10 Amazing Secrets Your Feet Actually Reveal About You

Palm reading is far from being the only way to learn more about who we are. If you take a look down… at your feet, you’ll find another source of interesting information about your personality.

In this infographic, we share ten amazing secrets your feet actually reveal about you.

10 Amazing Secrets Your Feet Actually Reveal About You

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Egyptian Foot

Squashed together toes

You enjoy your privacy, prefer to keep your emotions to yourself, are a little secretive and impulsive. People around you need to be careful: your mood can change unexpectedly.

Roman Foot

Well-proportioned with straight toes

The most common type of foot. You love discovering new things, places and cultures. Your well-balanced, outgoing and sociable nature will make you a successful business person or public speaker.

Greek Foot

Significantly larger second toe

You’re either an innovator, artist, public speaker or an athlete. You love motivating other people with your natural enthusiasm. Nevertheless, you tend to overthink things which can become stressful.

Square Foot

All toes are almost the same length

You are a very practical and reliable person. You like to think things through to weigh your options carefully whenever you need to make a decision.

High arch VS low / average arch

The former like to be alone, have indomitable spirits, are independent and self-sufficient. The latter enjoy having a good time in the company of others and are extrovert.

What's the size of your big toe compared to the others?

If it’s the longer one, you’re a very creative person, always have solutions to problems. You may have trouble focusing. If it’s small, you’re efficient, charming and a multi-tasker.

How long is your second toe?

If it’s long, you’re a leader, resourceful and dynamic, but you can be quite bossy too. Smaller second toes say you’re happy with taking things slowly and like harmony.

And your third toe?

Long third toes mean you’re driven to succeed, are energetic and a perfectionist. If it’s short, you like it cool and relaxing, you prefer to enjoy life.

Your fourth toe reveals a lot about your heart…

Longer ones mean you value family above all and get really down when something is wrong with your loved ones. Shorter ones say you tend to focus on something else.

Can you wiggle your little toe from your fourth toe?

If you can, you’re adventurous, impulsive and charming. If not, you like loyalty, predictability and routine. Smaller little toes mean you’re a playful person that shies away from responsibility.

I want to thank both the designer of this great looking infographic and the cartoonist responsible for creating the infographic drawings and illustrations for all their hard work and talent. Much appreciated!



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