Best Pop-Up Tent: A Look At The Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman Instant PopUp Tent

The camping  equipment manufacturer Coleman has a long established history of delivering quality camping gear. Learn why the Coleman Pop-Tent is rated as one of the best pop-up tent available today.

Criteria To Look For

There are some very basic criteria to examine when you are looking for this sort of tent. You will want to take a look at the amount of headroom as well as the spaciousness of the tent you are considering. In addition you want to look at the portability as well as the cost. Lastly you will want to compare the setup time needed to fully erect the tent. Moreover, understand that it is not only the setup time you need to look at, it is also the amount of time and effort needed to take down the tent. Read on to see why the Coleman Pop-Up tent more than satisfies all of these criteria and more.

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is designed to sleep two to four people. The two person Coleman Pop-Up Tent measures in at a 35 inch center height and a generous 7'5" x 4'5" footprint. Note that there is a also now a 4 person Coleman Pop-Up Tent now available.

The Coleman Pop-Up Tent includes quite a number of desirable features. For example, the Coleman Pop-Up Tent includes an attached Rollaway. As you probably know, the Rollaway is specifically designed to provide privacy as well as additional protection from the wind and rain. In addition, this tent is manufactured with a number of perfectly positioned sections of mesh for proper ventilation. Best of all, perhaps the number feature to appreciate about the Coleman Pop-Up Tent is that this tent can be fully set up in less than a minute. Prices for the Coleman Pop-Up Tent start at $56.99 for the 2 person pop-up tents and $76.99 for the 4 person tent.


From what you see above in the overview of the Coleman Pop-Up Tent you can readily understand there a number of reasons that this tent consistently earns high ratings. Perhaps the most favored feature of all is the undeniably quick setup. A related favorable feature of this tent is that there are no pieces to gather together and assemble in order to erect this tent. As one user puts it: “no assembly required”.

There are other things to appreciate about this tent. One example is the mesh pockets that are built into the interior of the tent. Another example is the relatively light weight of this tent as well as the fast and easy storage. In addition to all of that, the Coleman Pop-Up Tent is equipped with a detachable rainfly. Note that a detachable rainfly can make quite a difference in the hotter climates when you really need the extra ventilation.


Truth be told there are not so many things to dislike about the Coleman Pop-Up Tent. Based on feedback from a number of those with direct experience using the Coleman Pop-Up Tent the most common comment is to go ahead and choose the 4-person option. In other words, the 2-person Coleman Pop-Up Tent may be better suited for a single person or a single person and a smaller person.

One other issue that you may experience with this tent concerns the difficulty some experience when it comes time to pack up and head home. That being said, it is important to note that Coleman has taken the time to set up a quick YouTube video on how to pack up their pop-up tents. You can find that video below

Yet another thing to keep in mind with this best pop-up tent is that it is not designed for heavy weather or extreme conditions. Not so much a con per se, but just a fact to keep in mind when you find yourself looking at the various types of tents on the market.


As you can plainly see from the above, the Coleman Pop-Up Tent is absolutely the best choice for your next camping trip as long as you clearly understand the inherent limitations of this tent. This is certainly a tent well suited for a weekend trip for one or more people. The combination of a number of desirable features as well as a relatively low price point may explain why the Coleman Pop-Up Tent continues to earn high marks.

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