Best Shoes for Standing All Day: A Buyer’s Guide

Under Armour micro G shoes

If you need to stand on your feet for long periods of time you owe it to yourself to find the best pair that works for you. Not only do shoes have to be comfortable they also have to be stylish. Shoes are a big part of your overall look, after all you do wear them for a big portion of the day.

Your shoes should be as comfortable as possible and should make you feel relaxed. There’s a lot of information available about what to wear and how to maintain your body’s posture in a sit-on-your-butt type of job. But there’s no guide on what your feet need when you’re standing a lot and no guide to show you which are the best shoes for standing all day long. Well until now that is :)

Everyone has different needs for their shoes. For some people work includes performing labor tasks while for others work include standing at a counter all day. Regardless of the job if our feet are suffering, our quality of work can go down. That’s why so much care needs to be put into choosing the best pair of shoes for your particular needs.

Best Standing Shoe Comparison Table

Different Types of Shoes for Standing All Day

Whether you’re a salesman, a postman, a dentist or a housewife, you are always looking for that perfect pair of shoes to help you stand all day. Comfort to your feet is crucial for your good mood and enthusiastic attitude. Buying a correct pair can even get expensive, but a smart choice is always worth it. Below are the major categories of shoes:

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes typically have a flat rubber sole. These kinds of shoes should have good lateral support for supporting the rapid side to side motion of movement, because lets face it, even when we are standing we are not standing exactly still all the time, we still need to move and pivot. Available in different sizes, for all kinds of feet, they provide the best option for a wonderful experience while standing and walking.

Another advantage of a tennis shoe is its breathable sole and excellent cushioning inside. Tennis shoes aren’t solely used to play tennis. These shoes are comfortable enough to be used for work and leisure as well.

Running Shoes

Working and even standing requires a lot of energy, which can results in exhaustion if your shoes aren’t helping you feel comfortable. You can reduce your exhaustion by wearing a proper pair of shoes, which are lightweight and comfortable too. You need both stability and comfort while choosing a running shoe. Moreover, these can be good for standing all day. These type of shoes offer you increased stability and extra cushioning to help your feet feel secure.

Running shoes are also naturally lightweight, this is a huge advantage when you need to be on your feet all day. You may also want to consider sneakers for a more casual look, or try athletic shoes for a more general and versatile look.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are formal shoes needed for formal meetings and gatherings. It is a  non-casual shoe meant for wearing and to give a smart look. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match your style. Both men and women can wear a formal shoe with a formal dress. It is a necessary item in every businessmen’s or businesswomen’s closet, but they appeal to everyone who needs a professional look.

Even those who don't like  dressing formally will need dress shoes one the side just in case. Dress shoes are usually optimized for style, that’s why its important to research dressy shoes that are the best shoes for standing and being on your feet all day. Remember, dress shoes usually always look better when laced up instead of a slip on. In addition to this, an elongated toe gives it a classier look. However, we will focus on comfort since we need a pair that we can wear easily all day.

Work Shoes

Depending on your needs and job requirements you don’t always need to have dressy shoes. Sometimes you need a shoe more geared towards labor and working. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while selecting a work shoe. These should not be very flamboyant or colorful because work shoes tend to be understated. Comfort is vitally important and should be a major factor when trying to find the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

If you are wearing bright colors on your feet, that will catch the attention of your colleagues, it may be undesirable. The quest for the right pair of work shoes can only finish with an elegant looking simple colored shoe with great arch support. Wear these on your feet and you will feel confident and energized throughout the day.

Our Top 5 Best Shoes

1. Nike Air Jordan Retro

nike air jordans

Nike has long been a reputable manufacturer of shoes for both men and women for a long time. While these look very simple rest assured that these shoes are using the latest in shoe technology to achieve extreme comfort allowing you to be able to stand all day with minimal pain.

These shoes have a very soft sole which aids in the comfort factor. There is the pattern on it that makes it stand out with additional cushioning inside in comparison with other shoes. It is simply a new twist on a sporty style.

These can be the most comfortable shoes for standing all day with a great fit. These are very light in weight and have a soft rubber sole. It has Air Jordan wings logo on the top side of the tongue. These shoes should be kept with great care. As they are made of real patent leather.

Nike Free Run

This is another shoe by Nike that can also be used for standing for a long length of time. The “free run” brand of shoes are well known by runners throughout the world for their comfort and durability.

The comfort comes from the rubber sole and lightweight materials used in the design of this shoe. The outer is composed of a lightweight synthetic material. While this material may not be as sturdy as leather, it does help in keeping the shoe extremely lightweight.

This particular shoe reintroduced the padded tongue into its lineup which also helps with increased comfort. However, the padding is still understated so as not to added unnecessary bulk and weight to the shoe. You will easily be able to find a pair to match your wardrobe as this shoes comes in over 25 different color combinations.

If you need to stand for a long length of time do yourself a favor and checkout this shoe.

Under Armour Micro G shoes

Could this be the best shoe for standing all day? Absolutely, not to be outdone by Nike, Under Armour steps into the ring with this strong offering. Like the Nike Free running shoes, this pair also has a rubber insole and is also composed out of a synthetic upper.

However, this shoe does offer additional benefits.

The shoe is specially designed to keep the foot feeling cool as the shoe is very breathable. The incorporated soft layer of mesh helps with keeping the shoe cool. The mesh is not the only material incorporated into the shoe. While primarily composed of a synthetic material a small amount of leather is also used. The leather helps to reinforce key parts of the shoe to help maintain durability. The amount of leather is kept to a minimum to prevent excessive weight.

This pair of shoes can be the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. It weighs less than 3 pounds and has innovative comfort features. This shoe is a string competitor to Nikes offering.

Adidas Speed Trainers

Not to be out done by Nike or Under Armour, Adidas shows us their best shoe for being on your feet all day. It has a synthetic mesh exoskeleton and non-skid rubber sole.

Adidas has special shoe manufacturing technology such as the EVA midsole which helps keep this shoe very comfortable.

These shoes are very stylish and come in over 20 different colors. Keep in mind: these shoes are not water resistant due to the mesh exoskeleton. However the exoskeleton does bring advantages such as keeping the humidity low in the shoe thus helping prevent stinky feet as well as keeping the shoe lightweight.

New Balance Training Shoes

Did we save the best for last? Depending on your need that could very well be true. This pair rounds out our top 5. These shoes are very versatile.

They are designed for walking, and can function very nicely for people who need to stand a lot, so they are probably the best choice for spending all day on your feet either outdoors or indoors.

This is meant for people with active lifestyles. While office or retail work your body needs to be free of cramps, which is only possible with a lightweight and properly cushioned shoe. These shoes are made out of high-quality synthetic and leather and have man handmade soft soles. The soles are also non-marking. A breathable upper part is the cherry on the cake, plus it adds stability to the feet and controls your motion while walking.

All of these features help the shoe to be good shoes for standing all day. Stitching around the shoe is neat and tidy.  The shoes come in over 25 different colors, providing you with a lot of flexibility for your wardrobe.

Other Awesome Shoes to Consider

1. Champio Gusto Runner

2. Asics GT-2000 Running shoe 

3. Under Armour Dash RN

4. Asics Quantum 360 

5. Mizuno Wave Creation

Buying a pair of shoes is not an easy task. Please consider the following when buying a shoe meant to be used for standing all day.

  • You always need to feel light on your feet, so the shoes should be very light in weight. These should not be very big and bulky. You may want to consider flats to help reduce bulk.
  • You also need to consider where you are standing. For example here are some shoes to consider if you plan on standing on concrete.
  • Cushioning inside is the shoe should be the main factor when buying a shoe for all day use. The inner sole should be very soft breathable and not rigid.
  • Sometimes you don't need to find a new pair of shoes, all you need are new shoe inserts
  • For everyday use, buy a simple set of shoes with very light colors that are not overly flashy.
  • The cost factor should also be kept in mind. Buying footwear that is within your budget
  • Shoes always describe the personality of an individual. So take care while buying one, make sure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Check out the video below for even more tips on finding a comfortable pair of shoes:


Shoes meant for walking or standing are as essential as the clothes you wear. The best shoes for standing are of many types and sizes but all provide you with an easy grip and light weight on your feet. Wearing such shoes helps prevent pains such as leg cramps, stiff calves, and possibly even back pain when required to stand all day.

Swollen toes, cramps and back pain can lead to a bad day due to the pain associated with these ailments. This can affect the people around you too. The right choice of footwear will resolve these issues and will also help make you look more attractive.

Shoes for different seasons, and different atmosphere are also required to deal with every situation you may face when you need to stand for long periods of time. I hope the above guide will help you choose the perfect shoe for you.

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