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ES9000 Par T Golf Simulator

If you are looking to relax and enjoy a perfect game of golf, these simulators will not handicap you negatively (pun intended). These home golf simulators will ensure that you can stay at the top of your game all year round. The best golf simulator lets you get to the best form possible. Choosing the top indoor golf simulator is best accomplished by the careful consideration of factors such as price and features, as well as hardware. Check out these amazing indoor golf simulators for the best deals possible.

Improve your swing with these golf simulators!

OptiShot Review

Optishot golf simulator

This is a perfect golf simulator for setting up a really fulfilling practice area in your home. The OptiShot is an affordable golf simulator and you can be assured of the quality and reasonable pricing of this product.

I would recommend that you try this simulator out because it can make a real difference to your game! It also assists in improving consistency and helps you to better your accuracy within the confines of an indoor environment. If you are tired of not making par when out golfing, this golfing simulator could get the job done.


• Rating: 9/10

• Touted as the world’s “#1 Golf Simulator” for Mac or PC, this golf simulator required Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10 or Mac OS 10.8.

• It’s perfect for novices.

• Price: $323 (Amazon)

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

The Dancin Dogg OptiShot is one of the most accurate golf simulators available. As you use it, it supplies you with countless stats to help you improve your swing and skill level. You can use it for putting or driving. This golf simulator works great with Mac or Windows computers and is extremely easy to set up.

The Dancin Dogg also features multiplayer options that allow up to four golfers to play simultaneously and compete with each other.


• Rating: 8/10

• Shows club head speed, face angle, and swing path

• Includes a library of worldwide courses

• Easy setup

• Works for left and right hand players

• Comes with free tech support

• Easily runs from your laptop (Mac or Windows)

• The authentic feel and sound of the simulator makes this perfect for veteran or professional golfers.

Personal Pro TGC Ultimate Golf Simulator

Personal Pro TGC Ultimate Golf Simulator System

If realism is not the only factor that matters to you and you also want to consider features and the entertainment value of your simulator, the Personal Pro TGC Ultimate golf simulator may be the best fit for you. With a selection of thousands of different courses from around the world, it offers the perfect golfing experience to keep you endlessly engaged.

This golf simulator requires a lot of space to set up, but if you want a truly awesome golfing experience, this is the perfect simulator to purchase. Coming in at $7995 for a brand new simulator, this golf simulator has received largely positive reviews from golf enthusiasts across the web.


• Rating: 9/10

• It has a Personal Pro built in plush sensor and TGC Software with many courses and online game plays.

• It also has the best sensor mat and halogen light system in the market along with 1.25 inch frame and connectors.

• HP computer, BenqST projector, mount and blackout panels.

• With full color, no cutting and drilling and customized sizes where projectors and sensors mount directly to the frame is yet another USP of this golf simulator.

• This golf simulator is designed for advanced or professional users.

• Price: $7995 (Amazon)

ES9000 Par T Golf Simulator

ES9000 Par T Golf Simulator

The ES9000 offers golf simulations that are outstanding. This golf simulator has been constructed by those in the business for over three and a half decades. This is one of the easiest and most natural feeling golf simulators to use.

Realistic 3D graphics can be used to recreate tons of courses and you can enjoy the scientific precision and accuracy as well. Par T has been making simulators for a long time now and this is probably one of the most advanced indoor golf simulators you can come across.


• Rating: 10/10

• It is the best indoor golf simulator with high definition and 3D graphics as well as golfing anytime, anywhere, making it perfect for not only beginners but veterans also.

• This product has received 5 star rating on Amazon.

• Price: $21,900 (Amazon)

Protee Ultimate Golf Simulator

Protee Golf Simulator

If you want really top results, this is the home golf simulator for you. With a high speed camera and excellent gauges for assessing the precision of swings, this golf simulator offers you a chance to select from close to 100,000 different golf courses. Standard driving ranges are also available. If you want to improve your swing, put in your time with the Protee and watch your game improve by leaps and bounds.


• Rating: 8.5/10

• Plush built in system and best sensor mat on market with top speed camera and Halogen light system.

• It has all the other features such as frame and connectors, computer projector, mount, cables and blackout panels.

• Again, customized versions of this golf simulator are available. This is perfect for beginners and pro players alike.


Whether you are a seasoned professional or a golfing rookie, these easy to use simulators are perfect for connecting to a PC or Mac and using within the confines of indoor space. The best part is that you can use these simulators along with your own clubs and hit either real or foam balls. This is one of the most popular ways to better your game regardless of the weather. System requirements to run simulators are easy so even basic models can handle it.

There are a wide selection of golf courses to choose from using these simulators. With so many brands on the market and many very reasonably priced, these simulators with their useful features can rapidly improve your golfing skills. The best part about shopping for simulators using this guide is that you can be sure you are making an informed choice. Choose one of these accurate and advanced indoor golf simulators and watch your game improve today.

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