Extra Helping: 25 Vegan Bloggers You Must Follow in 2016

Being a Vegan is not easy. Whether you are cooking for your family, trying to find a place to eat out, or even grocery shopping there definitely extra time and effort required. We have been following some great Vegan bloggers in 2016 and have put together the top 25 for you to check out:

2016 Top 25 Vegan Blog

Ashley Madden Blog

ashley madden blogAshley was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was in her twenties. That motivated her to start learning more about nutrition. Ashley’s blog has great recipes but she also has great posts about vegan meal planning like How To Swap Veggies For Meat And Redefine Your Plate + Roasted Eggplant Steak.

Cooking for Vegans

cooking for vegansThe author is a librarian who made the switch to being vegan in 2006. They enjoy playing the guitar and reading in foreign languages. This site has a lot of good information. Over 1000 pages of information. They cover a lot of basics on how to get started as a vegan as well.

Cooking with Plants

cooking with plantsAnja was overweight and unhealthy just a few years ago.  A medical scare got her thinking and it was a nutrition book that got her on the path to becoming a vegan.  Now she is fit and enjoying her life. Anja’s site has some great recipes as well as a really cool ingredient index. You can search for ingredients and then find recipes that contain that ingredient.

Easy Vegan Meals

AndreaAndrea AKA The Freegan Vegan made the switch to the good vegan life in 2009. Her motivation came from a book she read as well as some information she found out about meat and dairy industries. Andrea has a really good list of substitutions. It shows what vegan foods and be substituted for non-vegan foods. This list is really helpful for those just getting started and still having to cook for a family.

Eat Plants Drink Beer

eat plants drink beerLorelei and Craig met in California. They were both musicians.  Lorelei converted Craig to the Vegan life.  He brews beer and thus Eat Plants Drink Beer was formed. Eat Plants Drink Beer is unique in combining recipes for Vegans with recipes for beer.  I think the combination works. Plus both authors are great writers which makes their blog super fun to read.

Eat Vegan Food

Ali Eat Vegan FoodAli is a very qualified chef with loads of experience.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management and studied French Cuisine at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  She also started the first Vegan food truck in Arizona in 2013. Ali has some great recipes on her blog such as the pearl couscous salad and lemon poppy seed cake.  But I also really enjoy her website. It is very simple and clean yet the pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are delicious.

Healthy Happy Life

Kathy PatalsyKathy has always loved animals. She also has a passion for creating and sharing vegan food. Kathy has a lot of content on her site. She has some truly great video recipes and a ton of good written recipes as well. The pictures are also very good.

Keepin It Kind

KristyKristy made the change to being vegan after learning about how dairy farmers treat the animals. She loves animals and her husband is her best friend. Kristy has some really good travel posts as well as some great pictures and recipes. My favorite is her Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe.


Leicester Vegan

LindsaLindseyy grew up as a vegetarian but then moved into eating fish, chicken, and finally the occasional red meat. After she got married her husband decided to become a vegetarian so she decided to do it with him. Lindsay’s blog has lots a list of some good restaurants in Leicester with good vegan menus to choose from. She also has some great recipes such as the vegan pulled jackfruit tacos.

Madhurami’s Veg Corner

veg cornerMadhurami created a blog about cooking without eggs.  This blog expands on thatto show other great vegan recipes.  Veg Corner has some great low carb recipes which is not always easy when vegan.  Also the smoothie recipes are wonderful.


Olives for Dinner

olives for dinnerErin is an ethical vegan who loves hot sauce and tofu prepared just right.  She is all about keeping a balance of quick and easy when it comes to her recipes. Erin is a great writer and since her husband is a great photographer the result is a beautiful blog that is fun to read. I really enjoyed her recipe for salsa con queso.

On the DF

on the dfAnna was raised drinking milk and eating pizza.  Then as a college student she was diagnosed lactose intolerant.  She experimented with recipes and started blogging about them.  Anna’s recipes and pictures are very good.  Her blog is very visually satisfying. My favorite recipes are tomato & basil white “ricotta” pizza and the limoncello olive oil cake.


Blissful Basil

AshleyAshley is a school psychologist at a high school. She started blogging to share her experience with cooking. Ashley says that blissful comes from the plant based food ingredients that she features in her recipes.  She organizes her recipes in visually appealing categories that makes them easy to find.


Raw Vegan Power

raw vegan powerLuis came into vegan-ism by looking for ways to help his sinusitis. He stopped drinking milk and consuming dairy products while drinking more water. Once he was cured he didn’t stop there.  Luis has some great recipe compilation blog posts such as the Top 25 Raw Vegan Dressing Recipes and the Top 30 Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes.

Sandra Vungi Vegan

SandraSandra is from Estonia. She has always loved food and after watching the movie Meet You Meat she decided to go Vegan. Sandra has an array of great recipes along with some amazing meal plans that really make her blog unique.


Sweet Simple Vegan

JasmineJasmine has a really good background story with how she became vegan. She went from having an eating disorder and a negative relationship with food to vegan and an advocate of self-love. Jasmine is very passionate about her lifestyle and it shows through her writing. She has some great videos on your YouTube channel as well.


The Hectic Vegan

RichRich is on a quest to help those with a hectic life find time to be a vegan.  He wants his readers to know that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. Rich has some wonderful recipes including Vegan Matcha Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream and Gluten Free Butternut Squash Pizza. His recipes are very detailed and have nice little check boxes so you can follow along.

The Minimalist Vegan

Masa is a certified health cominimalist veganach and professional photographer, Michael is a hardcore minimalist. Both are Vegan. This is a very beautiful and clean blog.  It demonstrates minimalism and the pure vegan lifestyle. Some excellent posts and this one about How to Travel Like a Minimalist Vegan Couple, and The Film that Turned us Vegan Overnight.

The Vegan 8

vegan 8Brandi’s blog is quite new but not one that you should miss.  She loves baking and is very good at it. One of my favorite recipes on Kathy’s blog is her Raw Chocolate Almond Cheesecake recipe.  I also like how she has a few recipes that are kid friendly.


The Viet Vegan

LisaLisa is of Vietnamese heritage but born and raised in Canada.  She decided to connect with her roots and name her blog the Viet Vegan but she doesn’t post too many Viet style recipes. Besides having great pictures, recipes, and a very eccentric personality, she also has some great tutorials on blogging. Her blog is super fun to read.


Veg Health Guide

The volunteers who run this veg health guidesite are not health professionals but do have a wealth of knowledge. This site is also a massive directory of great information with over 2000 pages.  It also has great information about the vegan lifestyle in general such as exercise and what kinds of sugars and sweeteners to use.

Vegan Disney World

This blog is targeted tovegan disney world vegans visiting Disney World. When you can cook at home it’s somewhat easy to find the ingredients and make the vegan recipes that you want. Even eating out you can always find something. But what about when you go on vacation, like to Disney World. This information is super convenient. I think it’s pretty obvious why this blog was chosen.  It serves a very unique purpose. But it is also very well written and updated often.

Vegan. Yoga. Life.

vegan yoga lifeTaylor has a unique combination of skills: she is a yoga instructor and vegan blogger. Her goal is to enrich people’s lives with the power of eating well, exercising well, and living well. Taylor’s blog really has a lot more than just recipes.  She features personal life stories of people who made the switch to the vegan diet and she also has some good shopping ideas. She also has a Free 30-Day Guide To Going Vegan.



Veggie Inspired

veggie inspiredJenn was inspired to make the change when she read a book that turned her away from dairy milk. She had a young son at the time and had to get creative with her recipes to try and get him the nutrition he needed. One of my favorite things about Jenn’s blog is her Holiday recipes. It’s not easy to entertain guests when you know not all of them are vegan.

Very Vegan Recipes

very vegan recipesThis blog’s owner has a cool background.  When they switched to being vegan they also easily quit smoking at the same time. They mention losing weight and increasing energy by making the switch as well. The blog has some great resources but most notably it has a large Facebook following and lots of frequent posts to keep you updated. Also, they host the Very Vegan Vegcast Podcast with weekly episodes.


If you are debating on making the switch to being vegan then these blogs will help you get started.  It isn’t an easy journey but it is rewarding. Remember its a lifestyle change not just a diet change.


Tom loves veggies and blogging. His other passions are playing tennis and playing with his dogs.

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