Best GPS Golf Watch Reviews: Hole-y Moly!

A golf GPS unit is your best electronic assistant because it enables you to make the perfect shot. Many units come with claims that none have made, but few are reliable enough to indicate your gap to the pin.

There are dozens of GPS units available in the markets which can show passages, reveal expanses on the green and so much more. So, most of them work well for someone. The trick is finding out which one will be best for you!

While combing for the top-rated golf GPS Units, you must keep certain features in mind. The first key things to determine are the cost and the effectiveness because you will come upon diverse qualities in dissimilar GPS watches, which can make it very hard to decide. Hopefully the following reviews of the top gps watches that I have organized here will help you make the best decision.

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach s6 Golf Watch Review

The Approach S6 is among the best golf watches. The Garmin Approach S6 includes features such as diagraming for 40,000 universal courses, yardage to the pin, as well as a top-down outlook of the hole on the watch’s colored display.

Due to its many outstanding features and very high quality, the S6 is the best golf watch and will furthermore deliver statistics on your strike, assisting you in consistently scoring well. Plus, this watch can be used with Garmin Connect, which is one of the best platforms for handling data assessment.

The solitary setback is that this great little gadget will set your bank account back almost as far as your best driver may have.

TomTom Golfer

TomTom Golfer

The initial TomTom Golfer remained one of the best golf gps watches, due to its numerous features. There's no colored screen, nonetheless the 168 x 144 monochromatic display presents course graphs and a green vision genre for testing the location of the signpost. It also comprises mark detailing, space gauging and the calories you've expended all through your set.

By means of a 10 hour battery lifetime, the best golf watch TomTom Golfer ought to have ample capacity for a pretty long day on the greens—even a 36 hole contest. And if it pours, no need to fret, since the Golfer is 5ATM water- proof.

TomTom has put a lot of money into developing the TomTom Golfer 2, which has several shot detection and trailing features. In addition to my own positive experience with the TomTom Golfer 2 on my wrist, this top watch is also gathering rave reviews from many golf sites all over the internet. One important thing to keep in mind, if you’re considering investing in the TomTom Golfer 2, is that there’s supposed to be a new model of this watch released in the near future.

Game Golf LIVE

One more wearable golf analyzer, GameGolf is packed with certified validations from Barack Obama, Lee Westwood, and Graeme McDowell. If that wasn't sufficient, GameGolf also has been seen on Yves Behar, the artistic administrator of Jawbone.

GameGolf includes two, connected devices: a motion sensor which clips on your belt, and a chain of sensors that affix to the top of your club.

The Game Golf LIVE also offers concurrent shot tracking, making it even more useful out on the round. Attach it to a smartphone app, and you can find the distance to the pin while you're hovering over the ball, which greatly increases Game Golf's helpfulness on the course and has caused some to have labeled it the very best golf watch.

Zepp 2 Golf Sensor

The Zepp 2 is a plug-in gear that you attach to your glove during your course session. The range of sensors estimates the velocity of your hands to the tempo of your back and forward swing. The second you hit the ball, data is displayed about your shot.

If connected with a smartphone, the built-in accelerometer can also measure hip movements, directing you to achieve the movements that are crucial.

I’m excited that they’ll soon be introducing this technology in golf clubs themselves, according to the CEO of Zepp and to the various golf watch gps reviews.

Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft original GPS just got updated and let’s give a celebratory pause because it is now a wearable band. Connect it the health app on your phone and you’ll get stats on the yardages of the center, front and rear of the green.

The band saves your score as you move along and it can also detect between a practice and a proper swing, with the advantage of being capable of overriding the practice swings.

In the end, you’ll receive data with the addition of heart rate and calories burned information. Thanks to the TaylorMade technology, it gives detailed analysis of your shots as well.


According to my golf watch reviews, the Garmin S6 is definitely my favorite, and has also won the hearts of many other golf bloggers, both pro and amateur. However, the TomTom Golfer is also brilliant for the price and has landed a place many times in gps golf watch reviews as well. The other three are good and are included in the list of best golf watch gps as well but the two picks mentioned have more dynamic features than the others.

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