5 Reasons Blogging Will Make You Healthier and Happier

There are all kinds of reasons for starting a blog. Whether it is just to share some knowledge with your friends and family, teach others, provide an outlet for your writing, or even make some money on the side, starting a blog is often a great idea.

Of course, you need a focus. Before you plunk down money to purchase a domain name, get hosting, and set up your blog site, you should know where you are going and what your topics or niche should be. This will help you be better at what you are trying to do.

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The good thing about blogging though, and something people often overlook, is that blogging can make you healthier and happier. How does that work, exactly? Well, expressive writing is cathartic, and that helps. But blogging itself is also great exercise for your brain, and the healthier your mind, the healthier your body, and the happier you will be.

Here are five reasons blogging will make you healthier and happier.

Your Brain Will Work Better

Yes, your brain will work better, but primarily because you will be stretching it by writing all the time. The thing about a successful blog is that you will need new content all the time, which means you either create it yourself or have others create it for you.

When you first start out, you will create most of your blog content. This is good, as you will flex your writing muscles and set the tone for the blog going forward. However, this can get trying after a while. Coming up with new ideas and new angles to approach things can also be a challenge.

While this is a good stretch for your brain, once you build an audience (more on that in a moment) they will want to contribute to your site as well. Some will do so simply through comments or sharing your posts, but others may want to write as well. The act of screening and editing their content is also good for your brain and the new ideas you will see and understand can make you a more well-rounded, happier and healthier person.

You Will Learn Something New

No matter what field you blog in or how long you have been in that field, it is almost guaranteed that you will learn something new through blogging. Whether that is from your own research and writing or the writing of others, there will be new ideas presented, and your niche will continue to advance over time.

Continuous learning is good for your brain in a whole bunch of health ways, but one of the most important is that it tends to prevent depression, keep you happier and mentally sharp, and can even help ease stress and anxiety.

Blogging comes with constant learning, whether in your field or learning more about blogging and the secrets of gaining influence online. This will make you a healthier and happier person.

You’ll Be a Better Communicator

One of the keys to great relationships is communication. The ability to clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas to others without coming across as condescending or proud and to have a discussion without the need for argument is essential to happiness. The other aspect of communication is the ability to admit when you are wrong and communicate genuine humility.

Blogging is communication, and most of the time it sparks conversations. This conversation is the communication between you and your readers, and often mastering this skill online is more challenging than mastering it in person. The better you can communicate with others though, the less frustration you will feel in both friendships, family relationships, and more intimate relationships as well.

The less frustration and stress you can feel, the better you can communicate, the more likely it is that you will be healthier and happier in other ways.

You’ll Be Helping Others

It feels good to help others. We have all had unique struggles, but often the type of struggles we experience is more common than we want to admit. It is in our nature to want to help others escape our mistakes, to empathize, and to build each other up.

Studies show that those who give time and energy to help others are happier and healthier in a number of ways. Blogging is simply one way to do that, but if you ever wonder whether the effort you put into your website is worth it, that one comment on social media, email, or comment on your blog post itself that talks about how much your writing helped someone else

You’ll Build Your Own Community

How will you help others? Who will you communicate with and learn from? The others in your community of course. This community development can happen organically or you can help it along the way. The likelihood is that you will do a combination of both. There will be those who are attracted to your blog naturally by your topic and the ideas you share.

However, there are thousands of blogs out there, and new ones start every single day. How will people discover yours? Boosted social media posts, ads, and encouraging others to share your site are all important ways to spread the word. Be sure to start an email signup list, so that those who see your posts can keep up with new ones you post on a regular basis. This will help you stay in touch with them as well, establishing more offline communication.

Blogging can make you a healthier and happier person if you use it the right way. Keep your mind limber, hone your communication skills, and connect with others with similar ideas to improve your life in a number of astonishing ways.

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