7 Remarkable Health Benefits From Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has been used for a number of reasons not to mention that it has also received a growing amount of discussions over the past few years. Much of the negative publicity associated with coconut oil has to do with the fact that it has saturated fat but this has unfortunately overshadowed the many health benefits associated with the oil. Some of the benefits are very remarkable and include the following: –

1.Helps Prevent Against High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

The fact that coconut oil is composed of 90% of natural saturated fats basically makes it effective for helping the body convert the LDL (bad cholesterol) into HDL (good cholesterol) thus increasing the overall amount of the former within the body. By so doing, the process helps reduce the risks of developing heart disease while at the same time promoting your heart health. Taking coconut oil regularly will help improve your heart health and keep it strong.

2.Enhances the Digestive System

For people with digestion problems, coconut oil can really be helpful as it facilitates in the absorption of calcium, fat-soluble vitamins and magnesium in the body. The oil can also help even people with no known digestion problems in that it enhances the absorption of these minerals in a greater way. Taking coconut oil together with omega-3 fatty acids will make them more effective. Studies have shown that the oil can help improve gut and bacteria health by destroying Candida and harmful bacteria. An imbalance in Candida does decrease the level of stomach acid thus causing poor digestion and gut inflammation.

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3.Improves Metabolism

MCTs have been shown to improve the fat-burning process also known as thermogenesis. During metabolism, the medium chain triglycerides work the same way as carbohydrates by providing an increased level of fat burning energy thus contributing to an increase in metabolism rate with long-term consumption.

4.It kills bad bacteria

Lauric acid makes up for almost 50% of the fatty acids found in coconut oil. This acid works superbly well as a bacteria, fungi and viruses killer, thus helping greatly in preventing your body against infections when you apply it externally. In fact, coconut oil can be used on both grow-ups and babies when dealing with skin infections on the head and body. When ingested, the oil also reacts with enzymes leading to the formation of monolaurin which is a monglyceride. This monoglyceride is good for destroying harmful pathogens in the body. The substances are also ideal for preventing against yeast infections which are basically caused by different bacteria within the body system.

5.Helps in building and maintaining muscles

Coconut oil contains amino acids which helps the body to burn muscles as the last result for fuel. At the same time, the substances are effective for building and repairing muscles in the body especially if the MCTs are not processed. As such, when consuming MCTs-containing milk and muscle building substances, it will be important to confirm that they are not processed as this denies the body of the essential amino acids in their natural form. You can supplement the processed products with coconut oil in order to obtain the substances in their natural form.

6.Prevents against hair loss

Coconut oil can be applied externally or ingested as part of a recipe of your choice. The oil can be used alongside Omega-3 rich diets to help grow strong hair while at the same time treating cases of hair loss. Studies have also shown that coconut oil is a powerful product for repairing and preventing against hair since it contains some powerful nutrients capable of penetrating your hair shaft thus improving its appearance and overall health.

7.Helps curb appetite and enhance weight loss

The oil has some essential substances which are effective in weight loss by curbing appetite among other things. Coconut oil has a combination of medium triglycerides and fatty acids which powerfully contain hunger when they are metabolized. The coconut oil should however be introduced gradually into the body until the body gets used to it as a way of preventing against negative effects.

Coconut oil has many other health benefits which you can enjoy if used properly and regularly. You can get some amazing recipes from CookingDetective.com which could prove helpful on how you can add coconut oil to your diet in an effective way. The oil can also be used on the skin and scalp in different measures for beauty and health.

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