Foam it Up! An In-Depth Review
Of The Best Shaving Soap

Throwaway blades and shaving cream cans will never quite get you the barbershop clean shave. A good clean shave is something every man should know how to do. It truly is an art. Armed with the right tools, you can master the art of the wet shave just as you grandfather did.

The Best Shaving Soaps

The most decent part of wet shaving is the natural lather. You are replacing the canned chemicals for natural soaps that are actually good for skin. Treating your skin well will make your skin look better with time, as well as make shaving easier and more effective once your skin is healthy.

To get a good lather, use your water softened shaving brush and swirl it in the shaving soap. Once your brush’s bristles are full of soap, place it in your bowl and continuing swirling. You are creating a lather by creating a whipped cream. Below are our top five shaving soap reviews:

1. Henry Cavendish’s Himalaya Shaving Soap

The best shave soap will have natural ingredients. Two of the most popular ingredients are shea butter and soy, which will properly hydrate your skin to produce the right kind of lubrication for your razor's blade.

Henry Cavendish’s Himalaya Shaving Soap has a creamy and rich lather for a smooth shave, and this lather is one of the reasons why we consider it to be the best shaving soap out there today.

The soothing soap gives a nice, smooth shave and leaves your skin particularly soft. If you have mildly sensitive skin, the Glycerin will aid in creating a mild reaction to your skin. The Himalaya Perfume Oil smell will leave a manly musk. Make sure to find a complimentary aftershave fragrance that will not be overpowering.

2. Proraso's Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

Proraso makes some of the best shaving soap around for sensitive skin. If you only have mildly sensitive skin, you will most likely be fine with any of the all-natural soaps. But if your skin breaks out easily, make sure to use the best shave soap specifically for sensitive skin, which is Proraso's.

Just like Proraso's other shaving soaps, this one has a rich lather and only needs a little bit of water. Made with green tea and oatmeal, the soap has very low acidity and will prevent razor burn. Proraso's Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin also does not contain any artificial colors or oils that could irritate your skin.

Tip: To be kindest to your skin, open your pores and soften your shaving brush. Take a hot shower before every shave. You can also run a towel under hot water, ring it out, and place over your face. Meanwhile, place your shaving brush in a bowl full of hot water to soften the bristles.

3. Colonel Conk Shave Soap

Colonel Conk makes some of the best shave soaps in the world. Get to know their fragrances by trying a variety pack with Lime, Almond, Amber, and Bay Rum. All four are classic and clean smelling. The shaving cakes create a thick lather and weigh in at 2.25 ounces each.

Each one will last for quite some time as it does not take much product to fill your shaving brush. Our favorite is Amber because it perfectly replicates our grandfather's barbershop. The fragrance doesn't linger as long as other soaps, so I can stick to my favorite aftershave. Is there anything more masculine than a well-shaven Colonel fresh from the barber?

4. Men’s Shaving Company’s Himalaya Shaving Soap

Similar to Henry Cavendish’s Himalaya Shaving Soap, Men's Shaving Company's version is fully natural and free of toxins. The vegan soap's Shea Butter compliments the Coconut Oil to keep your skin extremely hydrated during your wet shave.

Works well for regular skin and is good enough for easily irritable or slightly sensitive skin. Also includes a natural glycerin to prevent the disc from drying out. With a classic Himalayan smell, the soap is mildly musky and earthy. Men's Soap Company guarantees all of their products, so you can easily get a refund if this soap doesn't live up to the expectations.

5. The Blades Grim’s Gold Luxury Shaving Soap in "Smolder"

The most luxurious of the five shaving creams, The Blades Grim brand is handmade and exclusively made of natural ingredients. Their most popular fragrance is Smolder.

The perfume oil recipe includes Coriander Leaves, Venezuela Tonka, Mandarin, Orange Peel, and Star Anise for a warm fall scent. The smell is reminiscent of walking past the cigar room in an old city club where all of the men are drinking Manhattans.

I may not ever be one of these men, be I sure don't mind smelling like one of them.


If you are new to wet shaving, you may want to consider getting a wet shave kit to not be overwhelmed by the options. Narrow down the kind of shaving soap you like and explore the other products the brand makes. Companies who make high-quality soaps have them as a part of a product line. Below is our list for the perfect wet shave toolkit:

  1. Double Edged Safety Razor or straight razor
  2. Blade Set (your choice)
  3. Shaving Bowl
  4. Shaving Brush
  5. Shaving Soap (which you should have covered by now ;) )​

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