Master Perfect Footwork With The Best Boxing Shoes

best boxing shoes

When you think of boxing, many people imagine two men in a ring throwing punches at each other. Fair enough, this is a part of boxing, however, many people forget the importance of footwork. Without proper footwork, the fighter places himself in a vulnerable position for strikes and knock outs.

As a boxer, it isn’t about landing the right punches but also moving around the ring. That being said, you’ll need the best boxing shoes to get you threw your training and matches. Boxing shoes can make all the difference in your performance, below we picked the top boxing shoes to maximize your performance.

Absolute Nike Mid Machomai Boxing Shoes

The Absolute Nike Mid Machomai boxing shoes are great for those who don’t like having a boxing shoe go up to the calfs. Designed by Nike, these shoes are built lightweight and flexible, so that you can quickly move around the ring and focus on your arm work.

Oh, when we said lightweight, we mean lightweight. These shoes weigh 266 grams, which are lighter than the boxing gloves you wear. In addition, the shoes offer great grip, giving you a sturdy and stable pivot for every strike. When designing these shoes, Nike really thought of everything. If you need a stable, durable and lightweight boxing shoe, this is one of the best boxing shoes you can buy.

You can’t go wrong with Nike athletic gear. Check them out online:

Absolute Nike Mid Machomai Boxing Shoes

ADIDAS Box Hog 2 Adult Boxing Boot

Another reputable brand, the ADIDAS Box Hog 2 Adult Boxing Boot is classic shoe for the ring. These boots are mid-range in height, so you’re provided more stability than the low-cut boot, however, you don’t have the extra weight and annoyance of the hi-tops. Lace-ups, the Box Hog 2 gives you the ability to give your foot a firm fit, preventing your foot from moving in your shoe.

Also, if you’re a big fan of the style of ADIDAS, then this boot is classic in design with the three stripes running down the side. ADIDAS is well-known not only for their sleek designs, but also because of their quality. ADIDAS certainly challenged the market of by putting one of the best shoes for boxing available. Check them out online

Ringside Power Boxing Shoes

Though Ringside is not as well-known as Nike or ADIDAS, they make a solid boxing shoe. The Ringside Power boxing shoe is mid-range in height and is designed with a ribbed rubber sole for extra grip and comfort which definitely comes in handy when in the ring. In addition, it also has a reinforced toe tip that assists with making smooth pivots in any direction.

Most importantly though, is the breathable mesh and suede material which is designed to keep your feet dry. You need a pair of boxing shoes for men that will not have your foot slipping around inside, which can create a safety issue. This is one of the best shoes for boxing. Also, your shoes won’t smell - everyone will appreciate that factor. Check them out online

Title Hi-Top Boxing Boots

Title really did an amazing job when constructing their Hi-Top Boxing Boots. The soles are made out of polyurethane which makes for better performance. The rest of the boot is made out of a light weave nylon fill and synthetic leather. This shoe is extremely lightweight, giving you great swiftness and speed while in the ring. The boots are 12-inches high, which gives the proper ankle support without creating extra height to the shoe.

You can’t go wrong with Title boxing gear, they’re a reputable company in the boxing world and produce good quality products, even martial arts shoes and the best mma gloves, which are used by professional fighters as well - another reason why these are one of the best boxing shoes out there. Check them out online

Nike HyperKO Boxing Boot

Everyone wants to know what shoes Manny Pacquiao wears during his fights. We understand why, he’s one of the best boxers in the world. Well, if you’re looking for Manny Pacquiao’s boxing shoes, look no further. Even though Pacquiao was dropped from Nike, in several of Pacquiao’s fights, he continued to wear Nike’s HyperKO boxing boot. He wore them for good reason. The HyperKO boxing boot are extremely strong and lightweight.

Nike Flywire design is high-strength threads that are woven throughout the shoe, giving it durability and strength. The sole has deep slices and reverse flex grooves giving it extra movement and extension when pivoting. It also has a lock-down strap on the forefoot area for extra protection and support while allowing the foot to move naturally. The HyperKO boxing boot is pricier in comparison to some other boxing shoes on this list, however, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Manny Pacquiao’s boxing shoes are worn by him for a reason. Check them out online:

Nike HyperKO Boxing Boot


Remember, footwork is essential in boxing. So, you’ll want a pair of lightweight and sturdy boxing shoes. We gave you a list of some of the best boxing shoes available on the market. However, we recommend that when you’re looking for a pair of boxing shoes, that you try out several different types, and see which one really fit you well. Walk around the store, bounce around in them, really see which one fits you the best.

These shoes are more important than your gloves at this point. Make sure that you really invest in a solid pair of boxing shoes. However, if you've wondered how to wrap your hands for boxing and you're also on the hunt for the best boxing hand wraps, we've curated a list just for you on a separate.

We provided you with a great list of shoes to try on, so, it’s time to go shopping. Good luck!

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