Don’t Ignore a High Fever

Most people know that a high fever can be the sign of an illness and should not be ignored. If you have a cold, you may get a fever and then it is slightly different, as you know it is a symptom of the cold. However, even then they should not last for any length of time, and if the fever persists, you need to get treatment.

Dont ignore a high fever

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The Difference Between a High Fever for Adults and a High Fever for Children

The normal temperature for an adult is 98.6, but children tend to have a higher temperature than that. This means they will suffer from a high fever much quicker than an adult, and it can cause more damage if it is not treated. Young infants should be taken for treatment as soon as a high fever develops, and you should keep an eye open for any other symptoms they may have such as nausea or diarrhea.  Children are more prone to infections because their body has not yet had chance to build up any immunity, so urgent treatment can be vital.

Once they reach teenage years, and for adults, it is not quite such an urgent matter, although if the fever lasts for more than 24 hours, medical attention should be sought. There is not much difference between the normal temperature and a high fever temperature, just about 5 degrees. If the temperature passes 107 degrees, then it is dangerous for adults as well and urgent medical treatment should be sought.

How Medical Experts Can Help

High fever in children, or dangerously high fever in adults, can cause all sorts of other health problems, and they should never be ignored. The physicians will be able to take tests to find out the cause of the fever, and then will be able to treat the patient appropriately. With X-Ray machines, CT scanners, ultrasound, a high-complexity lab and sedation if it is needed, the medical experts will have all the equipment needed to get to the root of the problem quickly.

Can You Treat Yourself?

If you have a high fever, you probably will not feel up to any self-treatment and will just want the proper medical care. If it is in the early stages, you could try taking fever–reducing medicines to see if they help, but it will be down to the cause of the fever as to whether they make you feel any better or not.

With children, you should not administer any drugs without speaking to a physician first, not even an aspirin. If the sufferer has had too many medicines, it might not be possible for the physician to prescribe any more for immediate use in case they react badly with each other. Although this does not happen often, it is not a risk that can be taken when your body is already not at its peak condition.

A high fever can be the sign of so many different illnesses that they should never be ignored, particularly in little ones; if the infection they have contracted is something such as meningitis, it could be fatal.

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