How Good Are Avocados for Your Health Really?

Avocados are good for the majority of people because of the many health benefits they offer. However, one should never forget that for all its nutritional value, this fruit is very high in fats and calories. Therefore, you need to plan your diet wisely in order to boost your health with the help of ripe avocados.

avocado for health

Health Benefits of Avocados Proven by Science

  1. Heart health boost due to lowering of LDL cholesterol levels.
    Avocados contain a large amount of monounsaturated fatty acids. Their consumption is associated with lower cholesterol levels (Archives of Medical Research). This benefits heart health greatly and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Aid in preventing blood sugar spikes due to fiber.
    Many health benefits of avocados stem from their high content of dietary fiber. On average, a half of an avocado will contain over 4 grams of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber. Diet rich in this nutrient is associated with reduced risk of blood sugar spikes, which means fewer metabolic issues. This is a huge help for people suffering from diabetes and other metabolic disorders (Croatian Medical Journal).
  3. Weight loss due to fiber and overall nutritional value.
    Dietary fiber enhances the feeling of satiety, which is the reason why avocados are one of the best appetite suppressants. As this fruit is also high in nutrients, you can greatly improve your meals by consuming a few pieces of avocado instead of a different product that has an equal number of calories.
  4. Improved general health and better dietary choices.
    A major study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that people eating avocados on a regular basis tended to be healthier in general. They also seem to be having healthier diets overall.
  5. Better absorption of plant-based nutrients due to natural avocado fats.
    It turns out that avocados contain fats that are not only heart-friendly. They also enhance your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients from plant foods (The Journal of Nutrition). This is one of the main reasons why the fruit can help you lose weight and improve your health on many levels.

Can Avocados Be Bad for Your Health?

In some rare cases, eating avocados really isn’t all that good for you. They aren’t dangerous unless you have an allergy to the fruit, which is extremely rare. However, due to the high fat and calorie count this food should be treated with care.

The only real concern about avocados is the fat as despite being ‘healthy’ it’s still fat and an excess of it in your diet isn’t good. People with cancer, in particular, should avoid high-fat foods, so avocados aren’t good for them. The situation is similar for people who suffer from any conditions that cause the formation of pus. This might sound strange and horrible, but those are very common conditions, including acne and sinusitis.

However, you need to understand that health benefits of avocados are great. And there is no need to avoid that food completely unless you have an allergy. Anyone else should be able to get some benefits from eating it, as long as you only include small amounts of avocado in your diet.

Regardless of your health condition, you shouldn’t be gorging yourself on these fruits because they have far too many calories. A half or even a quarter of a fruit should be your daily limit.

Best Ways to Include Avocados in a Healthy Diet

Avocados have a rather peculiar taste that the majority of people love. Therefore, they are easy to include in your meals. The fruits go best in salads and sandwiches. Note that to enjoy health benefits of avocados, you should eat them uncooked.

You also need to be careful when choosing seasonings for your salads. As avocados are fatty fruits, using some high-fat seasoning will reduce the ‘healthfulness’ level of the meal immediately.

The most popular avocado dish is guacamole. That’s something you definitely should try making and there are plenty of recipe variations to fit everyone’s tastes. Use fresh ingredients and dip healthy crackers or vegetables in your guacamole to make it good for you. As the dish is delicious, be sure to control yourself as it’s easy to overeat it, especially when having fun at a party.

Avocados are also an excellent basis for healthy smoothies. They are the ingredient that will make your smoothie creamy. Due to their taste, avocados can be combined with a variety of ingredients (fruits, vegetables, herbs) to produce some very flavorful mixes.

All in all, avocados are a very healthy food that you should enjoy regularly. Eat it in moderation and you’ll get a huge nutrition boost.

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