Buyers Guide to the Best Athletic Shoes for Standing All Day

athletic shoes

Athletic shoes are much different than other types of shoes. Athletic shoes have a winding shape in its sole allowing them to be adaptable to different types of floors and surfaces. Are you looking for best athletic shoes for standing all day? The insight and knowledge provided here will assist you to choose well balanced athletic shoes based on your needs.


  1. A proper shoe for standing all day needs the correct type of heels and arch positioning. These can impact the well-being of your feet when you remain standing for a long time.
  2. You should inspect the heel to toe transmission on wearing. Other shoes are barefoot types which are meant for runners. Barefoot shoes are without raised heel. When you stand in these shoes, the feet experience more tension.
  3. Arch support is very vital; it keeps your feet in a strong hold all through the day. Every individual possesses a little variation in the arch so do not overlook this fact.
  4. Heels share a tremendous amount of stress and become very painful if the shoe selection is wrong. Walking becomes difficult as the heel holds most of the weight of the body. Rigid arches may also contribute to the pain.

The Top 5 Recommended Shoes

1. Nike Men’s Flex 3 Running Shoes

Nike flex shoes

These imported shoes have a mesh outer with a rubber sole. They are available in grey, red, black, and white. The central foot panel is designed to help keep your foot in place. Foam insole gives a comfortable underfoot cushion. Delicate fabric lining keeps the foot comfortable.

This model has been in the market for a long time. Its demand has not diminished. The new style additions have only beautifying elements, but the basic shoe has remained the same. These are among the best athletic shoes for standing all day.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel Quantum 360 Running Shoes

asics quantum

Asics are among the world's best athletic shoes. Their name is an acronym for "sound mind, sound body".  This particular make is available for in gray and silver color. They are manufactured in fabric as well as in synthetic material. The sole is of rubber. The cushioning is done through mesh and overlays beneath front and back foot space.

Heel clutching construction is very effective. Very comfortable to wear and you will love the fit. The supportive technology is very accurate. The upper is not able to take friction impact and tears easily. However, the fit is cozy. Even after standing for more than 10 hours the feet should not ache or become in pain.

3. Aleader Mesh Water Shoes

Aleader water shoes

These are available in multiple colors and have a very flexible  rubber sole. The upper has high breathability. The insole massage and grip holes on the outer surface keep the feet cool. Although these shoes are designed to be used primarily in water, their flexibility allows them to also be a daily wear shoe. It has a bounce back feature because of its "Solyte" midsole.

The shoe is cool, gets dried fast and is comfortable to wear. In the long term alignment of hips, knees and spine may deteriorate; the ligaments may become weak, and muscle tone may become stretched. Choose a high-quality pair such as these to help prevent these ailments.

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Evo Ferus

mizuno wave

Mizuno Men’s Wave Evo Ferus Trail Running Shoes have synthetic soles which help make them the best athletic shoes for standing all day. The shoe is produced keeping in mind the mid foot striker. The midsole is foam; forefoot is produced using wave technology. The outsole is based on X thread method.

This shoe does not slip easily and is lightweight. The cost is affordable. The upper is also durable. The foundation of the shoe adds less pressure on vital foot muscles and a brisk walk or stand up position is not harmful to the posture and tone of the muscles.

5. Adidas Originals Men’s ZX 700 IM Shoes

adidas zx700

This pair has a mesh single layer on the upper and rubber sole. The outsole has a firm grip. The eye-stay as well as the heel is overlaid with suede. The inner lining is of cloth. EVS midsole is not heavy; it gives good cushioning. This pair is considered amongst the most comfortable athletic shoes for standing all day as well as for most types of sports and workouts.

The shoes come in multiple colors ranging from conservative to retro funky. To help with balance these shoes have a TPU heel balancing tip.


Make the best knowledgeable choice for healthy feet. Good quality and workmanship with the right kind of material are needed for people who stand for a long duration of time. When considering shoes, keep in mind that the feet should not hurt at the end of the day. The pain gets generated through the fit of the shoe.

The duration of standing is not the primary factor for foot pain. The best athletic shoes make movement easy and comfortable. I hope this guide helps you find the most comfortable athletic shoes for your needs.

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