How To Wrap Your Hands – The Perfect Way To Wrap For Boxing

how to wrap hands for boxing

We know the importance of finding a solid glove, however, wrapping your hand is equally as important. What are hand wraps? A hand wrap is a strip of cloth used by boxers and other combat fighters, such as those in MMA. Hand wraps are wrapped securely around the wrist, palm and thumb to help keep joint alignment and compresses the hands soft tissue to endure impact.

Needless to say, hand wraps are essential in combat sports. Below, we’re going to teach you how to wrap your hands and with what wraps.

How To Wrap Your Hands

So, how do you wrap your hands for boxing or other combat sports? Trust us, learning how to wrap your hands for boxing takes time and practice. After a couple hand wrappings, the process will become easier and more fluid. Here, we will describe to you the correct and fastest way to wrap your hands for boxing. There are various ways to wrap your hands, however, this is the best hand wrap for learning how to wrap boxing wraps.

Here, we’re going to describe how to wrap boxing wraps around your hand. With your wrap and make sure you have the wrap facing the correct side. Most wraps will have a marking indicating “this side down”. Place the loop around your thumb with the “this side down” against the back of your hand, the pull the wrap to the outside edge of your hand, opposite to the side where your thumb is. Then start to wrap your hand, starting from the wrist, and repeat this 3-4 times until you reach the base of the thumb. So you just wrapped the wrist, giving it protection and support.

Now, you will need to continue wrapping up to your knuckles. Wrap around your knuckles at least two least and make sure your fingers are spread apart during this process. Continue wrapping back to the base of your thumb. Now, wrap over and then under your thumb two times. After wrapping your thumb, you need to anchor it to the wrist, so wrap around your wrist one time. Then go back to the knuckles with a diagonal wrap. Continue wrapping the knuckles until you have around 20 inches of wrap left. With the leftover wrap, finish wrapping around your wrist and secure the velcro strap.

Now that you know how to wrap your hands, you just need to buy a wrap, but which ones are the best boxing hand wraps?

The Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Looking for a hand wrap? Now that you know how to wrap your hands for boxing, here are some of the best hand wraps available on the market.

TITLE Mexican Style

This Mexican hand wrap is semi-elastic and is 180’’ long. Extremely durable with it’s semi-elastic material offering more flexibility to form around your wrist and hand, providing you with compression and protection. It also comes with a hook-and-loop closure for self attachment. Check it out online.

Meister Boxing/MMA wrap

The Meister wraps are ideal for both mma hand wraps and boxing hand wraps. This wrap is adult full-length 180’’ long and are made of high-quality cotton and spandex. Cotton doesn’t stretch, so the spandex helps give it more flexibility and movement with your hands.

The thumb loop feature is also designed to keep the wrap fitted snug to your hand. Meister MMA hand wraps have a velcro strap to secure the wrap in place. This is greatly paired with the best mma gloves as well. Check it out online.

Hayabusa Perfect Stretch

The Hayabusa Perfect Stretch hand wrap provides your hands with superior protection and bio-alignment. The fabric is extremely soft - the softest in the industry. Matched with 100% elasticity for flexibility and movement. Hayabusa’s innovative technology designed these handwraps to give you a powerful strike. Use this together with your best sparring gloves and you'll hit like a champ. Check it out online.

Ringside Mexican Style

Ringside is a well-known brand in MMA and boxing, making reputable and high-quality gear. This hand wrap can be used as boxing, MMA and Muay Thai hand wraps, and other combat sports. The Mexican hand wraps are semi-elastic, providing firm support with slight flexibility.

They’re extra long, 180’’ inches for extra protection. The handwraps contour perfectly around the hand for a snug and secure fit. If you’re looking for one of the best hand wraps, check it out online

Pro Impact Mexican Style

The Pro Impact Mexican Style hand wrap is an 180’’ inch elastic wrap giving great flexibility. It fastens securely with a hook-and-loop closure and is ideal for MMA hand wraps, kickboxing hand wraps, Muay Thai hand wraps and boxing hand wraps. These wraps are easy to maintain and can simply be thrown into the wash and hung to dry. Check it out online.


Now that you know how to properly wrap a hand wrap and the various hand wraps available, you’ll have no problem finding the right pair for you. Remember, getting the best boxing hand wraps is extremely important and crucial for protecting your joints and tendons. Happy shopping!

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