Fight Like A King In The Ring With The Best MMA Gloves

best mma gloves

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is a full-contact combat sport which combines striking a grappling techniques against your opponent. Naturally, when you’re in the ring you’ll want a solid pair of gloves to strike and protect yourself with.

Many people think that they can use their best boxing gloves to train or spar for MMA, however, these are completely different sports which means you’ll need a different pair of gloves other than your top boxing gloves- you will need MMA gloves.

The design of MMA gloves are completely different than best boxing gloves for training. The padding in MMA gloves are thinner, and less bulky. Also, MMA gloves have the finger separated, leaving the knuckle and fingertips exposed. With the best boxing gloves for beginners, the hand is completely covered like a mitten. Getting the proper glove will drastically alter the way you strike and the position of your hand and wrist. Using the best boxing shoes as well will help you perfect your footwork.

If you’re not sure what MMA glove to buy, don’t worry, below, we have the best MMA gloves on the market.

Venum Undisputed MMA Fight Gloves

Venum’s Undisputed MMA Fight Gloves are really a durable and comfortable glove for sparring with. The glove is extremely breathable and the velcro wrist wrap is provided for extra support and protection. This glove is one of the best MMA gloves available and is great as the best boxing gloves for women and also for training and sparring as well. Venum also has one of the best muay thai gloves that you can use for your next intense session.

When looking for an MMA glove, you want one that won’t limit your movements, yet keeps you safe. The outer layer is made from premium Skintex leather for durability with an ergonomic design for advanced shock absorption. Check it out online

ADIDAS Professional MMA Gloves

Now, ADIDAS may not be the biggest brand in MMA gear, however, they do have some really great MMA products for reasonable prices. The ADIDAS Professional MMA Gloves are one of the best MMA sparring gloves available.

They’re designed for full contact and really give great protection. The velcro wrist strap really secures your hand in the glove and gives it a nice snug fit. They’re also designed to keep your hands dry, providing you with a solid grip when grappling. Therefore, this is why they made it on the list. ADIDAS really did make a great glove.

Hayabusa is always pushing the limits and using advanced technology to design the ultimate MMA glove. The patented Dual-X Wrist Closure gives full wrist support while increasing power and accuracy. The Y-Volar glove design gives the fighter a perfect fit while making sure the wrist and hand are ergonomically aligned. Looking for a guide on how to wrap your hands for boxing? We've made a thorough post for you and included the best boxing hand wraps to go with it as well.

Whether your hand is opened or closed, this glove maintains a snug fit. The inner lining of the glove is made with Ecta carbonized bamboo to provide extra comfort, temperature regulation and assistance with deodorization. These gloves are a little expensive in comparison to the other brands, however, if you’re looking for an outstanding glove, this is one of the best MMA gloves available.

Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves

Bad Boy Legacy MMA Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of heavy bag gloves, the Bad Boy Legacy MMA Gloves can opt as a great pair. To make sure the gloves are snug, Bad Boy Legacy gloves offer a double wrap fit for extra protection.

They’re extremely comfortable and have 2’’ of padding around the knuckles. The outer layer is made of genuine leather while inside the glove consists of a 5-layer foam design for light weight. The strap system offers extra protection for your wrists which is a nice feature when training. These gloves are great for MMA training, one of the best MMA gloves for heavy bag. If you're on the search for the best heavy bag gloves, we've created a separate list for you to check out as well.

You can also use them for sparring and grappling - so, you’ll get your money's worth out of these gloves.

Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves

Handmade in Thailand, Fairtex is a reputable brand in the MMA world. They’re known to make solid and high-quality gear which can take a good beating. The Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves do not falter from Fairtex quality standards.

The open palm design allows for more control and flexibility of the fighter’s hand. The double wrist wrap hook-and-loop closure provides the wrist extra support and a snug fit. The knuckle area is protected with a thick layer of pre-curved high impact foam which is ideal for preventing any nasty injuries. The outer layer is made of genuine top grain leather giving the glove extra durability to withstand your training sessions. Train with this pair together with the best punching bags and you'll hit the ring like a king!

For the price, the Fairtex MMA Sparring gloves give you a high-quality glove that will last you a long time.


Now that you know some of the best MMA gloves available today, the next step is to go out and try them on. Don’t rush to buy the first one you see. Your gloves will help you develop your skills while keeping you safe, as much as how the best boxing headgear will protect you, so you’ll invest some time into picking the right glove for you.

Interested in a list of the top 10 boxing gloves? Let us know in the comments below and we'll create a review just for you!

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