How to Take Care of Your Body Even When You Are Busy


At one time, we all have a busy schedule each single day, or we do go through decidedly trying times, during which it feels impossible to sit back and find some time off to relax. However, determining the best ways on how to take care of your body even when you are busy is just not only a necessity but also a significant step toward a healthy body and mind.

Remember, studies show that stress and fatigue have the effect of wearing down the body at an alarming rate. This effect gets worse when no effort is put to revert the stress and fatigue trends in your life.

Writing for WebMD, Griffin Morgan notes that if you are stressed, you are at the risk of developing stress-related conditions like stomach problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Therefore, it is necessary that you find effective ways on how to take care of your body even when you are busy. Since you are the one to see to it that your schedule has been met in full, it is important to put yourself on that schedule since you need a healthy and fit body to accomplish your plans for each day. A body that has been well-cared for will ensure that you do not skip out on any important plans and appointments.

With that in mind, let’s take you through tested ways on how to take care of your body even when you are busy.

1.Ensure That You Get Adequate Sleep

Martinez Nicole, a licensed clinical and professional counselor, holds that when an individual is submerged in their deepest sleep levels, the immune system undergoes self-restoration to rebuild itself, while norepinephrine and serotonin undergo self-replenishment. When one misses sleep, then that individual is potentially denying their body an opportunity to perform these vital functions, thereby making their body vulnerable to mood and health risks.

Away from research, a busy schedule tends to leave you with little or no time for adequate sleep. Worse still, the schedule could make you spend the whole night awake with worry. However, based on Martinez’s view, you should try as much as possible to get enough and restful sleep for a fit and healthy body.

2.Fix Regular Physical Exercise in Your Daily Routine

With a busy schedule, it means that you barely get enough sleep, and even much less time left for any form of physical exercise. However, it doesn’t require a whole day of workout schedules for you to stay fit and healthy. A little time dedicated to physical exercises like a bit of yoga, slow jog, or quick walk could do the trick.

Physical exercise is important as it triggers the production of endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good brain neurotransmitters, and their production is associated with rousing activities such as a nature hike or jog.

A quick walk could equally suffice for meditation while you are in motion.

Through this, you are bound to forget your daily stress out of a busy schedule as you refresh your body and clear your mind during or after the walk due to the resulting optimism and energy.

Physical exercise further enhances your mood as regular albeit short exercise has the effect of increasing your self-confidence besides improving your sleep which could be interfered with by anxiety, depression, or stress related to your busy life. Therefore, every time you have the time, think of how you can incorporate regular physical exercise into your schedule.

3.Feed on Healthy Food

I know how hard it is to fight the urge to have that oily snack. However, it pays a lot more in the end when we eat real and healthy food. As Martinez reveals, fuelling the body with healthy drinks and food is a sure way of building our immune systems. Remember that what affects our physical states does affect our mental states as well.

With the busy schedules, your body needs a regular pick-me-up drink, and none performs this function better than green tea. If you wish to fight physical and mental fatigue to its core, then you should replace your powerful and toxic stimulants like refined sugars and coffee.

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Can Green Tea Reduce Fatigue?

The Mining and Technology University of China researched to determine the effects of polyphenols present in green tea in relieving fatigue. In this research, 40 mice were divided into four study groups. One group was fed with distilled water, while the other three were fed with green tea. The mice were then to carry loads weighing ten percent of their body weight in a swimming exercise. After fourteen days, it was noted that the mice which fed on green tea were able to swim for longer as compared to those which fed on distilled water. Further, the results showed that the higher the polyphenol amounts that the mice fed on, the longer they swam.

From this study, the researchers concluded that green tea has the potential to serve as an anti-fatigue dosage. Thus, if your daily schedule leaves you fatigued, green tea can help restore your energy thereby making your body vitalized ahead of more involving appointments or schedules. With green tea, you can be able to withstand the pressure and fatigue from your busy life.

Tips for Green Tea Consumption for an Energized and Healthy Body

  • Settle for freshly-brewed as opposed to ready-to-drink green tea as the latter has lower polyphenol strength.
  • Do not drink decaffeinated green tea. Instead, drink regular green tea that has over a third of decaffeinated green tea’s catechin quantity.
  • Avoid green tea bags and opt for loose green tea leaves as they higher quality green tea nutrients.
  • For the best results, you should use four loose green tea grams for every eight ounces of boiling water.
  • Avoid adding milk to your green tea to retain the strength of the catechins.
  • Add mint leaves, lemon, ginger, or honey to add flavor to the taste of green tea.

Green tea is helpful when you need refreshment as well as treatment of fatigue. To find the best green tea brand in the market, you can read the article here.

4.Talk with a Counselor or a Loved One Regularly

It always feels amazing having someone you can confide in. An unbiased person or a loved one is capable of relieving of the pressures which come with a busy life. At times, you might be held up with responsibilities which take up almost all of your time, and you might develop the perception that you are not free enough to adopt a regular session with a counselor or a phone call to your closest relatives and friends. However, the truth is you need to hold a conversation with these people more than you can imagine.

If you would love to keep the conversation professional, then a counselor is recommended. It must not be an individual who charges high rates per session, but someone who will help you share your experiences in a way that you will feel relieved at the end. Sharing your worries and pressures with another person can significantly take off a huge load off your shoulders.

As you share with these people, you might also learn a few strategies for coping with your life as it bustles with activity.

5.Keep a Journal

My life often gets busy. This is the reason I like keeping a journal. I keep a record of the important meetings and appointments of the day and the feelings they aroused in me. This is one of the greatest outlets I have known in my busy life. This journal further helps me to relive all the past moments and their challenges for a painless professional and personal life.

If you feel overwhelmed by the events happening in your busy life, then, maybe all you need is to write down a few notes at the end of every day. Here, records your gratitude, worries, and thoughts, and this trick might give you restful sleep.

6.Reading a Fictional Book

Books provide a perfect escape from the reality of life. Therefore, get your favorite novel or scan over short stories and live the character’s life for a moment. Reading fictional books is an avenue to refreshing your mind as it stimulates the right hemisphere of your brain thereby triggering creative thought and soul rejuvenation. Reading fictional books also offers you ideas on how to solve problems in abstract means.

7.Re-assess your Priorities

If you are to care for your body amid a busy life, then you must pick your battles rationally. You have to trim down your goals for each day. This should apply to all the tasks that you undertake as well as the physical fitness exercises you adopt. For instance, if you are extremely busy, you should settle for lighter and shorter workout regimes which can offer fruitful results.

The type of priorities you keep can potentially promote or hinder the completion of other tasks meant to keep your body well-cared for even when you are busy. Therefore, ensure that priorities allow you to have adequate time with your family and friends, to read a fictional book, to see your counselor, or to prepare and eat healthy food.

8.Make Each of the Above a Priority

It is easy to identify ways on how to take care of your body even when you are busy. However, the real task is to adopt these suggestions, especially when they seek to replace an old habit. However, self-care is the greatest priority if you are to adequately work according to your schedule.

It is important to take a break from your busy schedule to relax and care for your body. At times, you might be forced to cancel some plans for the sake of your body.

What are your views on ways on how to care for your body even when you are busy? Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you. Kindly leave us your comment below.

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