Balance Ball Chair Reviews: Sit a Little Healthier Today

Balance ball chair reviews

If you are looking for a way to work and keep your posture strong, a balance ball chair may be the perfect addition to your home office. It promotes proper posture, and helps to keep your abs taught and your back aligned. It brings together the health benefits of an exercise ball and an office chair, so you can stay fit and get work done without back pain or leg problems. The trick is finding the one that is perfect for your height and the way you want to work. In this guide we give you five balance ball chair reviews.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs with Back

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

From one of the leaders in Yoga, Thai Chi, and Qi Gong DVDs and equipment, Gaiam brings you a chair that has garnered five star exercise ball chair reviews. It features a stability ball, the base to put it in, a back support, and casters to help you move around in your office.

The back support is removable if you wish to focus more posture and not have to rely on a back rest. The more you work on making your posture perfect, the more your back will thank you.

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

If you don’t want to deal with removing the back, Gaiam has a chair picked out for you. Another top rated as best stability ball chair, this one comes with just the rolling base and the ball. If you wish to turn your chair into a mid-morning work-out, the casters lock in place so you can do crunches, Yoga postures and even Pilates exercises. It is always good to take a break every hour or so, and with this balance ball chair, you can do just that. The fact it is a ball and not a traditional chair means that your legs are not hanging over an edge.

Isokinetics Inc Brand Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair

Moving away from a top leader in moving meditation exercises, Isokinetics has a chair in the running for best exercise ball chair. This particular chair features an adjustable back to fit your comfort and style. Like the two before it, this chair has very high ratings.

Why an adjustable back? If you work for long periods of time sitting down, you often need back support. Though the chair helps to promote spinal alignment, you still need a back support to keep you from straining abdominal muscles. You can adjust it to either lean back in the seat and relax or provide a little more lumbar support while working.

Sivan Balance Ball Chair with Ball and Pump

Sivan Balance Ball Chair with Ball and Pump

The balance ball chair rolls easily on industrial carpet and has two casters that lock into place allowing you to stretch on breaks. It also has a back to relax and help with posture. Sitting on a balance ball will help to relieve neck and shoulder stiffness as it promotes proper spinal alignment.

Stability balls are the perfect marriage of form and functionality. If you spend hours at a desk and need to take the strain off of your back and neck, this is the chair for you. The base comes in black, but the ball comes in three colors to choose from.

Sierra Comfort SC-0131 Balance Ball Chair with Backrest

Sierra Comfort SC-0131 Balance Ball Chair with Backrest

The Sierra Comfort balance ball chair allows a user to recline due to the flexible backrest. It sits 23 inches from the floor ensuring it is at a standard height for use at desks. A balance ball chair can help heal deformed spinal muscles with the stability ball functioning to help correct posture and tighten the abdominal muscles.

It even helps with leg pain. When you want to exercise, just remove the ball from its base. It is 20 inches in diameter when fully inflated. This chair is made out of a lightweight hard plastic with four casters for rolling around. Two of the casters lock in place to keep you safe from an inadvertent movement.


Back pain isn’t anything to play around with. It can leave you immobile, and cause other health problems as well. Your posture contributes a lot to how much pain your back can have. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to sciatica, lower back and hip pain as well as a stiff neck and shoulders. A balance ball or stability ball chair helps with posture, abdominal strength and leg numbness. Stretching on one of these chairs can help during breaks to relieve stress and using one daily can relieve pain and stiffness. Finding the right one can be chore. I hope my balance ball chair reviews guide makes it a little easier for you.

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