5 Neck Support Pillow Reviews You Must Try in 2016

Waking up early in the morning with pain in the neck is always an awful feeling. A kink neck not only makes it hard to move by sending stabbing pains down the back or arms but it also the main reason for headaches, ranging from the dull to migraine levels. Morning neck pain might last all day and it can even be the reason behind the back aches, arm and leg numbness, sciatica, etc; it usually leaves people feeling tired and irritable.

People mostly blame their mattress whenever they wake up with the neck pain. However, it’s rarely the fault of a person’s sleeping position or the mattress. When you wake up with the neck pain, it’s usually because you slept with the wrong type of pillow. Having the right type of pillow is a vital necessity to avoid these neck pains and if you want to get a good night's sleep.

Here are some of the best neck pillow reviews:

1. Mediflow Waterbase Pillows for Neck Pain

Best Neck Support Pillow

This luxurious neck support pillow provides high levels of support and comfort for the neck, head, and back as you sleep. The pillow’s inner water chamber is totally adjustable so as to offer you with the exact amount of thickness and support that you need irrespective of your favorite sleeping position.

The Mediflow Neck Pain Pillow works by allowing one to fill the inner chamber with water which makes it a soothing waterbed for the head. The outside part is made of durable, easy-to-clean polyester that is soft and hypoallergenic. Keeping the Mediflow pillow clean is quite simple. All you that have to do is removing the outer cover and then wash and dry it. You should then wipe down the inner water chambers using a damp cloth. It will take just a few minutes and you will have a fresh and clean pillow when you need it.

2. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow gives you superior comfort and excellent flexibility since it cradles the neck as you sleep. Its shredded foam enables you to position this pillow any way that you like and it’s perfect for stomach, back or side sleepers alike.

The airflow found inbetween the pieces of the foam also keeps this pillow cool at night. Furthermore, the proprietary blend of bamboo and polyester fabric of the cover will not absorb moisture and it increases the coolness of this pillow for the ultimate comfort level.

All of the materials in this high-tech neck support pillow are hypoallergenic so as to provide a clean, healthy atmosphere for sleep. Its inner foam material is superior as compared to the down or cotton filled pillows since the springy foam shall always keep its mold and shape perfectly as you move at night.

3. Memory Foam Pillow from the Smarter Rest

Memory Foam Contour

Contoured to be particularly beneficial to individuals who experience neck pains in the morning, this neck is one of the best neck support pillows. The Memory Foam Pillows from Smarter Rest are durable, strong, and easy to care for.

This pillow is contoured for supporting the neck and it is made of toxin-free German high-quality memory foam. The pillow is made to maintain spinal alignment and also to prevent neck pain, stiffness as well as snoring at night. Its granulated fabric is luxurious and soft while allowing for a better airflow. The case is allergen and mite resistant. In addition, it is entirely washable thus you can have a very clean surface quickly and easily.

4. MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillows

MyPillow Premium Series

The MyPillow neck support pillow is uniquely engineered so as to provide the perfect support level depending on the body size. One of the difficult parts in finding the best neck support pillow is the fact that no 2 people are exactly the same in size.

These differences are especially noticeable between the two sexes and also between children and adults. The MyPillow neck support pillow uses shirt size in determining special needs so that you can buy the right size that will fit you perfectly. Available in 4 different loft levels, the pillow has created something that cannot be found anywhere else and it is guaranteed not to go flat under use or when it’s being machine-washed.

5. Tri-Core Cervical Pillow by Core Products

Tri Core Pillow

The Tri-Core Cervical Pillows have a patented design that is created specifically to support your neck in almost all sleeping positions. The shape of this pillow allows any person to get a good night's rest regardless of the sleeping position that they favor.

Stomach and side sleepers can always enjoy the thick padding along its edges to support their neck without having to push the padding in their face. The back sleepers can rest comfortably with their heads at the center depression and the necks bolstered by thick outer rim so as to keep the spine perfectly aligned with their backs at night.


When selecting a neck support pillow to either get rid of neck pain or to improve posture, you should consider your typical sleeping position. Whereas most people will mostly move about at least once at night, they normally favor one position over the rest. People who usually prefer side sleeping should get a thicker pillow as compared to those who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

There is a wide range of choices as seen in these neck pillow reviews that take into consideration all sleeping positions. In addition, they offer easy ways that will make any position safe and comfortable for your neck.

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