25 Men’s Lifestyle Bloggers That You Must Follow In 2016

Looking for men's grooming and lifestyle blogs?
You would not be surprised to find that the vast majority of blogs out there are dedicated to women's health and beauty. However, for the modern man who is looking to stay healthy, handsome and fashionable as well, there are quite a few excellent blogs out there dedicated too.
So if you're confused about male bloggers you should follow, then I made your choice pretty easy and summarized the best men's grooming and lifestyle blogs that offer the best advice about style that won't disappoint.

Top 25 Men's Style Bloggers of 2016
Lee Kynaston of GroomingGuru.co.uk

Lee Kynaston

UK's Best Known Male Grooming Expert

Why you would love him: Lee is the one of the best known and most experienced male grooming experts in the U.K. His website provides everything that you could possibly want to know about male grooming. I would highly recommend that you visit his website for the latest style tips, product recommendations and reviews.

Jack Dunn of jackdunn.co.uk

Jack Dunn

Male Grooming Therapist

Why you would love him: Jack's website is a great place for someone who is interested in hair removal or hair trimming for men. Jack is a professional male grooming therapist that specializes in male full body waxing treatments, his site is full of information about Hollywood waxing and Brazilian waxing. If you want that smooth body look, Jack’s your man.

Diana Schmidtke of dianaschmidtke.com

Diana Schmidtke

Celebrity Men's Grooming Expert

Why you would love her: Diana is Hollywood’s go to male grooming expert. Her website provides expert tips on male grooming secrets. While you’re there check out Diana's amazing portfolio and celebrity client list that reads like Hollywood who’s who. With celebrity clients such as George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron, you will be impressed, I know I was.

Stephen Handisides of stephenhandisides.com

Stephen Handislides

TV Personality, Speaker, Male Grooming Expert and Founder of the Prestigious MyFaceMyBody Consumer Awards

Why you would love him: Stephen knows exactly what women want from their men. So if you want to know his tricks for knowing how your partner wants to look I highly recommend that you visit his site. It’s full of videos which are enjoyable and unique, and you will find the best grooming tips in there.

Elle Majors of ElleMajors.com

Elle Majors

A Life and Adventure of...

Why you would love her: Elle is a passionate men's grooming specialist. Her career began with men’s grooming in 2005 by becoming an educator for American Crew. She continues to teach stylists about men’s hair, how to style it, the latest trends and building a men’s-oriented business in classrooms, stages and auditoriums. Check out her website for the latest info.

Will Fennell of willfennell.com.au

Will Fennel

Writer/Author, TV Presenter and Grooming Expert

Why you would love him: Will Fennel is an Australian male grooming expert who owns a very busy male-friendly clinic “Will and Peta” located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. His sole purpose is “I want people to be happy and healthy.” Since 1996, when he opened his 1st clinic aimed at men, he has gone from strength to strength. He is now a well-known media presenter, author and wellness warrior.

Steve Booker of www.stevebooker.co.uk

Steve Booker

Lifestyle Expert

Why you would love him: Are you interested in design, travel, fashion, food, drinks and style? Then I suggest that you follow Steve and know more about his experiences. And don’t miss his Incredible Adventure Videos.

Brandon Quillen - The Saw Guy

Brandon Quillen

Men's DIY Blogger

Why you would love him: Brandon is a big fan of reclaimed wood and features a number of projects that look amazing, but are also simple to do for the everyday DIY'er. If you're looking to make something awesome, check out their tutorials and project ideas to get started.

Jordan Bunker of jordanbunker.uk

Jordan Bunker

ASOS student insider and Lifestyle Blogger

Why you would love him: The Modern Gentleman who takes care of his appearance should follow this website. Jordan is one of my absolute favorites, he is a leading blogger in style and elegance and he has an amazing style and sense of fashion. Check him out.

Megan Collins of www.stylegirlfriend.com

Megan Collins

Men’s Lifestyle Destination for Looking and Feeling Good

Why you would love her: Ok, so you might be thinking, a website called Style Girlfriend, why is it in the list? Well, because Megan provides advice from a female perspective. I feel that men of all ages will enjoy the style of her site and more importantly the golden nuggets of information that you will find there.

Aaron Marino of www.iamalpham.com

Arron Marino

Image consultant and men's style expert

Why you would love him: Arron’s site has an awesome section on male grooming which kept me reading for ages. But, not to rest on his laurels he also covers many others areas as well. His blog is definitely one to save in your favorites list.

Jonathan Cavaliere of mrcavaliere.com

Jonathan Cavaliere

Here to inspire men to take pride in their personal style

Why you would love him: Another site that is definitely one that you should check out, is Jonathan Cavaliere’s. There is plenty of information about grooming which should not be overlooked.

George Hahn of georgehahn.com

George Hahn

A journal designed for men

Why you would love him: George covers many different aspects about male grooming and he doesn’t stop there as he also has posts on menswear, lifestyle and entertainment. But it was the grooming section that I was most interested in. I particularly enjoyed this one ''beards make us look older''.

David Guison of dgmanila.com

David Guison

Founder of Top Menswear Blog DG MANILA

Why you would love him: David has worked with over 200 local and international brands including top fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein etc. and certainly has his finger on the pulse. He has a great grooming section which is full of information that I found enjoyable to read.

Jay Wicks of jaywicks.com

Jay Wicks

UK Men's Lifestyle, Foodie and Travel Blogger

Why you would love him: Jay has an interesting blog and covers topics like how to live alone, what can you do to get the most from your barber? It was the male grooming section that was most of interest for us as it provides some valuable information for the modern male.

Alex of London


Men’s Lifestyle Blog covering Everything from Fashion, Food and Male Grooming

Why you would love him: In Alex's blog you’ll find articles about Fashion, Food, Film, Music and the one we are most interested in, male grooming. It's an enjoyable and informative blog chock full of information.

Michael James of beardedcouture.com

Michael James

Male Lifestyle Blogger and Self Confessed Country Bumpkin at Heart

Why you would love him: Michael James’ site is called bearded couture and as you would expect from a site with a name like that, there is a sizeable blog dedicated to male grooming. Go check it out as there is information about everything there.

Mr Luke Christian of mrlukechristian.com

Luke Christian

UK Blog Awards 2016 Finalist in Two Categories

Why you would love him: Luke's blog is a male lifestyle and grooming blog that mainly caters to beard grooming. It is full of awesome articles related to grooming. He also provides information on products and reviews products with an honest open mind.

Danny of dannyuk.com


Blogger, Podcaster and Vlogger

Why you would love him: As soon as you visit Danny's blog, you immediately know that it caters to the bearded male. He shares a mix of posts and articles about family, male grooming, finance and generally life. Just honest reviews provided by daddy blogger Danny. If you are a parent yourself then I suggest that you follow him right now.

Dave Cashman of dapperdavecash.com

Dave Cashman

Author and Founder of The Blog Dapper Dave Cash

Why you would love him: David is a Healthcare Assistant with a big passion for fashion he writes about style icons, style stories, style diaries and outfits in an awesome blog; his blog is informative and easy to read.

Ben of twentyfirstcenturygent.com

Ben AKA The Gentleman

Male Lifestyle Blogger

Why you would love him: Ben in his twenties, started this blog as an outlet for his more creative side, attempting to cover all things man. Noticing the voice of the modern gentleman isn't heard as loudly as our female counterparts, he is one of best bloggers who writes about good food, effortless fashion and travel. His blog is one of the few blogs I have feeding straight into my inbox.

Chris of Pinoy Guy Guide


The Ultimate Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Why you would love him: Chris is a Filipino and his blog covers many topics including Men’s fashion, Lifestyle, Gadgets, Toy’s for the Boys and the one for us, Grooming. The grooming category is full of information on shaving products and tips on shaving. This was one of my favorite blogs, very informative.

Giuliano Caracciolo of timelessgent.com

Giuliano Caracciolo

Male Lifestyle Blogger

Why you would love him: Giuliano’s blog, Timeless Gent, is one of the fastest growing blogs in luxury men's style and a very interesting blogger to follow. Giuliano's mission is to help men reclaim class, sophistication and style on their path to an affluent life. His section on grooming contained some very interesting articles that were informative and fun to read. Highly recommended.

Sabir M. Peele of mensstylepro.com

Sabir M. Peel

Men's Lifestyle Blogger

Why you would love him: Sabir has been blogging since November 2010 and his blog, Men’s Style Pro blog, covers the latest updates and info on products purely for guys. His grooming section includes skin care and facial grooming information and offers style tips for the everyday man.

Kevin Yapjoco of bespokemanblog.com

Kevin Yapjoco

Dress, Look, Live Well - Male Lifestyle Blog

Why you would love him: Kevin is a Filipino and Manager of Signet, a men’s specialty retailer. An you can imagine, doing the job he does, his blog “Bespoke Man” covers everything from Ties and Pocket Squares, shirts, suits and sports coats, accessories, clothing care and the all important grooming. He is definitely a must follow blogger. And don’t forget to bookmark his site. I have already.

Hold on, there is one more new & promising blog that we feel will be a good fit for you.

Beard mantra

Beard Mantra:

Recently, we have discovered this amazing blog where they put a lot of efforts on overall manliness. From shaving to grooming, facial hair growth products to health, you name it and they are here for you. A few months ago they have published a monster post of more than 100+ male grooming blogs to follow and it really got an amazing response. So if you are someone who is actively looking for some inspiration, knowledge, help do not forget to check beardmantra.com  

Wrapping Up

These were my favorite male grooming, and lifestyle bloggers, and I feel that if you followed them you would benefit from their insights. Now it’s over to you, it's time to check them out and make sure you get social with them

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