Benefits of Keeping An Aquarium In Your Study Room

Albert Einstein with his famous equation E=mc2 has proven the fact that everything in this universe is energy.

Both the physical reality of matter and the abstract reality of the mind is made up of energy patterns. All energies interact with each other, so the key to increase positive energy in your life is to surround yourself with certain things that reflect good energy.

And study is all about concentration, contemplation, and focus. There is no secret way to become the most meritorious student in your school. Rather increasing your IQ level and gaining high scores is easy if you fill your life with loads of positivity.

Beautiful, mesmerizing and serene aquariums can help you largely to have an open mind so that you can allow knowledge to enter deep within it.

Clearly, not only what you study but where you study will matter a lot as the study room is the place where every student needs a calm, peaceful and undisturbed environment. To add more positivity in your study room and increase your ability to consume knowledge, nothing will work better than incorporating an aquarium.

Here are some important benefits of keeping an aquarium in your study room.

  • Interacts With Your Subconscious:

According to Bruce Lipton – “the subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest and our beliefs shape our lives. The power of the subconscious is about a million times greater than our conscious mind.”

Clearly, if you know the correct way to control or influence your subconscious mind, then anything in this world will be possible for you. As the subconscious mind is a giant recorder, it will record all the programs happening around you, without even giving you a hint.

If you place an aquarium in your study room, the calm and serene vibe of the underwater world, the continuous bubbling sound of the water and tranquil swimming nature of the fishes will be recorded in your subconscious, even while you are busy doing a project.

Without much effort, you will feel composed, peaceful and happy. Naturally, a good mood increases productivity.

Room improvement

  • Increase Concentration:

Meditation has helped innumerable people to focus and concentrate more. But doing meditation is not always easy as it needs continuous practice. Also, students nowadays usually have very little time to even complete their daily task as they are always running to meet deadlines.

So the best way to increase concentration level without much effort is to just sit and stare at an aquarium. Staring at the blue water will automatically catch all your attention with its mesmerizing beauty and you do not even have to work hard to stay determined.

Also maintaining an aquarium is not difficult. Starting with the best 5 Gal aquarium kit available on the market which come with all the essential accessories that you will need to set up a fish tank. All you have to do is to feed your fishes timely.

In case, you also don’t have time for that then, the automatic fish feeders will help you to accomplish it.

  • Relieves Stress:

Each year the syllabus contains innumerable exams, projects, and presentations. It has now become a daily habit of students to get stressed about their poor performance or the fear of getting poor grades.

Additional to that many parents put pressure on their children to score good marks. This amount of stress can be harmful to the students as it increases depression, blood pressure level, and anxiety.

To cope up with this situation, students need something that will calm their mind and soothe their anxiousness. And nothing will do better than an aquarium.

Contemplating the mysterious beauty of the aquarium and the vibrant fishes every day will decrease the level of stress and increase happiness by relaxing the mind.

  • Cures ADHD:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome or ADHD has been seen in many students who are unable to keep their attention in one place.  For such students concentrating on the study is really a hard task to do.

Luckily, aquariums have the ability to cure ADHD and increase the level of attentiveness. As, the serenity of the water and the fishes relaxes the nerves and soothes the body, contemplating the aquarium will help in building better concentration level.

Wrap Up:

Other than the above, Aquarium Therapy has also proven effective for kids with autism and Alzheimer’s. In case you do not want to stuff your aquarium with fishes, then only making it a planted or reef tank can also help, as it is the serenity of the silent underwater environment that keeps you positive and motivated.

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