Our Favorite Top 25 Indian Chef Bloggers In 2016

Do you like Curry? Have you been looking for some of the best and innovative Indian curry chefs? If you are concerned about finding some of the best homemade curries, I have no doubt you have already been looking and reading Indian Curry blogs.

But how do you determine which of these blogs to follow? Which one provides you real homemade cooking recipes and which ones provide you with some innovation by mixing some western food with Indian curry food? You may decide to stick with the big names out there, but I can guarantee you that you are missing a lot of good and unique flavors.

To help you out, I decided to compile a list of the Top 25 Indian Chef Bloggers – the real homemade cooking chefs! These ‘Curry chefs’ are so good. They provide informative cooking recipes, tricks, and are so interesting to read that you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

And the cherry above the cake is that many of them takes their Indian curry cooking to the next level by showing us how to cook western food the Indian way. You’ll definitely enjoy these blogs.

The Top 25 Indian Curry Bloggers to follow right now

1. Cooking with Thas

ThasFun, great cooking recipes from around the world with some fantastic curries. She turns some Indian recipes that look dull into a work of art!

Why you should follow Thas: Thas is an award winning best food blogger. She does not only do Indian food, but also Fusion (mixture of different continent food), Asian, American, Thai, Chinese, etc.


2. Cooking with Dr. Wasim

WasimGreat recipes from Chennai and Bangalore.

Why you should follow him:  Wasim (he’s also a doctor!) has learned cooking along the way and has some great curry recipes. He has also summarized some of his meetings with known chefs and shared his new cooking experiments after his travels.


3. Cooking with Malika

MalikaPerfect for the busy mom or dad.

Why you should follow Malika:  A food writer, cookbook author (Miss Masala) and a columnist for the London Evening Standard. Her brilliant cooking has got her to feature on Jamie Oliver online cookery channel. You’ll learn from the expert.


4. Cooking with Kavitha

KavithaAuthentic vegetarian and vegan blog dedicated to Indian cuisine

Why you should follow Kavitha:  If you are a no meat and no egg eater, then this blog is definitely for you. All of her recipes are simple to follow and replicate.



5. Cooking with Janani

JananiFrom having no clue as to how to cook to becoming an expert. You’ll want to learn from Janani and her mom.

Why you should follow Janani: If you are new to cooking, then Janani will teach you using the most simplest method. She’ll take you step by step from the start of the dish to the end.


6. Cooking with Shilpi

ShilpiColorful, tasteful and flavorful!

Why you should follow Shilpi: She’ll teach you about north Indian cuisine to south Indian cuisine without forgetting just about everything in between. Great if you are looking to experiment the whole variety of Indian food from the north to the south.


7. Cooking with Vaishali

VaishaliFor the vegetarian cooker who has a family of omnivores

Why you should follow Vaishali: This blog is for everyone including vegetarian as well as omnivores. Vaishali is a vegetarian, but her husband likes meat. So if you are in this situation, then Vaishali does a good job to keep everyone happy.


8. Cooking with Helene

HeleneIndian food investigated from an Austrian/French European eye!

Why you should follow Helene: If you like real authentic recipe reviews from a non Indian perspective, then Helene’s Masalaherb Blog will do that. She also provides a solid set of cultural and travel articles. You want to learn from a foreign perspective? This blog is for you.


9. Cooking with Meeta

MeetaFreshly produced organic food for the greatest flavors.

Why you should follow Meeta: If you like revisiting recipes, then Meeta is great at that. She never follows the original recipe to the letter. She always add her own touch. Looking to personalize recipes? Meeta is there for you.



10. Cooking with Ria

RiaFrom a food blogger to a food writer to a food cooking teacher.

Why you should follow Ria: If you like to be taught how to cook food and some Indian recipes from a teacher, then Ria is there for you. She is a writer for the Bi-Lingual Malayi Magazine in the USA and a cooking teacher for one of the best school in Minneapolis.


11. Cooking with Pallavi

PallaviFrom a traveler to a cooking blogger.

Why you should follow her: A vegetarian that has become an omnivore and back to vegetarian, Pavalli is unique in that she teach you living experiences through cooking great recipes. The blog is all about vegan and vegetarian, and she while others would have hidden their conversion to meat and back to vegetarian, Pallavi is honest in this and in her quality food cooking. We all have something to learn from her.


12. Cooking with Mona

MonaIf you like home cooking, then this blog is for you.

Why you should follow her:  Mouth watering recipes and pictures is what describe Mona’s blog! She perfects the Hyderabad cooking (or the hyderabadi food like some like to call it ) and explains so much about her passion.

13. Cooking with Neha

NehaCuisine from all over the world without forgetting Indian roots.

Why you should follow her:  If you are in the USA and are looking for some Indian cooking tips, then Neha has put summarized this into a simple yet effective complete page just for you. This blog is more about food than Indian cuisine. You’ll find a diverse set of recipes from all over the world so that you never get bored. 


14. Cooking with Manju

ManjuFantastic blog for the vegetarian married to a meat-a-holic!

Why you should follow Manju:  If you hate process food and want to go the extra mile with a very conscious effort for real food, then this is for you. What you’ll find here is seasonal food, using seasonal vegetables, etc. If you are trying to change your bad habits from process food, then try Manju’s blog.


15. Cooking with Jeyashri

Jeyashri SureshSome recipes with no onion and no garlic

Why you should follow Jeyashri: This blog is all about mom’s and friend’s recipes. Jeyashri only provide recipes that she tried herself, making this blog true and authentic. In addition to this, she is passionate about photography, so expect some nice shots on her blog.


16. Cooking with Archana

archanaEmpowering people with healthy food

Why you should follow Archana: Since 2007, Archana’s has been the driving force behind this blog. So much so that she has been featured on TV shows, youtube TVs, made the cover page of magazines. She surely knows what Indian cooking is all about. She teaches you how to cook Indian dishes using local produce. If you are looking for thousands of healthy recipes under a single blog, then this is for you.


17. Cooking with Anushruti

anushrutiFor anyone who is interested in sattvic food.

Why you should follow Anushruti: If you are looking for recipes that lead to wellbeing, then Anushruti will teach you this. Her Sattvic food methodology (meaning food as a mode of goodness) will help you create a positive atmosphere by adding some subtle mind nourishing vibrations. Here you’ll find a pure vegetarian and exotic sattvic blog.


18. Cooking with Sandeepa

sandeepaA Bong (or Bengali) mom who loves cooking for others.

Why you should follow Sandeepa: If you want some specialties from Bengal from a real Bong mom, then you’ll certainly enjoy the recipes here. Sandeepa is great at conveying her Bengal cooking skills, but she also go sometimes a bit exotic by trying recipes from other locations so that you never get bored.


19. Cooking with Nags

nagalakshmiFantastic cooking blog for the busy work-a-holic

Why you should follow Nags: Here you will find many of the classics. If you want to try an Indian recipe and you are not sure about it, Nags has surely visited it and summarized how to cook it. So stop by her blog and enjoy the recipes and the cooking.


20. Cooking with Soma

SomaIndian cooking blog demystifying Indian cuisine

Why you should follow Soma: Soma helps a lot is simplifying Indian cooking. She also helps in demystifying other cooking such as Chinese, etc. so if you are looking for simple advice cooking, the Soma is there to share it with you.



21. Cooking with Manjulas

ManjulaA mouthwatering curry blog

Why you should follow Manjulas: This blog is all about authenticity of Indian vegetarian cooking. It combines video tutorials and written recipes that make it easier for anyone to understand how easy is Indian cooking. If you like experimenting in cooking, then Manjulas will show you the lead


22. Cooking with Shruti

ShrutiSimple, practical and effective Gujarati recipes.

Why you should follow Shruti: Gujarati cuisine from a real Born and bread ‘Gujju’ family. The blog is full of nice recipes from different locations, mixed with some great Gujarati knowledge can only provide excellence.



23. Cooking with Sia

SiaLooking for passion cooking? You’ll find it in Sia!

 Why you should follow Sia: Most of her recipes are from her Amma (grand ma). So if you are looking for authenticity, it would be hard to do better. She has nevertheless provided some recipes from other chefs with due credits. So authenticity with exotic cooking trials can only provide perfection.


24. Cooking with Alka

AlkaIf you look to experiment cooking, then chose Alka

Why you should follow Alka: Alka aims is to provide simple everyday meal cooking recipes. She likes to provide different menus which are casual and support family entertainment. She likes experimenting with various ingredients and her objectives is to come up with some fantastic mouth-watering dishes


25. Cooking with Padhu

PadhuIndian Vegetarian recipes lover? Padhu is exactly what you need

Why you should follow Padhu: If you are looking for healthy recipes and some Indian festival recipes then Padhu will provide the answers you’re looking for. You’ll find traditional South Indian Vegetarian recipes, kids friendly recipes but also some basics on how to cook.



26. Mint’s Recipes

Reshu DroliaMint’s Recipes is a premier food blog by food enthusiast Reshu Drolia. This is dedicated to only Indian vegetarian food with lots of varieties.
Why you should follow Reshu: Reshu is a housewife and YouTuber, based in Kolkata, India with two kids. She has a passion for cooking which made her now a popular food persona in YouTube. She makes different types of Indian food including traditional to modern party and health recipes.

Wrapping Up!

There are many more blogs that describes Indian cooking so well. But with the above 25 bloggers alone you’ll be able to experiment thousands of recipes not only from India, but also revisited recipes from all over the world with an Indian touch. It’ll take you a bit of time to check them all, but I can tell they are well worth it


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