An Insider Look at the Best Pocket Knife Brands

Best Pocket Knife Brands

Competition can be fun; we enjoy competitive sports. Yet competition can be exhausting; all those competing brands can make it really difficult to decide which brand to buy. Deciding on a good pocket knife brand is one such instance. There are dozens of well-known companies selling pocket knives.

Here we will simplify your life a bit by sharing with you the best pocket knife brands in the market today. Each of these brands has its own strength. We will reveal what each brand brings to the market that has customers returning and raving about its products. So without further ado, let us take a look at the most popular pocket knife brands.

1. Victorinox


Victorinox has been bringing us the famous Swiss Army Knife since 1897 directly from Switzerland. This brand specializes in the multi-tool pocket knife variety. Its models tend to include one or more blades along with several other attachments. Victorinox´s offerings cover the spectrum of the median range prices. The more tools included, the higher the cost will be for a Victorinox pocket knife.

The assortment of tools featured can include wire cutters, different screw drivers, bottle and cap openers, and even tweezers and scissors. If you are looking for many solutions in one compact-sized pocket knife, you will surely benefit from taking a look at all Victorinox has to offer. The brand´s faithful and wide customer base is attained by its immense variety of models to suit anyone´s particular needs, not to mention its trusted quality backed by its lifetime warranty.

2. Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives began in Oregon in 1974. This brand´s knives are produced in the U.S.A., Japan and China, and available at the mid-price range. Kershaw specializes in sporting and pocket knives for EDC (every day carry). Its offerings include hundreds of different models, often created with the collaboration of well-known knife experts.

Kershaw Knives has won numerous awards for many of its knife models, including the Tyrade, Speedform, Tilt, as well as the Cryo. Its innovative, patent-pending Composite Blade technology allowed Kershaw to offer the first knife featuring a combo-steel blade made of both D2 and 154CM steels.

3. Benchmade


Benchmade has been designing pocket knives since 1988 when founder Les de Asis opened shop in California. Since then, the brand has been moved to Oregon. To this day, Benchmade knives are made in the U.S.A. This popular pocket knife brand caters to those of us who enjoy spending a lot more money in exchange for top quality. These knives are made from the best materials. Benchmade actually introduced the first high-power laser cutter to the business, allowing the company to cut steels which are too hard to stamp.

The precision workmanship using top of the line manufacturing tools in combination with hand-assembly of all products set this brand apart from its competitors. Benchmade’s patented AXIS locking mechanism is one of customers’ favorite, ensuring that the blade will remain steady in the open position no matter what amount of force is applied. The Benchmade Lifetime Warranty proves that this brand stands behind its products, while Benchmade Lifesharp is a free service to re-sharpen Benchmade knives to ideal conditions.

4. Spyderco


Spyderco is another U.S. knife company which has been in the business since the late 1970s. This brand is proud to offer affordable knives, with many models popular enough to withstand time. The company proclaims that it puts functionality before appearance, preferring to deliver dependable rather than fancy-looking knives.There is one factor which sets Spyderco apart from the competition: innovation. The people at Spyderco take credit for starting many of the features which we have come to expect in a folding knife today, including the pocket clip and single-handed opening mechanisms.

They also began the practice of providing partially serrated blades, which many customers appreciate for the ability to cut as well as saw. In total, they have earned at least eighty-six patents. The company´s million-dollar testing facility is another innovation, ensuring that Spyderco knives are not only safe to use, but also optimized for edge retention and durability. Finally, Spyderco offer a warranty as well as free re-sharpening service for all of its knives.

5. Buck Knives

Buck Knives

Buck Knives is a 5th generation family-owned business that has been producing knives since 1902. Buck Knives is widely credited with inventing the folding hunter knife, which is nowadays referred to as a ¨buck knife,¨ regardless of its brand. What sets this company apart from competitors is its dedication to bring forth blades which measure no less than Rc58 on the Rockwell Scale of hardness.

The production team uses stainless steel, then heat-treats or tempers the blades with the brand’s patented process. The company also uses the patented Edge2x Technology to create the ideal edge for each knife. The Buck’s Forever Warranty is offered for all Buck knives, proof that the company is confident in the quality it continues to produce.


All the competing pocket knife companies can make it difficult to decide which brand to purchase. Yet competition is an integral part of capitalism; without competition, there would not have been an incentive for all good pocket knife brands to strive to become the best pocket knife brands. This motivation to be innovative and to excel is the common factor shared by today’s most popular pocket knife brands.

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