25 Top Fitness Blogs You Have To Follow In 2016

Top 25 Fitness Blogger 2016

Staying fit is good business. That's why there’s a growing demand for insightful and informative blogs with useful content about healthy living. However, with the barrage of fitness blogs available online, it can be a bit tough to find the best bloggers that meet your expectations. Fear not, I’ve helped you narrow down the list to an impressive lineup of the top 25 fitness bloggers to follow.

charlotte at thegreatfitnessexperiment

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment

One year of trying everything!

Why you’d love her:
Charlotte would expose you to a lot of new research about health and fitness for you to experiment with. Plus you can learn a lot from her enlightening and funny write-ups.

danica at chicrunner

Danica at Chic Runner

Live what you love!

Why you’d love her:
You can quickly feel the sheer energy emanating from Danica, and her blog will open you up to the exciting world of running like you’ve never seen before!

jess at jessruns

Jess at Jess Runs

Because life is funner with a runner!

Why you’d love her:
Jess is FUN, and her blog - With a thrilling blend of health and fitness tips, and delicious recipes for you to enjoy – is surely going to make your day!

Lisa at workoutmommy

Lisa at Workout Mommy

Fitness Secrets from a badass single mom!

Why you’d love her:
With motivating and inspiring posts about health and fitness secrets for moms, this fitness trainer, and single mom will continually encourage you to exercise and live healthy!

elle at keepitsimpelle

Elle at Keep It Simpelle

Living your best life!

Why you’d love her:
Elle is all about empowerment, and her well-researched information on food, health and lifestyle would give you just the right amount of inspiration you need to put a spark in your day.

ellie and gillian at doubletroublerunning

Ellie and Gillian at Double Trouble Running

You too can run!

Why you’d love them: Follow these two classy friends as they take you on a journey into the exciting and fast-paced world of running and marathons, where there are no dull moments!

dorothy at mile-posts

Dorothy at Mile-Posts

Dream Big. Run Long!

Why you’d love her:
Meet Dorothy, a smoker turned runner and personal coach, whose coaching advice and motivational speeches on running have impacted and inspired a lot of runners.

rusty at visualimpactfitness

Rusty at Visual Impact Fitness

More Muscle, Less Bulk!

Why you’d love him: Rusty is an advocate of exceptional muscle tone without excess size. His fascinating muscle building journey and his mastery of muscle density and tone will keep you very engaged.

julia at juliabuckleyfitness

Julia at Julia Buckley Fitness

Take Action, Get Fit!

Why you’d love her: Drawing from personal experiences, Julia’s posts are motivating and relatable. Her online gym would help you achieve your fitness goals and transform your body to the best it can be!

meghann at mealsandmiles

Meghan at Meals and Miles

One girl’s journey through food and running!

Why you’d love her: Meghan went from being overweight to eating healthy. Her blog is warm and charming, and would enlighten you on how to live a balanced and healthy life!

whitney at liverunloveyoga

Whitney at Live Run Love Yoga

Running + Yoga = Living!

Why you’d love her: Whitney made a quantum leap from Chemistry to blogging, and her fresh perspective on running, yoga, food, recipes and travel, is just what you need to transform your day.

mariah at mariahdolan

Mariah at Mariah Dolan

Fitness and Wellness for busy moms!

Why you’d love her:
Her pleasant and personable posts teach moms about how to create and stick to a healthy lifestyle, amidst their busy schedules of work, family and children!

lisa at lisarunsforcupcakes

Lisa at Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Don’t give up!

Why you’d love her: You’d love Lisa’s blog because she’s so honest and down-to-earth, and her posts about running could be the push you need to work towards your fitness goals.

kasey at powercakes

Kasey at Power Cakes

Be true to you!

Why you’d love her:
It’s easy to see that Kasey sincerely cares about helping you attain your dream body. The motivating and uplifting tone of her posts is just the kick you need to begin your fitness journey.

sam at allouteffort

Sam at All Out Effort

Time for some new habits!

Why you’d love him:
Sam approaches fitness from a unique and fresh angle and targets your mindset and education. With well-written and very knowledgeable articles, this blog would keep you fit – starting with your mind!

hayden at scienceforfitness

Hayden at Science For Fitness

The Science of fitness!

Why you’d love him: With a Ph.D., Hayden is one impressive scientist turned physical trainer. His enthusiasm for fitness, plus his devotion to your fitness challenges and goals, makes this blog a must-read.

matt at nomeatathlete

Matt at No Meat Athlete

Runs on plants!

Why you’d love him:
Matt gives you interesting, straight-to-the-point facts about why plant-based diets can make you fitter, happier, and faster.

alwyn at alwyncosgrove

Alwyn at Alwyn Cosgrove

Great fitness results!

Why you’d love him: This blogger has a lot of great articles about fitness, health, and bodybuilding. With his well-documented programs at the gym, this site is will command your rapt attention!

Ali Office Diet

Ali at The Office Diet

Healthy Living For Busy People! 

Why you’d love her:
Ali and the team at The Office Diet understand that healthy lifestyles have to fit around busy schedules. So all the recipes, workout routines, and weight loss tips are designed with the working people in mind - who don't have extra hours to spend at the gym or fixing complex meals.

chad at chadwaterbury

Chad at Chad Waterbury

Transforming through performance!

Why you’d love him: As a neurophysiologist, Chad has made radical changes in fitness training for both athletes and non-athletes. His training methods are fast, superior and efficient; you’d gain a lot from him!

lori at musselfit

Lori at Mussel Fit

God’s got you!

Why you’d love her:
If you’re a mom trying to develop a healthy lifestyle, Lori is totally devoted to being your personal trainer. Also, her colorful recipes and engaging posts add pizzazz to this blog!

laura at lazygirlrunning

Laura at Lazy Girl Running

Learn to enjoy running!

Why you’d love her: Laura’s flowery and friendly posts reflect her love for running and marathons, and she is available to teach you how to run as you chase your goals!


Spencer at Runner's Goal

Ready. Set. Goal!

Why you’d love him: Spencer has a true passion for running, and takes a Joe-everyman perspective when talking about his personal bests, and his training plans that can help runners of all skill levels improve and perform their best. 

angi at losingitandlovingit

Angie at Losing It and Loving It

Loss is gain!

Why you’d love her: Her personal weight challenges and triumphs give this blog a powerful, personal touch and her inspiring posts advocate a healthy and active lifestyle.

diatta at femmefitalefitclub

Diatta at Femme Fitale Fit Club

Research and fitness!

Why you’d love her: This career mom of two studied Healthcare Administration and enjoys researching and sharing new information about health and fitness. Her blog consistently gives, and you would undoubtedly receive!

nicole at fitfulfocus

Nicole at Fitful Focus

Get Fit. Stay Full. Be focused

Why you’d love her:
Her blog is a mix of adventure and loads of positive energy. This fitness fanatic is on a mission to explore new ways to get fit, and tell you all about them!

So Which Of These Top Fitness Blogs Is The Right One For You?

Maybe one, maybe a combination of a few - It's your choice. Granted, there are lots of other bloggers online. However, these 25 listed above can inspire you in ways that you'd never expect while helping you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Take some time and check out their wealth of knowledge and experience; you’ll be glad you did!

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