Flower Power: The Amazing Health Benefits Of Flowers

It’s a common phrase that many of us have heard as we go about our hectic lives: Sometimes It Is Wise To Stop And Take Time To Smell The Roses. Now scientific research has shown that it would be for our own benefit to take heed of this statement. Whilst flowers add a little splash of natural colour indoors when the winter weather keeps skies grey, flowering plants have some incredible and direct health benefits you may not know of. They can help you relax, they can clean the air of toxins, as well as boost your creativity and your memory.

Flowers also carry symbolic meaning and sometimes more than one.  A rose represents love.  A red rose represents love and passion. It is important to understand the symbolism behind floral gifts to significant others.  If your beloved gifts you yellow roses instead of red ones on Valentine’s day, you may be disappointed, since yellow roses symbolise warm feelings of friendship and optimism, though in many oriental cultures, the colour represents joy, wisdom and power. Whatever rose you buy, the circle of life means one day it will perish.  For an everlasting bloom The Eternity Rose comes in a variety of colours and precious metals to represent your devotion.  Here are some more flowers and the amazing health benefits they offer:

Be happy

At their very simplest and direct, flowers have an immediate impact.  In studies it has been concluded that genuine smiles upon receiving flowers is a universal reaction across all age groups. Flowers have strong positive effects on our emotional well being because as gifts they reinforce our social connections.

Increase your chances of staying well in winter

Plants promote wellness since they create humidity through the processing of water. Particularly in winter, homes may not have the correct level of humidity to keep skin and sinuses healthy and hydrated. Studies have shown that plants can improve humidity levels, which reduces the risk of you suffering with a cough or cold. Try a leafy green plant that looks great and does the job.

Keep stress levels manageable

Flowers make people feel good. Studies have shown patients in hospital who had plants in their room or who could see plants from their ward. Results have reported lower levels of pain and anxiety than patients in rooms without plants.  The colour and shapes of flowers can also work positively to decrease stress levels, for example, exotic plants can transport your imagination to a tropical beach holiday.

Even some flowers on your dining table will make you feel better than eating at a bare table. Researchers in the Netherlands studied restaurant diners and found that people with fresh flowers on their table appeared to be in better moods than those without.

The scent from flowers alone can create a change to a positive, less anxious state of mind which can be a great help close to exams or before a major presentation.  It’s also more healthy than inducing your own hangover!

flower power

Clean your house without effort

There are many flowers that are said to remove toxins from a home. Moth Orchids, also known as Phalaenopsis orchids, are not just striking to look at they are also said to remove toxins including formaldehyde that can be found in paints and solvents. English ivy and spider plants are also effective at fighting pollutants including benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Both are also very easy to grow.

The aloe plant, which grows best in direct sun, has gel that instantly soothes burns and detoxes the body.  It also improves the quality of the air you breath, clearing pollutants found in chemical cleaning products. The aloe will also show you via a display of brown spots when your home is excessively polluted.

Boost your creativity

Offices that bring nature indoors have improved office productivity.  Plants also helps with memory according to several different studies. If you want to work better and harder place bright coloured flowers in your office to keep feeling energised. Azaleas are a cheery and vivid plant to consider.

Medical science

Scientists are always looking for effective medical treatments, and many are looking at nature’s pharmacy to source new chemicals to find a cure to some of the world’s most significant health concerns.  Scientists are already looking at daffodils as a cure for brain cancer.

Choose your bouquet colours

Colours symbolise many things and evoke different feelings. Muted or pastel colours are more relaxing while bold colours will energise. If you choose colours that are close to each other on a colour palette the effect will be calming, curvy shaped flowers are considered more relaxing too.  A clash of colours will boost energy and creativity.

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