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meal replacement shakes for breakfast

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We’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with today’s busy lifestyles fitting it into your schedule can be difficult?  Running from the gym to work to other various activities without a full belly can leave you feeling rushed, tired, and most importantly, hungry!

Check out these delicious meal replacement shakes for breakfast that will make you feel full and ready to take on the world.  In various flavors and with several health benefits, these breakfast replacement shakes are perfect for the person on the go! Best of all, we’ve provided you with five different choices so you can choose one that’s a perfect fit.

1. Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake Chocolate

meal replacement shakes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Not only is this shake absolutely delicious, it provides enough protein and electrolytes to keep you going all day. Probiotics and enzymes add to your energy level, and it isn’t lacking in nutrients, either! In this breakfast replacement shake you can find plenty of fiber and your daily dose of vitamin B.

There are also antioxidants and vitamins C and D to keep your immune system working properly, as well as promoting healthy skin and bones. It even contains collagen, which is associated with anti-aging benefits! This uniquely formulated blend will keep you healthy and energized even when you’re bogged down with responsibilities and places to be.

2. ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Meal Replacement Shake Mix

meal replacement shakes for breakfast

Are you looking to drop some pounds, or do you need help resisting that extra chocolate-chip cookie? This is one of my favorite breakfast shakes to lose weight and fight cravings with! Featuring a proprietary protein blend whose main focus is to help you suppress your appetite and slim down, this breakfast replacement shake will help you start off your day the right way.

These proteins work quickly and are long-lasting, meaning that you’ll be so full, you can ignore the urge to binge on your favorite junk food. Plus, the sweet cream flavor can be combined with other ingredients to create a custom shake that is both satisfying and healthy!

3. Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Meal Replacement Shakes For Breakfast

The title says it all! This shake helps you attain that coveted lean body by providing you with tons of protein. If you’re really looking to get fit, this is the shake for you! It helps to stimulate muscle growth while also making you stronger and leaner, and assisting you in recovering quickly after your latest workout. It also minimizes fat storage and contains 24 essential vitamins. Plus, the manufacturer has explained that there is a particular emphasis on taste, which is chocolate ice cream! Who could resist that?

4. IdealShake

Meal Replacement Shakes For Breakfast

IdealShake is a meal replacement shake for breakfast that helps to control your hunger while providing you with a delicious treat. It’s quick and easy to make, and won’t take up tons of time on your already-busy mornings. You can drink this on the way to the gym or work and enjoy the all-whey protein that will keep you full for hours.

IdealShake contains 22 vitamins and minerals meant to support your health and help you lose weight. This shake blocks hunger to keep you full and satisfied for hours, and is a well-rounded shake for the woman who just wants something simple to grab and go.

5. SlimFast Original

Meal Replacement Shakes For Breakfast

An oldie but a goodie, SlimFast has stayed popular for years because it works. It helps you lose weight and keep it off! These shakes are a great source of protein and fiber--all you have to do is blend the mix with fat-free milk, and if you want something special, you can even add fresh fruit for a real treat!

If you don’t want to take that extra step, the rich chocolate flavor by itself is to die for! This shake provides half of your recommended daily calcium intake as well as 24 vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and energized.


Meal replacement shakes for breakfast are a quick and healthy alternative to your usual greasy drive-through breakfast. They keep you full and energized while also tasting great and helping you to lose weight. Shakes have grown in popularity as the women of today have gotten busier and busier. One of the biggest virtues of these meal replacement shakes is that they don’t have to be consumed sitting down at the kitchen table. You can drink them anywhere!

Weight loss shakes are a great choice for women who want great flavor and nutrients as well as help with managing weight and curbing their appetites.  Looking for something a little more "manly"?  We've also got a full write-up on the best protein shakes for men.

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