What Exactly is an Outdoor Elliptical Bike (+3 Quick Facts)

Getting fit now has become a huge trend among people nowadays.

From teenagers to young professionals and even the more aged, or shall we say experienced individuals have grown more interested in getting in shape and living a more fit and well-rounded lifestyle.

Because of this, several fitness training, equipment, and regimen have surfaced to help us achieve these goals. Among one of the more recent and promising means of getting fit is by doing cardio exercise with the help of an outdoor elliptical bike.

But for those who are not very familiar with this type of promising equipment, they may ask, “what exactly is an outdoor elliptical bike?”

Well, if you are one of these people then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will tackle on the basics of outdoor elliptical bikes as well as the many benefits they offer in terms of getting you back in shape in less than a few sessions.

Outdoor Elliptical Bike: An Overviewbiking

Before we tackle on what an outdoor elliptical bike is, let us first learn the basics of elliptical bikes, whether it be indoor or outdoor.

An elliptical bike or what some refer to as elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine that somehow resembles the motion you do when you climb stairs or pedal a bike. The elliptical machine does that without causing excessive pressure on the joints which in turn reduce the possibility of impact injuries.

Therefore, elliptical bikes are great alternatives to people who suffer from joint injuries to stay fit while still trying to have their joints recovered from previous injuries. The usual jogging, biking or even brisk walking although light and easy for some, can pose huge threat to persons with arthritis, gout and joint disabilities.

Elliptical bikes offer a less impactful cardiovascular workout that can be accustomed to varying degrees of difficulty depending on the user’s preference. Hence, there really is no need for you to be worried whether you can withstand the intense workouts because oftentimes, elliptical bikes come with a plethora of adjustable modes that can be set to your liking.

First founded in the 1990s by Precor, elliptical bikes have made a huge difference and impact among fitness enthusiasts across the globe. In fact, their benefits reach far as routine tests or workouts for therapeutic means. Physical therapists have employed the use of elliptical bikes to help rehabilitate patients who have undergone deleterious accidents, diseases or injuries that may have hampered their ability to do day  to day activities.

Through simple workout routines such as a timed session with the elliptical bike, patients can help regain their normal movements and alleviate joint pain and problems. Elliptical bikes can be powered by motion generated by the user while they can also be plugged in to assist the movement of the user.

#1. They Help in Promoting Good Heart Health

Regular cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, as well as jogging, can lead to good benefits, but what sets the use of elliptical bikes apart from these usual means of working out?

First of all, outdoor elliptical bikes offer a smooth elliptical motion that offers maximum movement while putting less amount of pressure on your knees, hips, and back. In addition, elliptical bikes have an increased visibility as you are seated on a high chair, this allows you to see and be seen more. Outdoor elliptical bikes, in particular, can be placed on the porch or on the villa allowing you to see a beautiful view of the outdoors while working out.

#2. They Help Alleviate Joint Pains

Moreover, elliptical bikes provide a more comfortable means of working out. The natural standing up riding position reduces the amount of stress subjected to your neck and back while also saving you the hassle or difficulty of developing seating pains.

Elliptical bikes provide a great full body workout. Unlike most exercise machines that only isolate the amount of stress and pressure only at certain parts of the body, elliptical bikes provide better coverage of work and force equally distributed all throughout the different important parts of the body. Unlike benches or chest machines that only cater to the upper body, elliptical bikes also work on the legs.

Another good benefit of elliptical bikes is the fact that they surprisingly burn more calories than traditional cycling. In fact, working out in an elliptical bike for 10 minutes; burns 33% more calories than an hour-long jog. With this, you are not only shedding a huge amount of fat, but you are also promoting excellent heart health.biking

#3. Outdoor Elliptical Bikes are Easy to Carry Around

Outdoor elliptical bikes while meant to be situated outdoors on the same paths that you use to walk, run or jog. However, outdoor elliptical bikes can also be compatible with indoor stationary trainers. Thus, you have the freedom to choose where to workout, whether you want to sweat it out while talking a calming look at the outdoors or pedal conveniently in front of your TV, watching your favorite show.

Additionally, outdoor elliptical bikes are portable. This means that they can fit in the trunk of your car or maybe the rack on your car roof. It’s that easy to carry around.

So with that being said, elliptical bikes have made a huge impact in addressing health and weight issues around the world. They offer a more convenient and comfortable means of helping you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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