The Best Disposable Razor For Men
for a One-Time Shave

You turn the corner and head down aisle 5 of your usual grocery store. Stopping in front of the shaving products, head shavers, shaving cream, and more, you remember that you need more razors.

If you're at all like me as you stare at the variety of selections before you, you're probably asking yourself why finding the best disposable razor has to be so difficult. They're getting a lot better for the most part, and they've even become 'popular' again. Narrowing down the best disposable razors for men has been a task I've been “fixin to do” for far too long. Now that I'm finally getting around to it I thought, “why not put it down here and share it with everyone?”

Finding the best disposable razors for men can help you even if you traditional shave with a safety razor, because they can be that much easier to carry with you when traveling, and they are great in a pinch when you run out of blades and need something to tide you over for a week until you get new ones. So without further ado and after considerable research, please enjoy my top 5 list of the best men's disposable razors.

Gillette CustomPlus Men's Disposable Razor

You might not love the packaging of these razors, but from what I've found they provide the best combination of quality and value, particularly if you are looking for something as a 'sometimes' razor to use when traveling. The key here is that they are extremely inexpensive relative to most of the other disposable razors on the list, and the double blade actually makes it a little less irritating on sensitive skin.

While you might not love the razors if you are looking for the latest and greatest, they can easily be used as a daily driver and have worked well for years. This type of product is exactly the same reason that I tend to shoot for  safety razors whenever possible, because the product has been proven for years. These CustomPlus razors are the same ones that have been made by Gillette for decades, and it shows in the quality and low price they are offered at.

The Gillette Fusion Proglide with a Flexball Handle

Flexball technology enables the Proglide to curve with the contours of your face, assuring full use of its blades with every cut. Built with 5 blades, the first 4 being Gillette's finest and thinnest blades designed for minimal tug and pull along its cutting path. It has a trimmer on the back for sharp edging. Micropulse power technology is also included.

The Fusion offers more than you thought you wanted in a razor. The battery powered micropulses remove any resistance as the Fusion glides effortlessly across your skin. Add the Flexball technology, the use of 4 of its finest blades, and the Gillette Fusion gets my number 2 spot as one of the best disposable razors.

Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor

The Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razors for Men has 5 blades dubbed “Ultra Glide Blades” are built with skin guards helping to reduce friction, and skin irritation. A hydrating gel reservoir makes the lubrication strip last more than twice as long as the average razor.

Boasted as the only disposable with a flip trimmer. Get a precise trim with the flip of your thumb in those hard to reach places. A secure rubber grip also provides better control.

The stand out feature of the Schick Hydro 5 is its gel reservoir. At last a disposable razor with a lubrication strip that lasts throughout the life of the blades! It also has a thumb flip trimmer landing it securely in the #3 spot.

Gillette Fusion Disposable Razor

5 blades spaced close together help to reduce pressure on each individual blade. The Flexible Comfort Guard pulls the skin and guides each hair to the blade. Its lubrication strip turns white indicating its expiration. Also equipped with a precision trimming blade built into the back of the unit for those tight spots.

The little brother of the Proglide, the Gillette Fusion is your everyday razor. Lacking the bells and whistles of the Proglide, it still gets the job done at a bit less of a price. It also has a trimmer and with 5 blades lands in the #4 spot earning a place as one of the best disposable razors.

BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor

A Balancing Sphere located just behind the head adds weight for better control. All 5 blades flex and meet every part of your skin for a closer shave.

The head pivots 40 degrees which also provides better control. Finally, a built in edging blade reaches hard to get to “under the nose” type places.

The Bic Flex 5 fills in the end of my list with features that prove it deserves to be there. Proclaimed as the only disposable razor with a balancing sphere, the Flex 5 slices through the 5 o'clock shadow! Its 5 flexible blades, pivoting head, and built in trimmer all weigh in making it the right razor for the job.


You started out looking for a closer shave without the hassle of 25 different choices down at your local store. I did basically the same because quite frankly, I was tired of always wondering which to get. My findings resulted in 5 of the best disposable razors, and my hope is that this information proves useful to you as well.

Although I listed the Prospector as my #1 pick, any one of these 5 might be the best disposable razor for your needs. I provided a range of different features within these top picks, knowing that one might weigh more heavily than another for each reader's satisfaction. I am confident that all 5 picks qualify as the best disposable razors for men, and that one of them will work to slice that 5 o'clock shadow for you.

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