7 Tips for Choosing Workout Headphones

When you workout, you need the right equipment. You’d never workout in street clothes, right? So why do you use the wrong pair of headphones? Music has the power to make or break your workout, and that’s why it’s vital you choose the right headphones to make the most of your workout routine. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the top tips for choosing the perfect workout headphones! No matter if you run on the trails or lift weights in the gym, these tips will make sure you never miss a minute of your pump up playlist!

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1.  Find Your Fit

First, you need to find the fit of headphones that works best for you. Not all shapes and sizes are created equal, and not every style of headphone will work right for your body. The three main types of headphones are on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear headphones. On-ear headphones rest on your ear, and these might not be the most comfortable for long-term wear. In-ear headphones are buds that rest in your ear canal. Finally, over-ear headphones rest over your ears and provide the highest level of sound.

For working out, you’ll need to decide if you want to choose a full-size headphone that rests on or over your ear or a bud that sits inside your ear. Some people are die-hard earbud wearers while others swear by over the ear fits. This is ultimately up to you! The best way to find the best fit is to experiment with styles until you find one that matches your workout style.

2. Go Wireless

It might be time to cut the cord if you’re finding it gets in the way. While you’ll get the highest level of sound if you have a corded headphone, improvements in wireless technology are making it easier to get great-sounding headphones without the wires. When you workout you need to ensure all cords are out of your way if you want to stay safe, especially when performing intense movements. Wireless headphones are generally the way to go!

When searching for the right pair of wireless headphones, look for pairs with strong Bluetooth technology. You don’t want to rely on being close to your phone or device at all times to get the best sound! Most modern headphones can reach a range of at least 30 feet, but always review the specifications of your pair. Click here for a comparison of wireless headphones.

3. Sweat Resistant

A lot of modern headphones are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they can handle extreme levels of sweat. If you know you’re a sweater, you’ll need to take that into account when choosing the right pair of headphones for your workouts. Some headphones are able to handle levels of salt, water, and other liquids! Similarly, you’ll need to make sure your headphones are easy to clean. Even if your headphones aren’t very resistant to sweat, you don’t want them to start smelling after one particularly rough workout! Look for cushions and wires that are easy to remove, swap, and wash as needed to prevent your gear from getting grimy.

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4. Long Battery Life

Nothing is worse than going to start your workout only to discover your headphones are dead! If you’ve ever suffered through a long workout without your favorite playlist, you know how killer this is! Modern headphones are built to last, but you still should keep an eye out for a long battery life. Some headphones use lithium batteries while others hold an electric charge. See which works best for your lifestyle!

5. Adjustable

The best way to ensure you have great fitting headphones is to find a pair that’s adjustable. Depending on your activity, you might not need the same fit every day! Having an adjustable pair means you can easily take your music from the running trail to the yoga studio. Adjustable pairs might come with moveable straps, over the ear sizes, or in-ear bud sizes you can swap out as needed!

6. Survive the Elements

You need your headphones to be up to handling anything. Sometimes you can’t anticipate what the day is going to be like when you head off on the trail or when you take off to the gym. This is especially important if you work out outside! You might need to look into underwater technology that can withstand even heavy rain or waterproof casing. If you’re in a cold climate, you might want to look for add-on features like ear warmers that will help you feel warm even in the coldest temperatures! Your gear needs to be as rugged as you are!

7. Smartphone Controls

Fiddling with your phone during a rough workout is a recipe for disaster. You’re tired and sweaty and it’s impossible to navigate the features on your phone! That’s why smartphone controls are a major game-changer for athletes. If you know you like to fiddle with your playlist or receive phone calls while working out, smartphone controls can make it easy to sync everything with ease. Look for headphones that are designed for your type of phone to ensure everything is easy to navigate! You’ll be able to keep going through your activities without skipping a single second of your workout!

Finding the Perfect Headphones

Finding the perfect headphones is about more than finding the right fit. You want something that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. The right headphones make it easy to perform your best both in and out of the gym. Whether you like to go wireless or you need something ultra-sweat-proof, there is a style of headphones out there for you. It might take some time to find what’s the most comfortable for you during your workout, but it’s well worth the effort.

These tips above are perfect for sparking your search! If you’re not sure where to begin, start by evaluating what matters most to you! What kind of activities do you do regularly? How do you want your headphones to fit into your lifestyle? Once you decide those things, you’ll be ready to choose the best pair for your needs! What are you waiting for? Your best workout yet is just a pair of headphones away!

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