Heavy Weight Lifting v. Light Weight Lifting – What’s Better?

Have you been weight lifting for a while but are a little skeptical about taking things up a notch? Whether you go to the gym for fun or for your profession, you should take into consideration the pros and cons of lifting heavier weight and lighter weight.

Over the past several years, it’s been concluded by many different health and fitness professionals that lifting heavier weight is more advantageous than lifting lighter weight. Does that mean that you should ignore lifting lighter weight all together? In this article, we’re going to go over why lifting heavier weight is the better option.

Why Lifting Heavy is Better

The most important reason that lifting heavy is the better option is that has been shown to help stop osteoporosis. Lifting heavier weight is a great way to strengthen your bones over an extended period. Studies have shown that over a longer period of time, that heavy weight lifting can help to increase the strengthening and buildup of your bones. (reference 1)

One of the main causes of osteoporosis is a change in hormones. Which is why older women are recommended to start weight lifting after going through menopause to help prevent this disease.

Improves Strength

This is probably the most obvious reasons to lift heavier weights. If you’re looking to get ripped and improve your strength, then weight training in general is the best course of action, but especially lifting heavy weights. Weight lifting will help you achieve two things at the same time, it will help you gain strength, and it will help you improve your body physically. By lifting weights, you are forcing your body to break down the muscles, and in turn you’re making your body repair them in a way that makes them much stronger and bigger.

Helps Improve Brain Function

Amongst other hormones, lifting heavy weight helps with the manufacturing of LGF-1, which is a hormone that helps with the function of your brain. Over time, your brain will become sharper, you will become more rational in your thoughts, and you will be capable of thinking more quickly. (reference 2)


We all know that as we get older, our muscles will start to deteriorate, and we’ll either have to deal with it, or try and control it. Muscle weakness has often been attributed to be a sign of aging. An inactive adult on average will lose 3%-10% of their lean muscle mass in a 10-year period. One way that we can try and prevent that is to lift heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights is a great way to try and slow down the aging process, and could even prevent it for a little while. (reference 3)


Improves Aesthetics

Earlier in the article we covered this a little bit, but this deserves a little more attention, so we’ll go over it a little more. Everyone knows that if you want to look better physically, then going to the gym (lifting weights), is the best way to do it. While getting bigger muscles usually isn’t a concern for men, it is for women. But, most women don’t understand that lifting heavy weights won’t make them look masculine, as they don’t have enough testosterone to achieve the same look as a male. Instead, lifting heavy will give a woman that nice toned, sexy look that is both healthy, and appealing to men. As for the guys, it will give you that ripped body that women will love.

Burns More Fat

Once again, it’s well known that exercising is a great way to burn off a few extra calories. The fat that is stored in your body is consumed for energy during your workout. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that lean tissue burns more calories when at rest than fat tissue. What this means, is that by lifting weights and increasing your lean muscle tissue, you’re increasing your metabolism and will burn more calories while at rest than if you didn’t lift weights. The more muscle that you have, the more calories that you will burn throughout the day. (reference 4)

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, lifting heavy weight has been proven to be more effective than lifting lighter weights. But, before you make any decisions to change your training routine, always consult your primary physician to stay healthy. Also, whenever you’re lifting weights, make sure there is a trained professional around such as a trainer who will be able to assist you should you need the help. And finally, weight lifting is a lifestyle, it isn’t a hobby; stay consistent and push yourself, and you will reach your goals.


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