Your Guide To Finding The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss

Purium 10 Day Cleanse

Cleansing and detoxing is more popular than ever before.

You can't even read a magazine or browse facebook without hearing about some new great cleanse that is all the rage in Hollywood.

There is a lot of information out there, but how do you know what to trust?  They can’t all be best. Do they even work?  Are they safe?

Then there is the number of alternatives.  There are so many products to pick from.  That even someone with detox experience can have trouble deciding.

Never mind if you are a beginner!

Don’t worry; I’m here to help.

This article will explain all the various options out there and help you find the best solution to meet your goals.

Which products are the best, and which ones are better avoided. Whether it is your first time and you are lost, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a serious detox. I will help you pick the best cleanses for weight loss.

Cleanse Comparison Table

Different Types of Cleanses

If you are new to cleansing it is normal to have a lot of questions and be overwhelmed by the choices. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to find the best detox or cleanse for weight loss.

Let's take a look at the different types, this should give you an idea of where to start.

Juice Cleanses

This type of cleanse usually involves drinking only juice.  You have the flexibility to buy pre-made juices or make the juice yourself at home.

Many people feel this type is the best cleanse to lose weight on. It is true that they can be effective for short-term weight loss. However, how much of the weight stays off is different for each person.

Personally, I have found straight juice cleanse hard to stick to.  The lack of solid food and low daily calories tend to leave me feeling hungry and even a bit cranky!

Smoothie Cleanses

Like on a juice cleanse, generally, you would replace some or all your meals with a healthy smoothie instead. I have a smoothie every day for breakfast, and I love them.

Smoothies come in a lot of varieties.  Some are full of berries and other fruits while others might be made with greens and other vegetables, or even a combination of both. Smoothies can be a great way to start out if you are new to detoxing.

Like with the juice, you can purchase ready to drink shakes, or mix them up yourself at home.

Solid Food Cleanse

A Food detox is not as intense as the other options.  Generally, it involves eating super healthy and avoiding things like sugar, red meat, and alcohol for example.


In my opinion, one of the best cleanse diets involves drinking juice or a smoothie for one or two of your meals.  Then having a healthy, super clean meal for dinner. This way you get health benefits of the juice, and still take in a reasonable amount of calories in a day. One downside to this is you need to do some cooking.

For more on the best detox diet you can check out some detox cleanse recipes here.

Whole Body Cleanses

A whole body cleanse is a pretty simple in concept.  They can be of any of the types discussed above, and they are designed to detox the whole body. Not focussing on any specific area or organ.

Unless you have a specific issue, I think it is best to start with a whole body cleanse. They are generally a mild option and I find they are often the best weight loss detox.

Check out this other article for more information on the best body cleanse for weight loss.

Liver Cleanse

As opposed to a body cleanse, a liver cleanse specifically targets one organ, the liver. The liver handles removing toxins from your blood and digestive system. If your diet isn’t so great, or you have been the life of the party for too long, it can make it hard for your liver to do its job.

That’s why I like to do a liver cleanse every year or so. It is one of the milder detoxes in terms of side effects, and it is easy to do.

Colon Cleanse

On to something that isn’t quite so mild! The colon cleanse is designed to literally clean you out.

Who should try a colon cleanse? Symptoms generally can include some weight gain, fatigue, low energy, and bloating or frequent digestion problems. Like I said it isn’t as mild at the liver cleanse, and you will be spending some quality time in the bathroom.

It might not sound like a ton of fun, but I do a colon cleanse once a year, and for me, the process is definitely worth it.

The detox always helps me lose weight and feel healthier afterward.

Okay now that you have an idea of the different types of detoxes and cleanses out there, let's talk about another key decision. The length of the cleanse.

3 Day Cleanses

3 day cleanses can be of any type, but the most popular tend to be juice, smoothie or colon cleanses.

Due to the short duration, 3 day cleanses are sometimes more extreme. They're trying to ensure you get a good enough result in that short period of time. If you are new to detoxing, it can be a difficult 3 days. There are some programs, that aren’t as bad. Just be sure you know what you are getting into before you start something you might regret.

7 Day Cleanses

The most popular 7-day cleanses tend to be juice, smoothie or supplement based. The day-to-day experience is usually milder than a 3-day cleanse, but of course, you need to follow the plan for a week.

There are even longer cleanses, lasting 2 weeks, 21 days or even a month! These tend to be liver cleanses or food detoxes for the most part. I’m not a huge fan of the really long ones. I know I wouldn’t make it drinking only juice or smoothies for that long.

Overview of the Top 5 Cleanses

Purium 10 day Cleanse

1. The Purium Cleanse

The Purium Cleanse is one of the most popular cleanses on the market right now. It’s a very good choice if you are looking to loose weight.

This cleanse comes with a lot of stuff!

I opened the box and found the following:

  • A big tub of the Power Shake
  • A bottle of Super Aminos pills
  • A bottle of Super Lytes pills
  • A bottle of Super CleansR pills
  • A glass bottle of Apothe-Cherry juice
  • A Purium shaker bottle
  • A Purium tape measure
  • A nylon Purium bag
  • There is an instruction card that explains the daily schedule of shakes and pills.

While on the program you take the pills and drink the shake mix as directed.  You also eat what they call “flex foods”.  These are to be a fruit or vegetable like an avocado or an organic apple. The serving size is always to be less than 1 cup.

They recommend cutting out alcohol, caffeine, gluten, dairy, and sugar a few days before starting the cleanse.

I can’t say the shake mix tasted awesome, but it wasn’t terrible either.

The side effects are common with most cleanses. Some people complain of stomach cramps, headaches, and of course frequent bathroom trips.

My biggest suggestion is to drink a lot of water to help your body detox, and avoid dehydration.

Overall I would recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to kick-start their weight loss. It is a little higher in price, but the results are very good, and make it worth the cost in my opinion.

I lost 8 pounds over the 10 days, which is great in that short of a timeframe.  Days 2 and 3 were a little rough, but the results, in the end, speak for themselves.

2. Century Systems - The Cleaner 7 Days Womens Formula

Century Systems - The Cleaner 7 Days Womens Formula

I would put this 7 day cleanse in the intermediate category. This one is formulated specifically for women. So if you are a man this one is not for you!

This product is very effective, so much so that you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Women commonly report losing 3-8 pounds on this, with some going as high as 10 lbs.

Side effects can include stomach cramps.  Again, I can’t stress the importance of drinking water enough here.

If you find you are running to the toilet more than 3-4 times a day it is possible that this is a little too strong for you. I recommend you listen to your body and reduce the dosage a bit to see if things improve.

3. Whenever Cleanse - Raw 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

Whenever Cleanse - Raw 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

This cleanse is definitely the best 3 day cleanse on the market.

It is an all juice cleanse that includes 18 bottles in total.  You drink one bottle every 2-3 hours.  You don’t eat any solid food on this plan, however if you really need something you can eat a raw vegetable.

This is great for first time cleansers, or people with limited detoxing experience. It tastes great. It is conveniently packaged.  And you should still be getting enough calories that you won’t crash.

The juice is all natural and cold pressed to preserve nutrients and healthy enzymes.

The package will arrive frozen, so make sure to put it in your freezer if you don’t intend to drink it within 3 days of arrival.

4. Believer Cleanse - RAW 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

Believer Cleanse - RAW 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

This is similar to RAW’s Whenever Cleanse. It is another juice cleanse, the only difference is the types of juice included.

On the Believer, you have 2 bottles of sweet greens, compared to the Whenever program, which includes 1 sweet green, and 1 beet juice. So really it depends on how you feel about green juice compared to beet juice. I am okay with either, but if you hate one of them you may want to choose accordingly.

Again, the juice is cold pressed and all organic to ensure you are getting the best juice for your cleanse. This cleanse is not bad for beginners. Some people do struggle with the green juice if they are new to the experience.

5. Optimum Colon: 14 Days Quick Cleanse

Optimum Colon-14 Days Quick Cleanse

This is definitely the best colon cleanse for weight loss on the market.

It’s short and effective.  Most people lose 5-10 pounds over the 2 week period.  With about half of that weight staying off long-term.

Take it early in your morning, expect a trip to the bathroom within 30 minutes, and then you are ready for your day.

You might have to go again throughout the day, but it shouldn’t be an urgent need.

Other Products in the Top 10

Gentle Detox Tea

Designed to reduce stress, bloating and toxins.​

Purity Products - Certified Organic Juice Cleanse

This organic juice blend is packed with dark green veggies and super fruits​.

Purely Inspired 7-Day Cleanse

​This gentle cleanse contains antioxidant vitamin c, plus a digestive enzyme and probiotics.

Total Colon Care: Advanced Detox

​Includes a blend of herbs and enzymes formulated to detoxify the colon and promote healthy digestion.

Liver Rescue 5.1+

​This is a serious live cleanse with 600 mg of milk thistle, 200 mg of dandelion root, and 100 mg of both Chanca Piedra and Pichroriza.

What You Need to Know When Selecting a Cleanse

Cleansing has become very popular and there are a lot of options out there that you can try. Before you can decide which is the best for you, you need to answer a few questions.

Are you experienced?

If this is your first cleanse I recommend you start with something on the mild side and not go too wild. I would start with a full body cleanse for sure. If you are really cautious a solid food cleanse might even be the way to start.

If you are a little more adventurous and ready to commit to a detox then a smoothie plan might be your best weight loss cleanse.

Now if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to cleanses than feel free to choose whichever option best suits your current needs.


How much time do you have?

Are you trying to lose weight for a special event or before you go on vacation?  If you only have a short timeline then you should focus on what you can complete before your deadline.

If you have 3-10 days, you could either do a short 3-day cleanse, or try one of the more effective 7-10 day options.

Now if time isn’t a factor, and you just want to improve your health, you could try a solid food, smoothie, or combination cleanse.

Best Cleanse for Weight Loss – Reviews

For an in-depth look at some of the most popular cleanses on the market you can read my reviews at the following links:


As you can see there is a lot to consider when selecting the best detox for weight loss.  But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Once you have answered some key questions and reviewed all the information in this article you should be well on your way to finding the best cleanse for your weight loss goals.

I hope you found this to be one of the best cleanse for weight loss reviews out there.

Best of luck to you! I know you can do it.

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