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    Why We Get Stitches When Running and How to Avoid Them?

    Side stitches, or side pains, can be very painful and uncomfortable, and can hinder a perfect running experience almost immediately. The pain can start off slightly and increase sharply in a matter of seconds. More than anything, side stitches are a nuisance to runners and may mean you need to stop your workout early.

    What is a Stitch?

    A side stitch is felt on either the right or left-hand side of the body, though it most often occurs on the left side. It resonates in the area right below your lower ribs. The pain can be so intense at times that it can even cause you to stop running completely.

    Why do Stitches Occur?

    There is no definite medical explanation for why stitches occur, especially during running, but there are several theories. Some researchers claim that stitches are more common with beginner runners, due to the fact that they are more likely to engage in rapid or shallow breathing.

    Rapid breathing is believed to not fully engage and relax the diaphragm, thereby causing the ligaments on one side of the body to contract forcefully. Another belief is that the rapid breathing, combined with the jolting of running and exhaling as your right foot touches the ground, puts additional strain on the ligaments near the liver and the diaphragm, which then causes the pain to be felt on the left side of the body.

    running stitch

    Other research states that eating a meal within one hour of a run can cause side stitches, as well as drinking sugary or carbonated drinks. The digestive system has not worked the food and drinks completely through the system, and could be the reason for the sharp pains felt on the side.

    Still another research suggests that if a runner forgoes a proper warm-up before a running session, and starts off running too fast, too soon, he or she will experience sharp side pain.

    Preventing Stitches

    If you notice that you get side stitches often, first ensure that you are not eating any type of meal, even a small snack, and large amounts of liquid within one to two hours of a run. You can drink a little water, but not too much, and avoid sports and carbonated drinks. Water is always your best choice before a run, especially in hot weather.

    Another means of preventing stitches is to practice deep breathing in a rhythmic manner. Smooth, slow, complete breathing cycles will allow you to avoid rapid breathing. While you are breathing in and out fully, you also want to maintain proper posture.

    The proper posture for running is to have your back straight, not hunched over, your chest up and open for easy breathing, and your arms bent at 90-degree angles at your sides. This posture will ensure that your muscles are not being squeezed, which can cause almost a muscle cramp.

    If you do happen to experience stitches, press real hard into the side that hurts and breathe deeply. Although it is hard to keep a good posture during this episode, try your best. After slow, even-paced breathing and massaging of the tense muscle, the pain should subside.

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    Top 25 Yoga Blogs of 2016

    top-25-yoga-blogs (3)-w250-h200Yoga has evolved over the years to be customized into many forms by expert practitioners. From power yoga to Iyengar yoga, though based on the same principle, promises a different path to enlightening and empowering the body, mind, soul. The key here is to find the method that works for you based on the specific condition you want to improve on. Many people turn to yoga to relieve stress, others do it to enhance flexibility or work on a particular health problem.

    With so much variation out there, how do you know who to follow? That is why we bring to you a list of top 25 yoga blogs. Make you beginning by learning to do it right with these gurus.

    Top 25 Yoga Blogs you can follow

    Mary  Catherine Starr 

    An active Vinyasa yoga practitioner, Mary has multiple certifications including Advanced Teacher Training and Prenatal Teacher Certification. She also has an eBook for Yoga teachers on How To Earn A Living Teaching Yoga. That’s knowing the craft!.

    2 Yogini_FotorThe Yogini From Manila

    Jane Uymatiao certified yin yoga teacher from Manila and was among the first few people practicing yoga in the Philippines. She is among the few certified yin yoga teachers and takes a holistic approach that assimilates traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and body energy.

    J Brown Yoga3 J brown yoga_Fotor

    J is the founder of the Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn His blog brings out interesting facets of yoga in technology, lifestyle and politics and looks at it in a world perspective. His site also has his yoga talk podcasts and showcases yoga videos. Don’t miss out on the testimonials – you’ll know why he’ll be great to follow.

    The Yoga Gypsy4 LA Gitane_Fotor

    She is a certified trainer with over 500 hours of training under her belt and will soon hold a graduate certificate in Yoga Therapy. The blog started first as a part of her teacher training process but soon moved on with a life of its own and following too. It includes poses and sequences, expert teacher tips. You can check it out from time to time as the posting intervals seem to vary based on her professional commitments.

    My Five Minute Yoga5 Eve Johnson_Fotor

    Want to learn how to build a yoga home practice five minutes at a time? This blog is for you. For all those who try to wash their hands off with the “no time” excuse, this blog can plug in yoga while the kettle boils or when you take a coffee break or whenever you take a small 5-minute break!.

    Yoga in the Dragon’s Den

    Written by “Your Friendly Cyber-hood Ashtangi Nobel”, he practices Ashtanga yoga and teaches Philosophy at a university. The blog is a mirror of his way of making sense of life’s mysteries big and small. Follow for  light and fun reading.

    Flowtation Devices7 Jennifer_Fotor

    Is all the work pressure and tension making you feel like you are drowning? Then the flowtation Devices blog is for you. You too could learn to float with a modified sun salutation in the bathroom while at work! Now how many people can teach you that!.

    Alive in the fire

    Alive in the Fire is a yoga blog inspired by careful asana practice, living wholeheartedly, giving hugs, and letting go. Rachel believes in wellness, freedom and laughter and encourages her students to find as much balance in yoga poses as in life.

    Ashley Josephine

    Are you looking to free yourself from the pressures of daily life? Do you want to be successful without sacrifice? Ashley’s weekly newsletters from her blog promise to get you there. She has successfully used yoga to alleviate pain and can teach you to do so too.

    Yoga Mint10 Hari Bhajan

    Yoga Mint shares Hari Bhajan’s thoughts on navigating the temporal and spiritual worlds with grit and grace! You can also browse the Yogamint for fresh and uplifting lifestyle tip. She is a published author and her latest book is MORNING GLORY, a guide to waking up the yogi way.

    Ursula-w150-h150My yoga blog

    This blog is about Ursula Preiss’s daily Ashtanga practice and also includes insights on happenings in the Ashtanga Yoga community. Watch out for her asanas on Instagram and videos on YouTube, both of which are a part of this blog.

    Anacostia Yogi

    Sariane Leigh’s teaches wellness in the neighborhood of Anacostia She wants her yoga to be a revolutionary act of service. Follow the blog for her Anacostia Yogi TV and podcasts and interesting yoga related blog posts.

    Five Points Yoga13 Barrett Lauck

    This blog is by Barrett Lauck Reinhorn who melds asana, breath, music, meditation, and rhythmic improvisational movement into her vinyasa and prenatal sessions. The blog is also a reflection of her experience as a doula, childbirth educator, and mother.

    Claudia Yoga14 Claudia Azula Altucher

    Claudia is a yoga entrepreneur who makes yoga video sequences on demand which can address their specific issue. She also hosts two podcasts and is a bestseller author of ‘The Power of No’. The yoga tips on the website are a great read

    Sadie Nardini

    Sadie Nardini is a wellness expert, life stylist and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. Her blog has tips, tools, training, workouts, recipes, resources and inspirations. As you can see, its not just yoga, it’s the whole package

    True Yoga Inc

    True Yoga has classes that are designed to help you build strength on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to reach your greatest potential. While the blog is about the author’s personal experiences, the site also includes an option to buy DVDs that can help you get where you want.

    Chelsea Loves Yoga17 Chelsea Jackson

    One of the unique blogs out there, it shares details on experiences of Black teen yoga practitioners who use yoga and storytelling as mediums for critical literacy development. Do sift through the new yogis in her community. A breath of fresh air to see teens actively pick up on yoga

    Spoiled Yogi

    Spoiled yogi is Erica’s blog who helps pregnant and new mothers find more balance in their life through yoga, mindfulness, self-care, inspiration, community, and humor. Her blogs are as quirky as her – Check out 10 Ways to Trick Your Husband Into Doing Yoga.

    Bermadette Birmey 

    Bermadette combines life coaching tools with yoga philosophy to help you forge a more soulful life. Her yoga is about finding a way to create a fuller, more meaningful life. Her blog is an interesting reflection of this philosophy.

    Alignment Yoga20 Scott

    Alignment yoga is about understanding your specific need to reach out to yoga – like pain management, flexibility requirement or overall wellness – and align it with the best yoga practice suitable for you. Explore the site to know Scott Anderson’s schedule on retreats, teacher training and workshops

    Yoga Untwisted

    Yoga Untwisted is Carissa’s blog that shares her experiences on the new things she learns from Yoga every day even after 10 years of practice. She ties different philosophies like Minimal living, Paleo diet, Barefoot running, BJJ, Meditation and simply living simply into her yoga practice

    Adam Hocke

    Adam is an experienced vinyasa yoga practitioner and his teaching explores traditional practices from a modern perspective. One of the best yoga blogs out there, each of Adam’s blog posts takes you step by step through asanas along with their podcast. This one you can follow closely to learn.

    Daily Cup of Yoga

    Need a dose of yoga everyday, then this is the blog to follow. It’s not just yoga but also some interesting life lessons that help keep things in perspective.

    Yoga Dork24 yd

    This is a vivacious blog on all things yoga from news, science, celebrity yogis to yogitorials. From kid-friendly yoga to yoga poses for Instagram, the blog is a must follow on this list.

    Daily Downward Dog25 Maria dailydownwarddog

    DDD is among the blogs that have been awarded the Best Yoga Blog of 2016 by DoYouYoga. Other than some inspiring blogs the website has yoga music and an online yoga TV for those who are too busy to make it to her studio.

    Wrapping up!

    With hundreds of yoga blogs out there, choosing the ones to follow need not be a predicament. Simply start with a social media follow for each of them to get to know their latest updates and eventually you are bound to find the niche you like.

    10 Reasons Why Boxing is the Best Fitness Routine

    Why Boxing is the Best Fitness Routine


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    Boxing is one of the most famous combat sport which involves high intensity sessions. Boxing as a fitness routine is better than most other exercise routines and helps you in many other ways. Following are top 10 reasons of why boxing is best.

    Higher Calories Burned

    A boxer will burn between 520 and 800 calories in a 60-minute boxing workout, depending on weight and exact activities in a given session. This is much higher when compared to other moderate cardio routines.

    Boxing Flattens your belly faster

    Boxing is extremely taxing on the core and since you’re burning more calories than you would while working on those crunches, you’ll be ready to show off that flat belly sooner.

    Enhanced cardiovascular health

    Boxing sessions are intense than any cardio workouts as boxing pushes you beyond your limits to be able to save yourself from the punches of your opponent.

    Better Upper Body Cardio

    While most aerobic focus on your lower body, boxing and kickboxing helps you work on your upper half as well with the lower half.

    Improved total body strength

    During a boxing workout, you are required to punch or kick hundreds of times, requiring your upper body, lower body, and core to engage.

    Better Focus

    Boxing can help hand-eye coordination. You see and react to the target all while your opponent is moving and changing position. This slowly increases your focus and improves co-ordination

    Decreased Stress

    Boxing sessions are intense and it doesn’t allow your mind to think about anything else than playing.

    Boxing Pushes your limits

    In a boxing session you push yourself to new levels every day to be able to win over your partner. This gradually increases your fight instinct and stamina

    It never gets boring

    While it might be boring to jog or cycle regularly as there is nothing new after a while. Whereas in boxing you keep learning new punches and techniques to be able to perform better than ever.

    Increased Self Confidence

    There is a massive endorphin’s release in the body from hitting a heavy bag or doing pad work with a partner, those chemicals give you a massive feeling of well being and boost your self confidence.