The Best Pre-Shave Oil For Men:
A Shaving Essential

In the world of shaving, one of the things that I really didn't think about using for a long time was pre-shave oil. It's not really talked about that much, but it can really play a big part in making your shaving ritual that much more effective. I would even say that, if you do the basics right (such as getting the right razor or upgrading your electric razor), and are still seeing problems, then you might actually solve a lot of your recurring shaving problems. Sure, there is always a place for a good shaving cream, but even after you get that you can still benefit greatly from a pre-shave oil.

Since there is so little information out there however, I took the time to come up with the five best pre-shave oils that are available today. These are high quality products that you can trust to not only improve your shave, but give you the best​ improvement to your shaving ritual possible.

The Art of Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil

The Art of Shaving is a great brand, and it was one of the best pre shave oil products that was tested. While they do have a few different items that you can choose from, I've found that unscented pre-shave oils are a better option for many. There are so many scents in your shaving kit that having one more can hurt your final scent, and you'd honestly rather have fewer oils and fragrances that can potentially dry out your skin.

The  other thing that I loved about this oil is the fact that it's made with olive and castor oil as a base, which are some of the best oils that you could ask for to put on your face before a shave. They lubricate well and are natural, so you aren't doing more damage to your skin just to get a better shave. The only problem is that it can be pricey, but you can get a pretty good deal on it by clicking on the button below. 

Lather & Wood Sandalwood Premium Shaving Oil

Lather & Wood embodies what I love about small brands. This craft brand really puts together the best pre shave oil and backs it up with great customer service, something that you aren't always guaranteed of when you buy from a major brand like P&G (the owners of Art of Shaving).

This pre-shave oil is perfect as a base for a close shave, and it provides plenty of lubrication to ensure that you aren't going to cut yourself, no matter what you do (to an extent). The only real drawback to this product is that it is scented - I'd rather see an unscented product from them given the points that I made above, but other than that this is a high quality product that you will love.

Also it comes in at almost half the price of the Art of Shaving product, for over 50% more product, so it really costs you about a third as much as the Art of Shaving product on an ounce for ounce basis. That's a great deal on the best shaving oil from a craft brand that I've ever heard of.

Shaveology Pre-Shave Oil

Shaveology has managed to come up with a pretty solid product with their contender for the best shave oil, and it's also priced well, something that you don't always see with more niche products like these oils.

The one thing that I don't like with the product is the hard to understand marketing. It says that it's unscented, but then that it uses lavender oil in it. I will say that it does leave a scent, but it's not the 'flower-power' type smell that you might be expecting. Even though it's not as truly 'unscented' as you might want it to be, it's still a very high quality product and one that will be a good addition to your shaving kit.​

​The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil

The Art of Shaving makes another spot on the list, for what is a (still expensive) great product that really gives you an all-around close shave. You might not like this one as much as some of the others on this list for two reasons however. The first is the price, which is pretty high for just 2oz of the pre-shave oil. It's easily the most expensive product on the list, but something that I believe is also backed up with the quality that they put into every bottle.

Secondly, a primary reason that I loved the top Art of Shaving pick was because of the unscented quality of the product. This scented product can be matched in terms of smell by many others on the list at a cheaper price point, and you don't get the benefit of fewer fragrances (the combination of quality and unscentedness being a key reason behind the top pick), so it needs to take it's place as #4 on the list.

​Shave Secret Shaving Oil

This little bottle of oil is actually pretty funny, because it's so gimmicky that you almost don't want to buy it. It honestly almost doesn't look like a real product, but it's gotten rave reviews all over the place for the exact same reason that you're reading this article right now: pre-shave oils just work!

This shave oil is a nice, minty oil that can be found almost anywhere, and it's really high quality. What's even better about it is the fact that it comes in extremely small bottles as well, so you can pick up a multi-pack and stash them anywhere that you want to shave, including dopp kits, your bathroom, and any weird places you might need it.

Even though it seems cheap however, it's priced about the same as others on this list, which are of a bit higher quality. I'd recommend this however if you want to get into using a pre-shave oil without a major upfront cost.


Shave Secret had it right - pre-shave oils just work. They are a great product that isn't really understood by most people who shave today. Speaking as someone who had razor burn for a really long time, I can honestly say that pre-shave oil completely changed the way that I think about shaving today.

If you are considering using pre-shave oil for your morning shave routine, I would highly recommend taking a look at one or more of the items on this list to get something that will really work for you. It can be used alone, but works very well with a good shaving gel or shaving soap as well.

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