a certain amount of protein after a workout. It really is a great way to motivate yourself with a treat for sticking to a plan.



10. Mint Brownie

I love when people find ways to make a simple recipe a little more interesting. These mint brownies are fantastic, but they do take a little longer to prepare. This could be a great one to do with your kids and it is messy and involves lots of lovely sticky ingredients. But at the same time they contain lots of very healthy ingredients.


9. Sweet Potato Brownie

I was totally intrigued by this recipe as I had never dreamed of using sweet potato in a desert. Of course it makes perfect sense since carrots are very common in cakes. Given the list of ingredients I was a little skeptical about what they would taste like, but I was so surprised; they are absolutely delicious.


8. Rice Crispy Treats

Just looking at the images makes me want to make these again. These would be very popular with kids and I remember making rice crispy cakes as a young child. Made with organic ingredients they are also perfectly suitable for vegan readers. I should also mention that they are really easy to make and are ideal as a quick afternoon snack or prior to a workout.


Random Other Deserts

7. Berries With Whipped Coconut Cream

Berries are fantastic way to get a mixture of vitamins, fiber and some moderate carbs into your diet, but sometimes they can be a little boring. By simply mixing vanilla extract into coconut cream and then whipping it up you can really turn a simple bowl of mixed berries into a delicious desert.


6. Chocolate Doughnuts

Generally speaking, doughnuts are something to be avoided at all cost. There are probably not many deserts that are less healthy. But this gluten and grain free recipe takes all the really bad carbs out of the doughnut. There is plenty of cocoa powder to give it that really chocolate flavor without all the sugar and unhealthy fats. Definitely give these a try.


5. Biscotti

For my Italian readers I thought I would add this one in. It is a great way to create dairy and sugar free desert and they are really simple to make. I would certainly suggest that you make them with whole grain flour to reduce the amount of bad carbs that you want to avoid at almost all times during a diet.


4. Skinny Banana Pudding

Puddings are particularly popular with children but they are also one of the worst ways to treat your kids. With this skinny version you can avoid the worst, but I would still recommend small portions. The carbs contained are a mix of simple and complex, but there is a good enough balance to make it onto this list.


3. Peanut Butter Fudge

Fudge has never really made it into my house because of the ridiculous amounts of sugar that it usually contains. While I do like my deserts I don’t like sugar that much. Little did I know there was a way to make it without sugar by replacing it with agave nectar cocoa powder and maybe a touch of honey.


2. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

I love smoothies, especially in the morning as a good way to get the day started. But this smoothie recipe actually makes a fantastic desert, especially after a big meal. By using unsweetened almond milk, honey and some spices you can create an amazingly delightful drinkable desert. It is definitely something different.


1. Healthy Nutella

I know, how could this possibly be real, but making your own chocolate hazelnut spread is actually easier than you would think. By using cocoa or sugar free chocolate and coconut sugar you can create a really great alternative that is a lot better for kids and bigs children alike.


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