Comparison Of Best Punching Bags In The Market

best punching bags

You may think, a punching bag is just a punching bag. But there isn’t just one type of punching bag. On the contrary, there are various punching bags on the market which are designed for different needs. Punching bags are used in training to tone, increase muscular endurance, condition the cardiovascular system, increase tendon, and ligament strength, and relieve tension and stress from the body.

Punching bags are essential for solo training sessions where you can focus on increasing your speed and developing your technique. If you’re look for a punching bag to have at home, we have some of the best home punching bags below. So, before you go out and buy the first punching bag you see, we recommend you continue reading and see the various punching bags available that will not only last you a lifetime but will provide you a solid training.

Here are some of the best punching bags on the market.

Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

The Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag is one of the best punching bags on the market. It’s designed and manufactured in the USA and filled with shredded fabric which provides higher impact resistance. The heavy bag is well stitched and the supportive straps at the top are highly durable and sewn into the bag. The outer layer is made of reusable heavy duty vinyl and comes with an amazing 10-year warranty.

This heavy bag is made to be abused and will withstand any punch or kick that comes its way. Make sure that you have a secure location to mount the bag to - if you mount the heavy bag to a supporting beam in your house, it will minimize the vibrations. The Outslayer Heavy Bag isn’t exactly the cheapest, however, if you’re going to be using it, then we recommend you investing in a high-quality heavy bag. Check it out online: 

Outslayer Boxing MMA 80lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Different heavy bags can come in different weights. The amount of swing you would like in your punching bag depends on the weight of the bag itself. The heavier the bag, the less movement. Your choice in a punching bag also depends on how much swing you would like with your punching bag.

The Outslayer Boxing MMA 80lbs Heavy Bag is lighter than their other bag, however, still made with the same high-quality as the 100lbs heavy bag. The 80lb heavy bag is made with a vinyl covering and is filled with shredded fabric which creates higher impact resistance. Its stitches are sturdy and allows for any kick or punch to be taken. This punching bag is also manufactured in the USA and comes with a 10-years warranty. Check it out online: 

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Manufacturing martial arts gear since 1976, Century is one of the largest supplier of martial arts gear in the world. The Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag gives the largest kicking and punching surface for any training bag on the market. This heavy bag, is a free-standing bag which is attached to a base that is either filled with water or sand. This gives more stability to the bag and is great options for those who are unable to hang a heavy bag from the ceiling.

Standing at 69 inches tall, this heavy bag gives you plenty of space to practice your techniques on. The vinyl covering is highly curable and covers high-density foam. The low base gives more weight to the bag and prevents it from moving. When the base is filled, the heavy bag weighs approximately 250lbs. This is definitely one of the best punching bag stands. Check out this heavy bag online: 

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

If you prefer to have a face to your punching bag, then look no further. The Century BOB Body Opponent will help you blow off steam with the mannequin inspired punching bag. This punching bag has a low base, creating stability and extra weight to the bag. It’s built with high-density foam for extra durability and with a filled base weighs around 250lbs.

This heavy bag is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to train since you can easily roll it into storage. A great feature is that the height is adjustable, so you have the ability to manipulate how high you want your target to be. It’s manufactured in the USA - like all Century products and comes with a one-year limited warranty. People really enjoy this punching bag since it’s designed to the human body.

Ringside Leather 65lb Heavy Bag

Ringside have been around for quite some time and they’ve definitely established themselves as one of the best brands in the boxing world. The Ringside Leather 65lb Heavy Bag is extremely sturdy and durable, with its heavy duty stitching and leather. The supportive straps are sewn with cross stitching and metal rivets which support the hanging chains.

There is a 2’’ liner of IMF Tech injected foam that gives the bag a soft surface which protects your hands during impact and gives a realistic feeling of hitting a human body. This is one of the best punching bags for beginners and for training and really gives you a realistic feel when striking. Hit this with your best mma gloves and the next time you hit the ring, you'll be a champ. Check it out online: 


Now that you have an idea of some of the best punching bags available, we recommend that you go and test them out. Would you prefer a hanging heavy bag or a standing bag? A lightweight or heavy weight bag? These questions are simply answered with personal preference. It's also important to note that having the best boxing shoes, will help you perfect your footwork.

So, good luck and happy shopping!

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