Considering Big Tents For Camping? Start With This Guide

big tent for camping

Read this article to find out the reasons why big tents for camping may be a better choice for your next camping trip. You will discover some rather surprising facts about what you may have previously considered huge camping tents as well as a no-nonsense guide to choosing big tents for camping. In addition to all of that, you will find a few helpful resources to aid in your search as well as a link to a clever pictorial that lays it out in a quick and easy to understand format.

Facts You Should Know

Start with what is probably the most often cited reason to even consider big tents for camping, that of space or more to the point, the lack of space. You see, one thing you will want to understand right up front is the reality of tent sizing. Call it “truth in advertising” if you will. It turns out that when you take a look at the tent manufacturer’s sizing chart you need to keep in mind that those sizes you are looking at are at best, more akin to laboratory conditions. Think like a 180 pound, little over 5 1/2 foot tall male and a 120 pound 5 foot female snuggled up together to fit into a two man tent. A bit of exaggeration to be sure, but you do get the point. In other words, even though a tent is sized as 2-man, 4-man and so on, you have to keep in mind that that leaves no room for anything else or for nonstandard sized folks. While this quite typical tent sizing is perfectly fine for backpacking campers who only ever want to carry the lightest load it does not really work so well in the more common camping trips.

Whether it is your family or a bunch of your pals, the fact is you may be better off with huge camping tents. Of course as you are planning for your camping trip you will start by taking into account the number of people with whom you will be sharing the tent.

That being said, there are number of other factors to factor into your decision. A good place to start is to assume that no matter what tent size you select, it is going to be a closer fit than you might have anticipated. This is even more true if your camping companions are a bit larger than normal.

There more. You understand that some people are light sleepers and tend to toss and turn at night. At the same time, keep in mind that one or more of your camping companions may be mildly claustrophobic or prefer to sleep with additional elbow room.

So what does all of that mean? That means that a good rule of thumb to follow is to always go for more. In other words, the best practice is to up size your tent selection.

One last question that frequently pops up is whether or not it really makes sense to lay out the funds for another tent. This question is often asked from those campers who already own a favorite tent they use for backpacking excursions and are questioning the value of investing in what looks to be huge camping tents by comparison.

Simple answer: Yes. You see, the inarguable fact is that big tents for camping provide a bit of luxury and convenience that your backing tent just cannot deliver. Keep in mind there is nothing that says you have to spend a small fortune for these larger tents. Not at all. Actually you may interested to learn that there are quite number of affordable big tents.


As you can plainly see from the above, big tents can be and often are the best choice for quite a number of camping trips. Now that you understand the reality of tent sizing and are better equipped to choose correctly, you may conclude that the next step is to start a new search to find the best large tents for camping.



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