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Best Camping Cooler

We believe that real camping means living several days in the wild no closer than a day’s walk from a supermarket or a power outlet. If you didn’t bring it with you then you can’t have it.

With this in mind choosing the best coolers for camping means that the cooler needs to be big enough so that you don’t run out of food. It also needs to keep the beer cold for the duration of your stay. Both of these factors qualify as life or death matters in our opinion.

Most expensive doesn't always mean best but when it comes to the best rated coolers for camping there does seem to be a direct correlation between price and performance. Read our camping cooler reviews below before making an informed purchase.

Camping Cooler Reviews

1. ENGEL USA DeepBlue Series High Performance Coolers

This is our choice for best camping cooler. When it comes to durability, performance and price the DeepBlue series from Engel really hits the sweet spot. They’ve been a bit conservative in only claiming 8 to 10 days of ice retention because a number of users have reported usable ice after 12 days.

The latches fit flush against the shell of the cooler and the seal is so good on this that you’ll hear the vacuum every time you open it. Yes you could spend a whole lot more and get one of the Yeti coolers, which are amazing, but for the price this is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a great camping cooler.

2. YETI Tundra Series Coolers

Yeti Tundra

It’s a tough choice between the Grizzly and the Yeti Tundra series if you’re looking for a 75 Quart medium sized cooler. The Yeti Tundra range is extremely durable and we’ve heard users claim 14 days of ice retention which is incredible. We also really liked the rubber feet on the base.

Yeti packs the body of these coolers with a lot of insulation. This, combined with the tough outer casing, makes for a pretty heavy cooler if you decide to get one of the larger sizes in this range. This is not a cooler you’ll be taking to a barbecue or a party but it is perfect for setting down in a shady spot of your camp site where it will keep rewarding you with cold beer.

3. Grizzly Coolers Tailgating Cooler

Grizzly Coolers Tailgating Cooler

Ok so camping doesn’t have to be a 2 week long affair. If you’re planning on being out for a week or less than the 75 Quart version of this cooler is perfect for camping. Grizzly have been more than a little modest in calling it a Tailgating Cooler because with a 10 to 14 day quoted ice retention it’s going to outlast any tailgate party.

With a moderate capacity of only 75 Quarts your food will probably be finished long before the ice melts. Grizzly products have a hard earned reputation for durability and this cooler is no exception.The latches, seals and build quality are just exceptional which is what you would expect from a product made in the USA.

4. Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

So Pelican isn’t the brand of camping cooler that most people own, but then again, Ferrari isn’t the brand of car most people own either. When it comes to making tough storage products they are leading the pack. This isn’t the cheapest cooler by a long way but it is a good example of getting what you pay for.

The extreme ice retention and 250 Quart capacity make it ideal for longer camping trips. Between the excellent customer service that Pelican provide and the lifetime guarantee they give on this product it’s easy to see why we consider buying this cooler a long term investment.

5. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

This series of coolers from Igloo are proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great camping cooler. The 3 inches of insulation and good quality seal ensures ice retention for at least a week. The handles are molded as part of the cooler body so there’s no chance of them breaking even when it’s fully loaded.

This cooler is not certified “bear proof” but we did like the latches and how secure they made the lid feel when in place. While it’s aimed at the fishing market we feel this is an ideal option for a mid range budget cooler for a camping trip of 4 to 7 days.


Camping and survival go hand in hand. When you put the cheaper coolers up against the likes of the ones we reviewed above then only the best survive. If you’re planning a picnic then by all means, get a cheaper cooler. If you absolutely have to have fresh food, ice and, more importantly, cold beer a week later then you need to make sure you get one of the best camping coolers.

Do your research by reading camping cooler reviews before making your purchase. Buying a good quality ice chest is essential but you’ll need some good preparation and common sense if you want to experience the performance these manufacturers claim. Make sure that you pre-cool the cooler by packing it full of frozen bottles overnight before packing it full of your ice, drinks and food the next morning. Opening and closing the cooler as seldom, and as quickly, as possible will prevent cool air escaping. Doing this will make the ice last the duration of your camping trip.

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