Four Workplace Well-Being Initiatives To Think About In 2018

Companies of every size seek to maximize employee effectiveness.  While it’s clear that companies can’t chain their employees to a desk and have them work non-stop for eight hours a day, employees can’t spend all day at the water cooler either.  That makes finding the right balance imperative.

You can find the foundation of that balance in an excellent guide to promoting a healthy work environment.  In addition to that foundation, there are plenty of trends in corporate well-being moving into 2018; four of them are discussed here.

Stress Busters!

Stress impacts everyone.  Combating stress may even be more important to corporate productivity than combating physical health issues—though they’re almost always interrelated.

One way companies are looking to lower stress is the promotion of meditation and mindfulness courses.  Courses like these help employees to sharpen their focus, relax their minds/bodies and extend their attention spans.  The modern world of bright, shiny objects constantly distracts us from our task at hand and diminishes our productivity.  With attention spans that approximate that of goldfish, such programs to resharpen focus will be worth their weight in gold (literally).

New Workplace Options

workplace habits

Companies of all sizes are wise to promote good employee physical health and they can do so by their choice in vending options.  Providing healthy snack and drink options in their vending products can have a long-term positive impact on employee health AND productivity.

This doesn’t mean ditching the Coke machine in favor of vegan milk options—but it does mean giving employees healthier (and/or lower calorie) options.

Another workplace trend to watch for in 2018 is the adoption of the stand-up desk.  The industry leader in this area is Varidesk, and provides the office worker who normally spends all day sitting at a desk with the option of standing.  This change allows that employee to move a little more and stretch muscle groups normally dormant while sitting.

Financial Stability

Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference between an index fund and an index card.  With a generation of Millennials coming out of college saddled with crippling student loan debt, many companies have made financial literacy a priority for their employees.  Not only does this education help alleviate the short-term stress of handling that student loan debt, it also provides a long-term view with an eye towards retirement.

This approach works really well for employee retention as the employees see the path out of debt AND a comfortable retirement.  All within the framework of the company’s benefit package.

Burning the Candle at just ONE End

workplace habits

Far too many workers wear a 60 or 80-hour work week like a badge of honor.  Unfortunately, work weeks like that often mean employees sacrifice sleep for productivity.  Eventually, burning the candle at both ends torches both the employee and the company.  Many companies in 2018 are looking to encourage their employees to adopt better sleep habits as a way to improve their overall well-being, including their time on the clock.

2018 should see improvement in employee production if even one of these trends is successfully implemented.

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