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Is Your Job Hazardous to Your Health?

Even if you aren’t working in one of the most dangerous industries, there are a number of ways your job could negatively impact your health. Whether your job puts you at risk for direct physical harm or illness, or the requirements create subtler hazards, such as stress or sleep deprivation, it’s important to be aware […]

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How To Find Who You Once Were

Have you found that life has taken you down a path that you are not fond of? Maybe you have neglected yourself mentally, physically, or even professionally. Whatever the case may be, it is important for you to take the time to find who you once were and become that person once again. Of course, […]

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Medical Improv Activity Provides Profound Learning Between Surgeon & Nurse!

By Beth Boynton, RN, MS I love using an experiential activities from the emerging practice of Medical Improv because people learn such valuable skills and develop positive relationships in a fun way. By valuable skills I’m talking about developing our emotional intelligence and our abilities to communicate, collaborate, lead (and follow) effectively and respectfully!Once you […]

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10 Essential Facts About Nursing You Need To Know

Nursing is currently one of the best career paths you should take if you are looking for a job in high demand that needs compassionate and caring individuals. Compassion and care comes naturally for nurses, and that’s why so many patients look to them for comfort and a caring attitude during trying times. Here are […]

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