Wear The Best Boxing Headgear To Avoid Knockout Injuries

best boxing headgear

Your legs tremble beneath your weight and your vision begins to fade, and before you know it you’ve hit the floor — lying unconscious.

This is the harsh reality every fighter faces. Whether you’re just sparring or actually facing formidable opponents, you're going to get hit in the face eventually, but with the right equipment and a good attitude you can spend less time worrying about K.O’s and more time enjoying the sport.

By the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll be familiar with the best boxing headgear to avoid knockout injuries and should feel comfortable making a well­informed decision next time you shop.

I’ll be taking a look at several important factors, including:

  • Visibility ­- how much can you see while wearing the headgear
  • Padding ­- how much force can the headgear absorb and protect you from
  • Coverage ­- how much of your head & face are covered
  • Quality­ - the durability of materials

1. Rival d3o Intelli­-Shock Pro Training Headgear

If you get hit in the face often, this might be the best boxing headgear for nose protection for you. The all­leather exterior makes it durable and ensures that it will last, while the all­suede interior prevents this headgear from slipping and sliding when you take a shot to the face. But what’s really to like about this headgear is its superior coverage and shock absorbent padding. I mean, you’re still going to feel it if you get punched in the face, which is good because you want to know if you’re getting hit, but your brain won’t feel like it’s been jarred.

The only downside to this marvelous piece of equipment is that the padding won’t save you from a straight shot to the noze. It just wasn’t designed for that. And for those of you that favor visibility over padding you may feel slightly restricted when looking up, which may not make this the best MMA headgear around. 

2. TITLE Gel World Full­-Face Training Headgear

The TITLE Gel World Full­Face Training headgear is one of the highest rated boxing headgears available on amazon, and with good reason. The fully­padded forehead, cheeks, ears and back will provide you with optimal coverage without sacrificing too much visibility.

But what’s exceptionally unique about it is the gel lining which adds a little extra cushioning to protect you from heavy hitters and long sparring sessions, making this the best sparring headgear that I’ve found and a great choice for anyone new to Boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA. And let’s be real, if you’re a beginner then you deserve the kind of peace of mind that only the best boxing headgear can provide. No one wants to go to work looking like a plum.

3. Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear

With a name like the Deluxe Face Saver, you shouldn’t be surprised that this is among the best headgear for boxing. It offers complete wraparound coverage to protect your head from all directions, and it’s also the first headgear in this list that features a face bar that prevents punches from making direct contact with your face.

Now some of you might think that you wouldn’t be able to see as much because of the face bar, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that this headgear actually offers excellent peripheral vision. However, if you’re training Muay Thai then you’re going to want headgear that won’t obstruct your ability to see kicks coming at you. Being able to predict and avoid your opponents attacks is important in all fighting sports, but Muay Thai headgear tends to place a special significance on visibility.

4. Top King Muay Thai Headgear Super Star

Top King is an excellent brand that’s gained popularity with Muay Thai fighters but is suitable for all types of martial arts and can withstand the toughest of beatings. It’s made of high quality leather, thick padding, and dense foam meant to take the brunt of the damage and mitigate the potential for knockout injuries.

If you’re looking for the best King headgear, this may be your first choice. The visibility is great and nothing less than you’d expect from a stellar brand such as Top King, and because of how durable it is the only reason you’d have to replace it is if you outgrow it or simply feel like trying something different.

5. Winning Headgear Fg2900

Guys are you ready? Because I’ve saved the best for last. The Winning Fg2900 is pricey, costing anywhere from 2­4x what you’d ordinarily spend on headgear, but there’s no denying that it’s worth every penny. Avoiding knockout injuries should be your number one concern, but second to that should be the enjoyment of the sport, and this headgear does a superb job of helping you do both.

The padding is thick but you almost forget you have headgear on because of how lightweight it is. It is the perfect combination of comfort, padding, and visibility making it the all around best MMA headgear and the one I would most recommend if you have the money to spend. Pair this with the best mma gloves and you'll hit the ring like a real king!

Ready to Make a Decision?

Whether you’re into boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA you can become a stronger, more powerful version of yourself and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it, but please do it safely. Knockout injuries are no laughing matter and when all you need is a quality piece of equipment to prevent you from getting hurt, there’s no good reason not to get one.

Each of the items in this list will do an excellent job of helping you avoid knockout injuries and which one you get should ultimately boil down to what your needs and style are. On the hunt for the best heavy bag gloves to pair with your headgear? We've made a list to help you out on a separate post!

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