7 Basic Tips For Making Your Yogurt Better

If you like taking healthy, refreshing yogurt at any given time of the day, then making your own is always the most cost-effective and quality guaranteeing approach to take. Making healthy yogurt is a delicate combination of science and art, and knowing the right approach to take can be very rewarding. There are some valuable but basic tips you should consider as you learn how to make yummy yogurt at any given time. These include the following: -

homemade yogurt

1. Have your equipments cleaned well

When making yogurt, it will be very important to always remember that milk is very sensitive and the slightest impurities could mess up with the end results. As such, your work surface and tools should be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria likely to contaminate your yummy drink. You can run your tools through a dishwasher if you have one or sterilize with hot, boiled water before drying with a clean towel.

2. Choose the best culture

Yogurt preparation does require active cultures and these could easily be obtained from the yogurt you either have prepared or bought. You can also use powdered starter if you so wish. However, always taste the yogurt before using it and make sure it does not have a weird taste. The taste and quality of your culture will definitely affect the flavor of the yogurt you make. Both the culture and milk are very important.

homemade yogurt

3. Make sure you have quality milk

It’ll be very good if you can get some unpasteurized milk, raw milk or un-homogenized milk for use to make some yogurt. However, always make sure that the milk you use is not overly pasteurized as this will affect the quality of your yogurt. It’s not possible to make your yogurt using organic milk as this is ultra-pasteurized. If you want to make your yogurt better, using full-fat milk is always advisable.

4. Heat your milk

Although you can still make your yogurt using room-temperature milk, it would be advisable that you first of all boil it fully or bring it to around 180°F. This will guarantee you the most consistent and quality results. Boiling the milk is essential as it kills the bad bacteria and also assures you of a richer end-product. The milk can either be boiled or heated using a microwave or stove, whichever option seems right for you.

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5. Choose the right vessels or bowls for the yogurt

Once you prepare your yogurt, you need to give it time to rest and this is normally done overnight. However, this process should be done using vessels that are able to retain heat to some degree and crocks or ceramic bowls are always the best. You should not go for metal or glass bowls as these are not known for heat retention. The process of resting your yogurt is very important and the kind of tools you use will determine the outcome. If you don’t have a ceramic bowl or crock, just wrap the vessel using a blanket and it’ll help in warmth retention.

6. Just be patient

The temptation to keep checking whether your yogurt has turned out fine can be very strong but disruptive of the process. Once you are done with the mixing of the milk, culture and other ingredients in a good blender, you will need to give your yogurt at least 8 to 10 hours or overnight to let it rest. While putting it in the resting vessels, you must ensure that it’s warm and properly swaddled or put in the right kind of a vessel. Wait until 12 hours are over before disturbing your yogurt.

homemade yogurt

7. Monitor the progress

Once the 8 hours are over, you can taste your yogurt to find out whether it’s mature and a little bit acidic. You should remove it from incubation once you are satisfied with the taste and before it becomes more acidic beyond your liking. In fact, it will be good to taste the yogurt after every one hour after 8 hours are over and once you are satisfied with its maturity, terminate the resting process. In case the whey and solids haven’t separated, leave the yogurt a little bit more so it can mature fully.

As earlier mentioned, making quality yogurt is not only a science but also an art. You should learn some of the most essential steps which are designed to help you get the best results possible. As a matter of importance, always avoid the use of powdered milk if your mixture is thin. The best step is to always strain it. You can do this by setting fine-mess cheesecloth over a clean bowl and then pouring your yogurt on top. Allow it time to give you the consistency you desire and then enjoy your whey or use it to prepare more yogurt.

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