The Best Cheese and Vegetable Graters

Finding a good kitchen grater can be a huge challenge. best cheese graterMany graters will leave your cheese or vegetables too large or too small. Everyone who has worked in a kitchen has wrestled with a grater to get just a spoonful of shredded cheese or tiny slices of vegetables. Graters can be unwieldy, uncomfortable and sometimes even unusable. That’s why we put together this list.

We wanted to find the best grater and help you out in the kitchen. The best cheese grater is not always the best vegetable slicer, which is why we’ve given you five different options to choose from. Regardless of if you want a cheese shredder, a ginger grater, or a multi-use grater, you’ll find the one you want here.

The Best Cheese Grater is The Asian Slice Grater. It is a traditional style box grater with a super strong handle and sharp blades.  It is All Stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about any plastic parts.

Best Cheese Grater Comparison Table

Box Grater Zester by The Asian SliceThe Asian Slice Box GraterBox GraterAll Stainless Steel$$4.5
Cheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by UtopiaUtopia Kitchen GraterBox GraterStainless Steel and Plastic$$4.5
Internet's Best GraterInternet's Best GraterHand HeldAll Stainless Steel$5
Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable GraterOliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater Box GraterStainless Steel and Plastic$$$$5
Microplane Fine GraterMicroplane Fine GraterHand HeldAll Stainless Steel$4.5

Asian Slice Box GraterBox Grater Zester by The Asian Slice

After using the Asian Slice Box Grater, you will never again believe that all cheese graters are the same. This is easily the best cheese grater on our list. Nothing can beat this kitchen utensil when it comes to convenience and efficiency. Our best box grater comes with a strong and sturdy handle that will allow you to powerfully grate your cheese.

Customers have loved how they’re able to grate their cheese in one swift motion, without having to fight or pull down on the grater. It is sharp enough to cut through any size of cheese as well as lemons, nutmegs, carrots, potatoes and other food materials. People who used these grater were surprised at how strong it was and how long they were able to use it before it started to wear down, dull, and break.

Box Grater Zester by The Asian SliceUtopia Kitchen GraterCheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by Utopia

Another powerful grater on our list is the Utopia Kitchen Grater. This multi-use grater is six-sided and features several different shredding abilities. Whether you want to have something finely or loosely shredded, you can do that with this grater. It also comes with a rubber handle. This extra feature makes it easier to grip and to shred your cheese or vegetables.

Many of the purchasers of this grater loved the price. It is being sold for $9.99 on Amazon. Purchasers felt that this grater worked best on larger vegetables and food. Another bonus was how easy to it was to keep maintained and clean.

Cheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by UtopiaInternet’s Best GraterInternet's Best Grater

If you are looking for a smaller grater, the Internet’s Best Grater could be a great choice. It’s a simple hand-held grater that can work well with cheese and smaller vegetables. Although it can only grate in one size, it will work well for certain foods. Some of the reviews showed that it worked best with softer foods. Those who tried it with hard vegetables, such as potatoes, were disappointed in its performance.

The rubber handle makes it easy to powerfully grate your food. As a dishwasher safe grater, it’s easy to keep clean. The stainless steel stays durable and prevents rust and dulling. It also adds to the sleek design of the Internet’s Best Grater. The small size of this grater makes it easy to store in the kitchen and doesn’t take up too much space.Internet's Best Grater

Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable GraterOliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater

One of the top four sided graters on this list is the Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater.  This top-notch grater is multi-use and can grate, zest, and shred. One feature that many other graters don’t have is that it comes with a plastic storage bowl and lid.

Many customers have enjoyed that this bowl fits the grater perfectly. It is also touted as a comfortable grater to use. The unique shape of the handle makes it easy to hold and to grate for long periods of time. Because of the stainless steel material, purchasers find that it lasts quite a while without rusting or dulling.

Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater Microplane Fine GraterMicroplane Fine Grater

The Microplane Fine Grater has won well-deserved reviews for its ability to grate fine cheese and spices. It is considered to be the best microplane grater for very good reasons.  If have hard spices that you want to break down, this grater is perfect for that. Despite the small size of the grater, it will rarely clog up as you’re using it.

By having a front hook, it allows you to shred directly over a bowl. It is a small enough size that it will fit conveniently in your kitchen easily. Another extra benefit that it comes with is a plastic blade cover. The cover keeps the blade clean and sharp. However, customers have mentioned that some of the product stickers don’t come off of the grater.Microplane Fine Grater


We hope that you’ve found the best cheese grater possible through this list. By looking at different types of graters, you can find the one best suited to you. Everyone has a different cooking style and it is vital to have a grater reflect your style.

Any of the graters on this list will make your cooking easier. Your hands and your dinner guests will thank you after you purchase one of these top rated graters. We prefer the Asian Slice Box Grater because of how versatile and powerful it is.

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