Health Tips All Middle-aged Men Must Follow

Once you have reached the age of forty, there is a lot of things that you should start thinking about. In fact, you should start really taking care of your health even before that, as it is unlikely that you will wake up on your 40th birthday and suddenly make a big change. Forty is the time when many health conditions, such as neck pain for example, start becoming a more serious threat, so it is the moment when you should do a bit of introspection and make a health plan. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you need to follow.

Get to know the numbers

Once you have become a middle-aged man, it is time for you to start tracking all the important numbers – your blood pressure, body weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. You might have felt less need to check these things out before, but after forty it becomes a must. Pay a visit to your doctor and do a blood sugar test. Next time that you go to a pharmacy, ask to get your blood pressure measured.

By getting to know the numbers, you will be able to identify potential issues before they become serious. For example, by tracking your blood pressure, you will know whether you are at risk of getting a heart disease or a kidney problem.

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Think about your muscles

The age of forty is a milestone in many ways. One of the reasons is the fact that you start losing about one percent of muscle mass on a yearly basis. This is why you should start doing weight-bearing and cardiovascular exercises. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym – start doing some kind of resistance training at home.

Flexibility also begins to change at this age. Therefore, you should consider taking up Pilates or yoga exercises. This way you will be making sure that your flexibility, balance, motion, and strength remain at their best. If you manage to maintain these aspects at the age of forty, you will enable yourself to keep doing the things that you enjoy.

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Do your best to fight off vision problems

Another thing that starts getting worse after forty is your vision. So make sure that you check it with your doctor. It is essential that you are able to read the fine print on labels, or you could miss out very important information.

Also, if your eyes are exposed to the sun too much, cataracts might increase. Therefore, make sure that you get a good pair of sunglasses with UV-A and UV-B protection. You can also opt for a diet that includes a lot of healthy food that is full of vitamins which are beneficial for loss of vision. If your diet consists of the right nutrition, you can avoid or slow down a dangerous condition known as macular degeneration.

Maintain sexual health

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Your sexual life also changes with your age. Therefore, many professionals like those from Ageless Men’s Health Clinic say it is necessary that you take care of your sexual health. One of the most common problems for middle-aged men is erectile dysfunction. One of the reasons that it happens is because people at this age are taking a number of meds, and a lot of them have this issue as a side effect. The most common drugs that cause ED are blood pressure drugs. Next to the fact that they decrease the blood flow to the penis, it is also common that the effect is psychological. When someone starts taking a new medication and experiences ED, they can experience anxiety about their health, which triggers the issue. It is essential that you speak to your doctor as soon as you start taking a new medication that ends up causing ED. However, even not taking blood pressure drugs can cause the same problem, as high blood pressure can also be the cause.

Dig into your family history

At the age of forty, it becomes important that you take a good look at your family history of illnesses. When you are at this age, the risks for issues like heart disease and cancer begin to increase. You are no longer young, so you need to start thinking about that as well. Let’s say that someone in your family had colon cancer. This means that when you are forty, you should think about getting a colonoscopy, instead of waiting until you’re fifty. When it comes to heart disease, you need to take a calcium test in order to check if your arteries are hardening. If they are, you will need to make some drastic changes.

In summation

When you reach the age of forty, you are no longer young, so it’s time that you start thinking about possible health issues and taking good care of your body. Follow these 5 tips in order to make sure that you maintain your health and recognize issues when they begin to develop.

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