Health Benefits -Top 5 Reasons You Need To Take a Vacation

Today’s busy workplace is keeping many people from getting time to go on vacation, away from their day to day tasks and work pressures. Studies show more people are opting to forego vacation in order to work longer. There is pressure to prove loyalty to the companies they work for and meet tight deadlines. Though managers appreciate this kind of dedication to work, the minds and bodies of employees long to take a break. If you are among the people who choose to keep working longer rather than take a break, here are 5 reasons why you should travel for vacation soon:

1.To improve your heart health

Studies show that working without taking time off increases anxiety, stress and can cause high blood pressure. When this factors come together, they could lead to a chronic heart condition that can be fatal. Going on a vacation provides your numerous health benefits. Most workers who take time off work say they become more active while on vacation because they walk many kilometers sightseeing or run on the beach each day. In 1991, a study conducted by Framingham showed that failing to take leave every year is not good for heart health.

2.To improve your brain health

Vacation has a way of improving your innovative ability by enhancing your brain health. For most people, creativity is unleashed by exposure to new, exciting experiences that they do not get from commuting to and from work on a daily basis. Traveling to other parts of the country or abroad fives you foreign experiences that increase your cognitive flexibility as well as enhance the depth of your thoughts. This means new sights, sounds, smells and exposure to different cultures can help spark creativity synapses in your brain. In fact, according to a US Travel Association poll, traveling can help prevent development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among retirees.


3.To improve your physical fitness

When going on vacation, consider bringing simple portable sporting equipment so you can engage some physical activities.There are many outdoor activities that can help you include in your vacation plan that include strolling in markets, lounging on the beach or hiking on trails. Traveling outside your work and home environments to visit luxury private islands like Thanda Island can go a long way in getting you rejuvenated. Out there, you will breathe fresh air and enjoy breathtaking views. All these activities improve your physical fitness. Even though you spend hours sitting in buses or planes during long trips, it is far much better that spending time in the office or sitting at home watching TV.

4.To improve your productivity at work

According to experts, stress overload that results from working too much without taking leave impacts negatively on performance and productivity at work. Taking time to relax or engage in activities outside of your work environment helps improve your productivity. Some people view time off work as an opportunity to stay at home, but that doesn’t work especially if you are still responding to emails and answering phone calls. To relax well and rejuvenate well, you need to get a space that is completely separate from your work. Research shows that getting into new surroundings is particularly helpful and so traveling away from your usual environment can help you unwind and offload stress.

5.To improve your sleep

Studies have established that failing to get enough sleep in addition to high levels of stress both at home and a work affects the efficiency and performance of one’s brain. Studies show that today, an average employee only sleeps for six or seven hours per night and as a result, fatigue levels are high. Medical studies have linked high levels of fatigue to physical problems such as muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches and loss of vision. Fatigues can also lead to mental problems like low concentration, loss of memory and reduced motivation. Due to fatigue, one out of six accidents that occur on roads is linked to fatigue. Taking vacations on a regular basis provides you with the space you need to relax and get rid of work-related fatigue. This relaxation helps improve your sleep. As you plan for a vacation, ensure that you do nor schedule activities that will cause you to wake up early at 6 am or have you staying up late past midnight. Better sleep refreshes your mind, reduce emotional and mental stress and also renews your motivation to work.

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