Hikers Beware: 10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails in the U.S.

Planning your next hiking trip? If you want to add an element of mystery and the chance of a ghostly encounter, trek on one of the most haunted hiking trails in the U.S. We put together this infographic to help you see which trail’s haunted history gives you chills just thinking about it!

10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails in the US

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1. Grouse Lake – Yosemite National Park, CA

Visitors report hearing a wailing cry when they near the lake. Indian folklore says that an Indian boy drowned in the lake and he will catch and drown those that jump in after him.

2. Ghost House Trail – Big Ridge State Park, TN

Hikers claim to hear the panting of a dog (but with no dog insight). Photographs taken in the Hutchinson cemetery, have revealed ghostly silhouettes of a family.

3. Mammoth Cave – Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

The world’s largest haunted area with over 400 miles of underground ghostly activity. Apparitions of African American slaves and the dying coughs of tuberculosis patients, all have been reported here.

4. Norton Creek Trail – Great Smoky Mountains, NC

Old Cherokee legend says a witch named Spearfinger, dressed as a harmless old woman, tricks children to feast on their livers. Also are friendly ghosts who shine as floating lights and redirect lost hikers.

5. Transept Trail – Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Reports of the Wailing Woman, dressed in a white dress with blue flowers. She floats along the trail wailing for the loss of her husband who died from a fatal hiking accident.

6. Batona Trail – Pinelands, NJ

Since the 1700s, thousands have reported seeing a hideous creature, nicknamed the Jersey Devil. It has a kangaroo-like body, bat wings, the head a dog with yellow eyes, horns and a forked tail.

7. Spruce Railroad Trail - Olympic National Park, WA

A long time ago, a woman was murdered and thrown into the lake. Two years later her remains washed up on shore. Her body underwent the natural process of saponification, giving her a mummy-like appearance. She is called the ghost of the Lady of Crescent Lake.

8. Devil’s Den – Gettysburg National Park, PA

The ghost of a barefoot man, thought to be a member of the 1st Texas infantry haunts this park. Many have tried to photograph him but say his image never appears in pictures.

9. Star Dune – Great Sand Dunes, NV

More than 60 UFO sightings have been reported here. Climb to the top of the 750-foot Star Dune which provides the best view for UFO sightings.

10. Appalachian Trail – Bluff Mountain, VA

The ghost of Ottie Cline Powell, a 4 year old boy who died after he wandered off from the schoolhouse, haunts this mountain. Many encounters have been reported in the Punchbowl area.

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