9 Poses That Will Prove How Yoga Helps Your Hair Grow and Your Skin Glow

How Yoga Helps Your Hair Grow and Your Skin Glow

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Is there someone in your circle who has been asking you non-stop to practice yoga with him or her but you keep on bailing out of the sessions because of the thought that you are flexible enough to participate?

All of us have to start somewhere; not every practitioner of the art has had the ability to bend their body parts in various ways the first time they entered the room. Despite the difficulties that one may face while doing the poses, many choose to stick to this ancient exercise not only because it allows you to get rid of stress and find an inner balance but also due to how yoga helps your hair grow and your skin glow.

Hair and skin. Those are the two things that we tend to spend on so much, right? If you keep the ideas that we are about to divulge to you, though, it will not be hard to do your workout and beauty regimen at once.

What makes your locks and skin unhealthy?

What makes your locks and skin unhealthy

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Stress is the ultimate enemy of people who want to have a great lifestyle. No matter how fresh and healthy the foods you are consuming on a daily basis, you will continue to have problems with your inner and outer self.

Stress happens to be one of the reasons why hair stops growing. When the job or the family puts a lot of pressure on you, its effect is that your hormones go haywire and the nerve cells send distress signals within the system. If the brain produces high levels of cortisol, a well-recognized stress hormone, it can possibly derail the growth of the hair as it forces the follicles to move into the resting phase.

Mental and physical strain can also prevent you from getting enough sleep or nourishment that the skin requires to maintain its glow. The problem begins with the bags under the eyes, and before you know it, wrinkles and blemishes are appearing on the face and your arms and legs are becoming too dry.

What can yoga poses do to counter such issues?

What can yoga poses do to counter such issues

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The bad news is that there will always be a source of stress even when you reach old age. The good news, on the other hand, is that you can de-stress and target troublesome areas with the aid of different yoga poses. Most of them are easy to copy, so it is no biggie whether you are a beginner or an expert.

#1. Ustrasana promotes better blood flow on the scalp.

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This camel pose lets the blood flow directly to the scalp so that the resting hair follicles can wake up again. It will occur once you bend your back and touch the ankles while kneeling down. This is also a nice position if you wish to improve a thyroid problem, which contributes to your strands falling off.

#2. Sheetali pranayama may clear the acne away.

Sheetali pranayama may clear the acne away

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In case zits show up in any season, especially during summer, just learn how to do Sheetali, a form of breathing exercise in yoga. The benefit of acting out this pranayama is that it can offer comfort to your inflamed skin and cleanse both the mind and the system. You may partner it with Sheetkari to ensure that you shine from the inside out.

#3. Uttanasana can stabilize hair growth and make the face rosy.

Uttanpadasana improves the reproductive system

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The pose asks you to stand up and bend the body from the pelvis until your head is close to the ground. This motion brings more oxygen quickly to the scalp and the face to combat free radicals which may make your skin and hair unhealthy. When you return to the upright position, your face will visibly have the pinkish glow that some individuals only achieve with makeup.

#4. Shirshasana may eliminate wrinkles.

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A yoga posture that is worth adding to your routine is Shirshasana. We call it the ‘headstand’ in the layman’s term. To help with the balance, you just need to plant your elbows firmly on both sides and rest your hands on your head as you kick the feet up in the air. As it puts you in a reverse vertical pose, the blood will flow down freely and rejuvenate those pesky wrinkles and fine lines.

#5. Sasangasana allows blood to circulate well.

Sasangasana allows blood to circulate well

Another exercise which may make your locks healthy once more is the rabbit pose. You start by kneeling and sitting on the balls of your feet. In a slow movement, clasp those heels while bending the head. Inhale as you reach this stage, and then push your hips upward before exhaling.

This video may generate a better picture of what you are supposed to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPVxTbnwV54

#6. Matsyasana flushes out toxins.

Matsyasana, or the fish pose, carries a minimal level of difficulty because you have to lie down on your back. What qualifies it as a yoga stance is that you push the chest out and invert the head so that your blood will stream above the neck. It assists in eliminating the harmful chemicals that may wither your skin.

#7. Vajrasana helps with digestive matters.

What can yoga poses do to counter such issues

Vajrasana is a sitting yoga pose in which you take a seat on your heels and your arms are in a slightly diagonal position. It is sometimes called the thunderbolt or the diamond posture, which can ideally eliminate your issues with digestion. When the digestive tract functions well, the hair can grow the healthy way too.

#8. Adho Mukha Svanasana provides more blood on the head.

Adho Mukha Svanasana provides more blood on the head

The downward-facing dog pose may seem like a sort of plank exercise, but the inverted V shape that you will end up with can inspire blood to flow to your sleeping hair follicles and invigorate them to develop hair soon.

#9. Uttanpadasana improves the reproductive system.

Uttanpadasana improves the reproductive system

This yoga posture requires for you to flatten your back on an even ground and raise both legs at a 45-degree angle. Other than the fact that it tones down your abdominal muscles, it relieves your reproductive organs which affect the growth of your locks.


Do you see now how yoga helps your hair grow and your skin glow? We have chosen a few of the poses that do not necessitate much experience so that everyone can perform them immediately.

For questions and suggestions, you may voice them out in the comments section.

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